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Poker Rooms Near Me: Top 10 Attributes Of A Great Poker Room

Poker is a worldwide game. While poker is often seen as a genuine American pastime, it is now played all over the globe and is no longer simply a game for cowboys in Texas saloons. The game this website is devoted to transcends borders like few others, from Vegas to Nottingham and Macau to Melbourne.

Author:James PierceSep 13, 2021
Poker is a worldwide game. While poker is often seen as a genuine American pastime, it is now played all over the globe and is no longer simply a game for cowboys in Texas saloons. The game this website is devoted to transcends borders like few others, from Vegas to Nottingham and Macau to Melbourne.
Players will show up as long as the competition is excellent (or terrible, as the case may be). But there's more to it than that when it comes to determining which poker rooms are the finest in the world right now. The service, the games available, the rake paid, and, in certain instances, even the parking are all factors.
However, PokerNews has a team of journalists that live, work, and play in different parts of the globe, providing them with a unique viewpoint. They know what to look for and what sticks out after seeing a large list of rooms. These choices aren't intended to be a comprehensive list of the greatest, but they're a fantastic place to start for anybody traveling across the United States in search of the next great game.
Depending on where you reside, finding a venue to play live poker may be difficult. Many individuals are forced to play online since there isn't a land-based poker site within driving distance. Some people are more fortunate than others in this respect since they live near a poker establishment or two.
However, just having a poker room isn't always enough to provide gamers exactly what they want and expect. These establishments often lack some of the most essential characteristics of a really excellent poker room. Here are ten qualities that an excellent land-based poker room should have.

Winning Big at MGM Grand Poker Room Las Vegas

Friendly Staff That Understand The Game

First and foremost, a good land-based room must have a welcoming staff who are educated about the game. If the individuals in charge of the operation don't know how to apply the rules (or aren't aware of what the rules are), disputes and stressful situations arise, which are difficult to settle since no one is in control.
So, rather than allowing players to make their own choices and conclusions, which may lead to genuine pandemonium, a successful poker room requires experienced floors and dealers ready to learn and take control when required.

Isolated From The Casino Floor

A Poker room should, ideally, be located as far away from the casino floor as possible. Many otherwise excellent poker players have succumbed to the lure of slots and table games, and although this is entirely their fault, it might have been prevented if the poker room had been kept separate.
Of course, since a poker room and a casino frequently complement one another, this isn't always a practical need, but it's certainly great when you discover one. We don't need it at or near land-based poker establishments anymore, because of the prevalence of online gaming.

Good Player Traffic

Any poker club that wants to stay in business has to have a steady stream of players. There is never a dull moment in a superb poker room since there are so many people playing.
It may be extremely irritating to travel over to your local room only to find that there are only three other players waiting for a game to start.

Decent Number Of Recreational Players

Playing poker against strong players is entertaining, but it is not lucrative. To keep things moving, a strong land-based venue has to have a fair mix of solid and recreational players.
In an ideal world, each table would contain a pair of players whose knowledge of the game is limited to knowing poker hand rankings and nothing else.

Reasonable Rake

Because running a live poker room may be expensive, it's acceptable if a rake is used in live games. Some rooms, on the other hand, take things to the extreme, making the games almost unbeatable owing to very high rake.
The rake structure should be such that it is lucrative for both the room and the players. Higher rake works in certain instances, such as when games are very loose and wild, but in most cases, a middle-ground approach is needed.

Free Or Reasonably Priced Food And Drinks

A Poker room should, in theory, provide complimentary beverages and food. If this isn't feasible, they could at least price them reasonably, rather than forcing the gamers to spend what they would at a restaurant. A great land-based poker room's main source of revenue should be poker games, with everything else coming in second.

Good Variety Of Options

It is usually beneficial for a player to have a variety of choices. So, at the absolute minimum, a good land-based poker room should be able to provide a combination of Hold 'em cash games and tournaments, with the option of playing Pot Limit Omaha if there are enough players.
Although it would be unrealistic to expect a smaller room to have dealers competent at dealing with mixed games, these fundamental choices should be available in this day and age. Every decent poker club should spend money on high-quality chips. Every decent poker club should spend money on high-quality chips. (Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Quality Cards And Chips

Despite the fact that this may seem self-evident, I've encountered numerous poker venues that seem to think that the quality of cards and chips is unimportant. Many people come to have a good time, and if the cards are of poor quality and difficult to read, it detracts from the experience.
Chips are the same way. The cost difference isn't significant, and any decent poker establishment should spend some money on excellent chips. It's a one-time cost that pays off handsomely in the long term.

Incentives For Regular Players

An excellent land-based poker club should give frequent players certain rewards in addition to free beverages. Monthly leaderboards, tournaments, and other similar events may help sustain traffic and keep gamers interested. Although it will cost the room some money, it is likely to enhance their total bottom line as a result of more visitors, higher tips, and so on.

A "Poker" Atmosphere

Many rooms cover the majority of the aforementioned points, but they still don't have the atmosphere of a superb poker room. This is because they may be deficient in other areas, such as lighting and seats, to which they simply did not pay attention.
Because most individuals spend a significant amount of time in a poker room, it must be a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. As a result, spending a little money on comfy seats, adequate lighting, and other non-poker-specific items is certainly beneficial.

A Top Ranked Poker Room In New England

Our home turf is the poker rooms in New England. We've played at all of the big ones (10 tables or more), as well as a few smaller ones. Depending on funding, whether we were playing cash or tournaments at the time, and personnel, our go-to rooms have varied over time. Rockingham, near Salem, New Hampshire, was our initial go-to lodging, but it no longer exists.
The poker room culture in New England is not as well-known as it is in Florida, California, or Las Vegas. This area, however, provides one of the most active and varied poker scenes in the nation, with 13 rooms less than a 2-hour drive from Boston. Within a 20-mile radius of southern New Hampshire, there are seven respectable to excellent poker establishments.
With the Encore set to open in Boston later this year, the poker scene in New England will only grow wealthier. We've created a method for assessing poker venues, as well as published evaluations of the majority of New England's poker rooms. We've visited dozens, if not hundreds, of New England poker rooms in the last several years, and it's time to choose our favorites. We haven't arranged them in any particular sequence since some are preferred above others for a variety of reasons.

Manchester Poker Room

The main room in Manchester is unusually spacious and well-lit among standalone poker rooms. The seats are comfy, and there is plenty of room between the tables. Each seat at the lovely new tables in the main area has a USB port! The service is excellent, with some of the finest dealers, floors, and wait staff in the industry. The room seems to appreciate both tournament and cash play equally.
Favorite Tournament: The Tuesday and Thursday 5:30 p.m. tournaments are very popular, with 60+ players attending most evenings. The $50/$50/$50 structure with 20-minute blinds rapidly accumulates a large amount of money in the pool. This equates to a $50 buy-in for 15,000 chips with a $5 staff bonus for an additional 5,000 chips. If you get to bust on the first break, you may rebuy for $50, and there are also $50 add-ons for 20,000 extra chips.
Drawbacks: These competitions on Tuesday and Thursday are not for the faint of heart. Because of the possibility of rebuys and add-ons, many players in the early stages are aggressive to the point of recklessness. Either they want to go large or they want to rebuy and add-on. Stay away from that style if you don't like it. The player base may also seem a little insular since it is a little more secluded than some of the other New Hampshire coastal and southern rooms. In addition, Manchester's cash scene may be extremely dry on occasion.
If you're flying into the area, the Manchester airport is a good option to Boston's Logan. Because Manchester is the most populous city in northern New England, there are many eating choices in the downtown area. The seashore is 45 minutes away, Boston is an hour away, and Lake Winnipesaukee and the White Mountains are 60-90 minutes away.
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