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Poppy Drayton - From Arts Educational School To Hollywood's Spotlight

Poppy Drayton is a well-known British actress who first gained widespread recognition for the role of Elizabeth Thatcher in the full-length motion picture When Calls the Heart. Amberle Elessedil was Drayton's first major job in the film business. She played the character in the television series "The Shannara Chronicles."

Author:Emily Sanchez
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Jul 03, 2023
Poppy Draytonis a well-known British actress who first gained widespread recognition for the role of Elizabeth Thatcher in the full-length motion picture When Calls the Heart. Amberle Elessedil was Drayton's first major job in the film business. She played the character in the television series "The Shannara Chronicles."
In addition, Poppy has portrayed Madeleine Allsopp in the Downtown Abbey Christmas special, for which she was able to get a significant amount of popularity. In this role, Poppy was able to gain a lot of attention

Quick Facts About Poppy Drayton

Full NamePoppy Drayton
Date of birthJune 7, 1991
Birth PlaceSurrey, England
Age29 years
Height5ft 6in
Net worth$1.5 million

Early Life Of Poppy Drayton

Poppy Gabriella Drayton was born on June 7th, 1991 in the county of Surrey, which is located in England. Drayton was born in England and maintains an ethnicity that is considered to be Caucasian. Poppy always had a deep-seated interest in both the stage and the screen, even from a very early age. Thankfully, her parents were very encouraging of the decisions she made about her life and were eager to assist her on the path she chose to take.
Poppy decided to further her education by enrolling in the Arts Educational School in Chiswick, which is located in London. She received her degree from that particular college and aimed to establish a reputation for herself in the entertainment sector once she finished.
Poppy Drayton, a British actress, attended the Arts Educational School in Chiswick for her formal education and received her diploma from there. As we have seen in the past, she landed her first significant part in the year 2013, and it was in the When Calls the Heart television movie pilot that aired on the Hallmark Channel.
Later on, Erin Krakow took up her role as Elizabeth Thatcher, and she has portrayed her in all of the succeeding films. Following that, she appeared in a Christmas episode of Downton Abbey in the year 2013. Poppy has also performed on stage, most notably in the stage production The Green Bay Tree that took place at the Jermyn Street Theatre in London in the year 2014.
Poppy Drayton just received her diploma from the Arts Educational School in Chiswick, which she earned in London, England. She appeared with Paul Giamatti in the 2013 Downton Abbey Christmas special, playing the part of Madeleine Allsopp.
This performance took place in the year 2013. Poppy spent the following year playing the character of Amberle Elessedil, one of the main roles, in the MTV fantasy drama series The Shannara Chronicles, which debuted on the 5th of January, 2016, and ran for 26 episodes.
Poppy Drayton as a mermaid
Poppy Drayton as a mermaid

Poppy Drayton’s Career Highlights

Poppy Drayton made her debut in the entertainment industry in 2013 with the character of Elizabeth Thatcher in the television movie pilot for When Calls the Heart, which aired on the Hallmark Channel. Erin Krakow, on the other hand, was cast as the protagonist in the succeeding television series. During the same year, Drayton was also cast in a part for the Christmas episode of Downton Abbey.
In addition, Drayton featured on stage, most notably as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet at the Stafford Shakespeare Festival in 2012 and The Green Bay Tree at the Jermyn Street Theatre in London in 2014. Both of these performances took place in 2014.
The part of Amberle Elessedil in The Shannara Chronicles, a fantasy drama series shown on MTV, is largely credited for propelling Poppy Drayton to the level of fame she has today.
She joined the cast of the show in 2014, although the debut didn't take place until January of 2016. The program got picked up for a second season, although Poppy will only be appearing in select episodes as a guest star.
The next month, Poppy was offered the part of the eponymous character in the film The Little Mermaid, which was an adaptation of the narrative written by Hans Christian Andersen. The film was produced by MVP Studios.
Drayton played the role of Loretta Johnson in another Hallmark television movie in 2018, titled Home by Spring.
The next year, Poppy auditioned for the role of Piper in the second season of the CW program Charmed. Between the years 2019 and 2021, she played the role of Abigail, who first appears in the third episode of the second season.
Poppy Drayton and Will Moseley
Poppy Drayton and Will Moseley

Personal Life Of Poppy Drayton

Poppy is a stunning young girl, and there is no question in anyone's mind that a lot of her admirers have fantasized about being in a relationship with her. However, some people have more success than others, and to tell you the truth, there isn't much that we can teach each other about this subject.
It would seem that Poppy is more concerned with advancing her profession than she is with finding a suitable personal partner. In addition, she avoids discussing the private areas of her life with the press, which means that there is no way for us to know whether she is involved in a romantic relationship or not.

Poppy Drayton’s Slim Body Measurements

Poppy Drayton's physical dimensions are 34-24-34 inches, or 86-60-86 cm, indicating that she has a thin, nicely shaped physique. She can portray parts that call for a high level of athleticism, power, and agility because of her slim build, such as Amberle Elessedil in The Shannara Chronicles and a mermaid in The Little Mermaid.
Poppy typically needs to adopt a demanding exercise regimen to maintain her strength and fitness since she plays several physically tough roles. For her part as Amberle, she also acquired horseback riding skills.

Poppy Drayton Of The Little Mermaid Actually Swam With Mermaids In Florida | Southern Living

Some Interesting Facts About Poppy Drayton

  • Poppy said that she would have become a travel photographer if she had not chosen to become an actor. She also considered enrolling in a photography program at an art college.
  • She has had professional dance training, and she is proficient in jazz, ballet, and tap dancing.
  • Poppy ascended Mount Kilimanjaro in October 2018 to support the MiracleFeet charity.
  • As a child, she traveled much due to her father's job. She spent a significant amount of time living overseas and didn't return to the UK until she was little older.
  • Poppy supported organizations and causes including the World Wildlife Fund, Steps For The Ocean, and KidsCan.
  • She typically enjoyed acting and participating in school plays, so making the transition to acting seemed easy.
  • Poppy travels with her Canon AE-1 camera in her knapsack at all times.
  • She dislikes singing in TV shows and movies the least.
  • She received the invaluable piece of advise that it is more important to communicate your feelings than to keep up with the newest in terms while pursuing a profession as an actor.
  • Her preferred destination is New York. She moved there when she was three years old, and ever since, she has made as many trips back as she can.

Role Of Poppy Drayton In The Tv Series Shannara Chronicles

A pivotal milestone in Poppy Drayton's career was her performance of Amberle Elessedil in the television series "The Shannara Chronicles". Terry Brooks' cherished Shannara book series was brought to life in the MTV fantasy drama series, which debuted on January 5, 2016, and Drayton's portrayal of the elf princess was nothing short of spellbinding.
Drayton portrayed a nuanced and multidimensional persona as Amberle Elessedil. She captured the sense of a resolute and brave hero by portraying the young elf princess with elegance, power, and vulnerability. Drayton expertly captured Amberle's transformation from a protected princess to a strong warrior during the course of the series.
Drayton had a compelling on-screen personality that drew viewers into Amberle's world and emotionally involved them in her challenges and victories. She expertly captured the character's inner struggles, whether they sprang from her responsibility to defend her people or her desire to follow her own course. Audiences were able to empathize with Amberle on a deeper level because to Drayton's subtle acting, supporting her every step of the way.
Drayton's physique and agility, in addition to her acting talent, brought Amberle's fighting abilities to life. She had impressive agility and elegance throughout the tight action scenes, which made her training and commitment to the job clear. Drayton's dedication to the part gave the character another dimension of reality, enhancing the impact of her depiction.
Poppy Drayton's portrayal of Amberle Elessedil demonstrated her acting prowess and range. She gave a great literary character new life, winning over the admiration of readers around. Her depiction of Amberle in "The Shannara Chronicles" was evidence of her capacity to add nuance and complexity to a character, making an effect on both devotees of the book series and others who were unfamiliar with the Shannara universe.

Movies Of Poppy Drayton

Emily was Poppy's first short film in 2012. featured in "Down Dog" the next year. She appeared in "Writers Retreat" and "Unhallowed Ground" in 2015. 2013's "When Calls the Heart" television series was where Poppy started her professional career. In the television show, she played Elizabeth Thatcher. She had an appearance in "Downtown Abbey" the same year.

Series Of Poppy Drayton

Poppy portrayed Selina McKinley in the television series "Father Brown" in the year 2014 as a guest star. In the same year, he had a recurring role in the British crime drama series "Midsomer Murders" as the character Summer Halston. Poppy also appeared in the character of Cordelia in the television series "Plebs" in the year 2014.
She has also started performing in theater productions. Poppy was a cast member in the production of "The Green Bay Tree" in 2014, which took place at the "Jermyn Street Theatre" in London.
In 2019, she became a member of the "Charmed" cast and crew. She played the part of Abigael in the play. Poppy made her debut in the series as the enigmatic witch Abigael in the third episode, which was also her first appearance overall. During the same year, Poppy also had an appearance in the film "The Rising Hawk" playing the character of Myroslava.

Poppy Drayton's Net Worth

The excellent actress Poppy Drayton has a substantial net worth of almost $1.5 million as a result of her flourishing profession. She gained popularity fast and in a very short period of time, becoming well-known for her engaging performances. Drayton was able to charge expensive salaries for her performances in movies and television series because of her strong on-screen presence and exceptional acting abilities.
She seized chances and showed her flexibility to get lucrative assignments that increased her salary. Drayton may have made money through brand sponsorships and other commercial activities in addition to her acting career. She keeps making waves in the entertainment sector because of her skill and commercial savvy.

People Also Ask

When And Where Was Poppy Drayton Born?

Poppy Drayton was born on the 7th of June, 1991, in Surrey, England.

What Is Poppy Drayton's Nationality And Ethnicity?

Poppy Drayton is of English nationality and her ethnicity is Caucasian.

What Was Poppy Drayton's First Major Role?

Poppy Drayton's first major role was as Elizabeth Thatcher in the Hallmark Channel television movie pilot for When Calls the Heart in 2013.

Who Took Over The Role Of Elizabeth Thatcher In The Subsequent Television Series?

Erin Krakow took over the role of Elizabeth Thatcher in the subsequent television series of When Calls the Heart.
Poppy Drayton gained significant popularity for her role as Amberle Elessedil in The Shannara Chronicles, an MTV fantasy drama series.

Did Poppy Drayton Return For The Second Season Of The Shannara Chronicles?

No, Poppy Drayton only returned to The Shannara Chronicles in a guest role for the second season, as the show was renewed but her character had a reduced presence.


The path that Poppy Drayton has taken to become successful in the entertainment world is very astounding. She has garnered the acclaim of audiences all over the globe, beginning with her early interest in acting and filmmaking and continuing on through her breakthrough performance as Amberle Elessedil in The Shannara Chronicles.
Her first significant part in When Calls the Heart resulted in later changes in casting, but she did not let it dissuade her from pursuing the career of her dreams. The skill and hard work that Drayton has put into her profession have helped drive it ahead, which has earned her notoriety and a loyal following of fans.
Even though she just appeared in one episode of The Shannara Chronicles as a guest star, the influence she had on the program as well as her general success proves that she is able to make an indelible mark on the business. Poppy Drayton's future contains great opportunities, and she will continue to advance in her profession thanks to the remarkable skill she possesses.
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