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Public Relations Entrepreneurship from PR Guru Ronn Torossian

Ronn Torossian is one of the most respected public relations executives in the United States. His 20+ years of building successful PR businesses has made him a go-to expert for all things PR related.

Author:Frazer Pugh
Reviewer:Emmanuella Shea
Dec 21, 2021
Ronn Torossianis one of the most respected public relations executives in the United States. His 20+ years of building successful PR businesses has made him a go-to expert for all things PR related.
Ronn Torossianis an authority on these topics. Today, Torossian is in a unique position to impart his expertise and teach public relations professionals how to build successful public relations companies.

Ronn Torossian’s Harvard Lecture Series

Harvard is internationally renowned for the quality of its faculty, which includes Pulitzer-prize winners and Nobel laureates. Having the privilege to speak to classes at Harvard Business School about crisis communications strategy and best practices, Ronn Torossian felt right at home in those hallowed lecture halls.
A case study on United Breaks Guitars was the focus of the marketing and public relations lectures. Torossian discussed with students what was then a high-profile incident in which United Airlines damaged a musician's guitar, resulting in a public relations nightmare for the airline.
The PR Leader has cultivated his career by thinking creatively. For clients in a crisis, a PR professionalwho will not back down is a vital part of the team. Torosian excels at this. Teaching at Harvard was a challenge this PR guru was excited to take on and he enjoyed teaching America’s brightest minds about a subject he has worked diligently to master over the course of his career.

Publications And Accolades

In addition to sharing his wisdom with others through teaching, Ronn Torossian authored the PR staple, "For Immediate Release: Shape Minds, Build Brands, and Deliver Results With Game-Changing Public Relations,"which quickly became a best seller for PR professionals. Two editions in print already exist, but there is no doubt this is just the beginning of a flourishing publishing career.
He has already provided op-ed pieces as a contributor to Wired Insights, The Observer, Business Insider and Huffington Post. Sought after by the mainstream media to provide expert advice from a PR standpoint on the biggest issues of today, Ronn Torossianregularly appears as the PR expert on outlets such as Entertainment Tonight,, Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox News and "The Today Show." Entrepreneur Magazine and Bloomberg Businessweek are only a few of the magazine publications to feature this PR guru’s insights over the years.
Among the many PR industry awards and accolades Torossian has received, he is most noted for being named a 2020 Top Crisis Communications Professional by Business Insider, the Stevie American Business Awards 2020 Entrepreneur of the Year, Metropolitan Magazine's Most Influential New Yorker, an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year semi-finalist, Crain's New York 2021 Most Notable in Marketing & PR, and the American Business Awards PR Executive of the Year for two years.
The fact that so many mainstream publications and organizations have noticed his hard work and commended his service to an industry he loves and has devoted his career to improving is incredibly rewarding to Torosian.

A PR Guru’s Unique Focus

Torossianis able to see the bigger picture through his success in public relations. He describes PR as a "mix of journalism, psychology and lawyering," for which he is well suited (Source: Natfluence). Torossian has been fortunate enough to work with clients in every part of the PR landscape from technology, consumer and corporate public relations to his bread and butter, crisis PR.
Due to his wide breadth of knowledge, he can think strategically and utilize resources efficiently. Ronn Torossianhas decades of experience, has seen trends come and go, and has an understanding of what works best for each of his clients. Torossian is always welcomed on board by even the most senior executives, knowing that they have the advice of a renowned industry expert.

Lessons Learned

It is not easy to become a public relations maven, and Torossian worked hard to become an exceptional leader. He wishes he knew what he now knows about PR before entering the career. As Torossian explains, knowing when to back out of a venture is equally as important as knowing when to start one. This is not only a useful strategy, but also a necessity (Source: Thrive Global).
Having a people-centric focus, he spoke highly of his team and noted the importance of creating a positive working environment. He also strongly recommends taking breaks and taking time away from work for the sake of balance (Source: Thrive Global).
If you're looking to build a strong public relations career, Ronn Torossian, the PR guru,has some sage advice for you. As a first step, he says to make sure your product is one people will purchase. Then, work incredibly hard and never let anything stop you from believing in your abilities despite all odds. It is safe to say that aspiring entrepreneurs and PR professionals benefit greatly from Torossian's advice.
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