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Putin Accuses The West Of Waging A 'Real War' On Russia At WWII Event

Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses the west of waging a 'real war' on Russia through economic sanctions and attempts to isolate the country on the world stage on WWII commemoration event in Moscow on Monday.

Author:Elisa Mueller
Reviewer:Camilo Wood
May 10, 2023
Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses the west of waging a 'real war' on Russia through economic sanctions and attempts to isolate the country on the world stage on WWII commemoration event in Moscow on Monday.
Putin's words come only hours after Moscow launched its latest cruise missile attack on Ukraine, which Russia invaded 14 months ago. According to Ukrainian officials, 23 of the 25 missiles fired were downed by air defenses.

Putin's Speech At The Event

Speaking at the event, Putin praised the "heroism and sacrifice" of Soviet soldiers in World War II, which Russia calls the Great Patriotic War.
However, he also used the opportunity to criticize the West for what he called attempts to rewrite history and "disrespect" for the memory of the millions who died in the conflict.
Today civilization is once again at a decisive turning point. A real war has been unleashed against our motherland.- Russian President Vladimir Putin
Our heroic ancestors proved that there is nothing stronger, more powerful and more reliable than our unity. There is nothing in the world stronger than our love for the motherland,- Russian President Vladimir Putin
In an attempt to mobilize his population and soldiers, Putin has often employed patriotic language harkening back to the previous conflict — and May 9 is one of the most significant occasions in the Russian political calendar.
However, this year's festivities were far fewer, at least in part due to security concerns after recent drone strikes inside Russia.

Putin tells Russians West is waging a ‘real war’ on Russia | Morning in America

Criticism Of The West

Putin went on to say that the West is waging a "real war" on Russia, through economic sanctions and other means, but that Russia will not be intimidated.
He called on Russians to come together to defend their country's sovereignty and independence.
Western leaders have condemned Putin's comments, with some calling them a "distortion of reality."
The US State Department issued a statement saying that Putin's remarks were "divisive and unacceptable," and that the US would continue to support Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression.

Tensions Between Russia And The West

Tensions between Russia and the West have been high in recent years, due in part to Russia's annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, as well as allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election.
Later in the day, Zelenskyy used his nighttime speech to commemorate Europe Day, having decided on Monday that Ukraine would observe Europe Day on May 9 and the defeat of Nazi Germany on May 8.
The United States is set to announce Tuesday that it would contribute $1.2 billion extra in long-term military assistance to Ukraine to strengthen its air defenses.

Final Thoughts

The Russian president has frequently attempted to portray his invasion of Ukraine as essential in order to fight against a Western threat.
Kiev and its Western allies claim they do not pose such a danger, and that Moscow's conflict is intended to dissuade Western dominance in a nation that Russia regards to be inside its sphere of influence.
Putin's comments at the WWII commemoration event are likely to further strain relations between Russia and the West.
The ongoing tensions between the two sides have implications for global security, particularly in areas such as nuclear disarmament and the fight against terrorism.
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