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Randy Chrisley - Brother Of Todd Chrisley

The kind of upbringing an individual receives has a direct bearing on the kind of work they choose to do, and this is certainly the case for Randy Chrisley, who is well-known due to his brother Todd Chrisley.

Author:Paolo Reyna
Reviewer:Iram Martins
Jan 18, 2023
The kind of upbringing an individual receives has a direct bearing on the kind of work they choose to do, and this is certainly the case for Randy Chrisley, who is well-known due to his brother Todd Chrisley.
Randy became well-known after making an appearance in his brother Chrisley's television series, Chrisley Knows Best. As can be seen in the things that follow, Randy's celebrity brother has had a significant impact on the trajectory of both Randy's professional life and his entire life.
It is not always the case that a family member's fame will rub off on other members of the same family. There are instances when certain members of a celebrity or well-known family are able to go about their lives without drawing attention to themselves.
The real estate mogul and reality TV personality Todd Chrisley is largely responsible for the rise in notoriety of the Chrisley family name. Many members of Todd's household have become famous as a result of Todd's success, but the majority of Todd's extended family are still relatively unknown to the general public.
Todd Chrisley has a sibling in his name named Randy Chrisley. However, throughout the years, Todd's popularity has eclipsed his own, and as a result, not many people are aware of the details of his life. After making an appearance on his brother's television show, Chrisley Knows Best, he first garnered some notoriety in the public eye.

Quick Facts

Full name Randy Chrisley
Date of birth August 28, 1970
Age 52 years old
Birthplace Westminster, South Carolina, USA


Randy Chrisley is a famous American businessman. He was born in the United States. He is the brother of Todd Chrisley, who is a reality TV star and a successful real estate investor. But in contrast to his brother Todd, Randy has managed to keep a relatively low profile throughout his life. Nevertheless, in spite of this, he has been in the news in the past.
The town of Westminster in South Carolina is where Randy Chrisley was born. His father, Gene Raymond Chrisley, is a veteran of the United States Army, and his mother, Faye Chrisley, received her high school diploma from Westminster.
There is some confusion regarding the specifics of Randy's childhood, but this man was born on August 28, 1970 making him 52 years old as of 2023. Having said that, Todd Chrisley is his older brother and he is Todd's younger brother.
They were brought up in the state of Georgia. In addition, the two had a third brother named Derrick Chrisley, who sadly passed away in 1971 after having only lived for a few months.
In 1984, Randy Chrisley graduated from West Oak High School where he had previously studied. There is no evidence to suggest that Randy continued his education after graduating from high school; however, this cannot be confirmed.


Randy Chrisley, like his brother Todd, entered the real estate business at a very young age and has been successful there ever since. Randy's career does not appear to have made any headway, in contrast to that of his brother, who enjoyed professional achievement. Randy's career progressed to the point where he spent more and more time in the background as Todd Chrisley became increasingly famous over the years.
Todd Chrisley during an interview
Todd Chrisley during an interview
In August of 2001, Randy started working at RS service in the capacity of an agent, and he has remained an integral part of the company ever since. There is no evidence to suggest that Randy is involved in any other commercial activities; however, it is possible that he is.
In the meantime, Todd Chrisley is the proprietor of both a real estate management company known as Chrisley Asset Management and a television show known as Chrisley Knows Best. The documents submitted to the court, on the other hand, reveal that Todd's estate management company has been in a precarious position for a number of years.
The lives of real estate mogul Todd Chrisley and his family are chronicled on the reality television show Chrisley Knows Best, which is a show geared toward families. On March 11, 2014, it began airing for the first time on USA Network.
Over seven seasons have been broadcast so far of the series. In addition to Todd, the show also features recurring appearances from his wife, Julie, as well as his children, Lindsie, Chase, Savannah, and Grayson.
Even though Randy has made a few appearances on the show, he is not considered to be a regular member of the cast. Many people believe that despite the fact that the show is called "The Chrisleys," it primarily focuses on Todd Chrisley's immediate family rather than the Chrisley clan as a whole.

Personal Life

Randy dated his now-ex-wife Pamela briefly before the couple married in August 2012. Randy was diagnosed with stage four cancer in 2014 and was admitted to the hospital. Randy Chrisley was expected to die because of the severity of his health problems. However, with the help of family members such as his brother Todd and extensive chemotherapy, Randy recovered quickly and is now living a healthy life.
Randy's marriage was tested in 2016 after his wife accused him of infidelity. Todd Chrisley, his brother, was quick to defend him, claiming that Pamela was a gold digger who extorted the Chrisley family. Pamela was arrested after the divorce was finalized on extortion charges.
Authorities told ET that she was arrested on March 4th and charged with second-degree harassment. Pamela was later released on a $1,000 bond the same day. Pamela threatened to "sell a story to the National Enquirer that would hurt the Chrisley name unless hush money was deposited into her bank account," according to incident reports obtained by Fox Carolina.
Todd Chrisley made her arrest public on March 5, 2016, when he posted Pamela's mugshot to his Instagram page with the caption;
"Pamela has been involved in a scheme with other individuals in Georgia and South Carolina to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from our family because my brother filed for divorce from her. Our family has been subjected to this harassment for several months and has had to remain silent in order for law enforcement from two states to do their jobs."
Randy and Pamela had no children together. Randy, on the other hand, has a son from a previous relationship. Details about his son, as well as his mother's identity, have been kept hidden for many years.

Net Worth

Randy Chrisley is a well-known businessman. He must have made some money over the course of his business career. Randy Chrisley's cash flow is estimated to be more than $1 million, despite the lack of specific information about his earnings.

People Also Ask

Who Is Randy Chrisley?

Randy Chrisley is a famous American businessman and the brother of Todd Chrisley.

Where Is Randy Chrisley From?

He is from Westminster, South Carolina, USA.

How Old Is Randy Chrisley?

He is now 52 years old.

Final Words

Randy later received negative press after being arrested for shoplifting in South Carolina in 2016. Randy Chrisley, according to the report, stuffed several bags of candy worth approximately $22.
Randy was already in a line when the police arrived, but he quickly exited the line and began walking quickly towards the side of the store, pushing a buggy.
After being questioned, Randy admitted that he had hidden the candy in his pants and intended to leave the store without paying for it.
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