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A Review Of The Most Popular European Road Trip

The most popular European road trip takes you from Paris to Berlin, but is it really a good idea? Click here to read our review of the trip.

Author:Tobey Strickland
Reviewer:Iram Martins
Sep 06, 20234.5K Shares94.9K Views
We’re going to start this review by saying any road trip in Europe can be challenging for an American. Heck, everyone drives on the wrong side of the road for a start. The rules of the road somehow feel different, and don’t even get us started on the concept of “roundabouts”.
So when it comes to this review of the most popular European road trip, we’re going to be honest with our own abilities. It was challenging, but that’s not any fault of the road, and more of a fault with our American birth certificates.
The Paris To Berlin Road Trip
So now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk a little bit about the road trip itself. By and large, most people agree that the road trip from Paris to Berlin is the best, which is why it is generally classified as the most popular.
Of course, the road trip is probably best decided through a trip planner– you don’t want to be going on the France to Germany road trip if you’re starting and ending your trip in France and Romania. But if you’re fluid with your European vacation, however, then this road trip is bound to come up in Google searches.
To give you an idea of where it takes you, the typical trip goes from Paris, through the hills of Champagne, Reims, then cities like Ghent, Dusseldorf, and Luxembourg. Along the way, you can spot a number of beautiful sights, and we’ve listed the best below:
  • Cathedral Notre-Dame de Reims
  • Ouvrage de La Ferte
  • The medieval village of Bacharach
  • Rhine Tower in Dusseldorf
  • Palais Grand-Ducal in Luxembourg City
Of course, you also have the beautiful landmarks in Paris and Berlin to look forward to, including the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, the Brandenburg Gate, and Museum Island.
Is It Really That Good?
There are tons of brilliant road trips in Europe. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that the European road trips blow American road tripsout of the water – unless you’re more partial to deserts and wide-open vistas.
With this in mind, we think that the Paris to Berlin road trip is really the best way to get a good taste of Europe. It’s hard to compare it to other road trips, such as the Iceland Ring Road, or the Transfagarasan Highway in Romania, because every road trip is so different.
But if you want a unique European adventure that takes you between two of the most famous cities in the world – with plenty of sights and activities to enjoy along the way – then you really can’t do any better.
The trip is around 1,000 kilometres. So if you’d rather do the road trip quickly, then it can be done in around 10 hours. If you’re wanting to stop off in a few of the beautiful locations, however, it can take you as long as you want. Just make sure you’ve packed enough for the journey to make your trip as comfortable as possible!
You’re guaranteed to never get bored, and there will always be something that surprises you. And that’s what all the best road trips are all about. Finding your destination, and letting the road show you the adventure.
Tobey Strickland

Tobey Strickland

Iram Martins

Iram Martins

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