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RuliWeb A Korean Community Network- Play Online Video Games On It

Ruliweb is a Korean online community that focuses on video games. It mostly deals with games for consoles and portable gaming machines, and it offers an individual user strategy bulletin board for each game requested.

Author:Anderson Patterson
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Feb 08, 2022
RuliWeb is a Korean online community that focuses on video games. It mostly deals with games for consoles and portable gaming machines, and it offers an individual user strategy bulletin board for each game requested.
It was founded on January 12, 2000, and Integen signed it in November 2002. In September 2004, Dreamwiz acquired Internet-related services from Internet users, and those along with "DVD Prime" and "Manian," relocated to Dreamwiz. It was transferred to Empas in December 2006, and then to Nate when Empas was bought by Nate in February 2009. Daum was serviced and became autonomous on July 1, 2016, after another acquisition in March 2011. In terms of users and postings, it is now the largest video gaming community in Korea.

RuliWeb Wiki

The largest Japanese subculture community in Korea, focusing on gaming but also including a number of hobby bulletin boards (related to otaku, such as anime, manga, and figures). It not only deals with Japanese content but also with stuff from other nations, like the United States.
A convenient location to find game-related news. RuliWeb is unusual in Korea, at least in terms of game strategy, because each game has its own bulletin board. It is a classic or an unpopular game if there is no strategy. RuliWeb is also a fantastic alternative if you get stuck while playing the game or if you want to experience all of the game's components, such as Easter eggs.
On the main screen, the RuliWeb management team provides game-related news, news premises cited by users from other sites, and reading material offered by the administration. There's also a bulletin board where you can post questions and answers, as well as chat rooms and game-related images, and a marketplace board where users may sell things. Sports broadcasts have complete information created by the community's remarks.
After being integrated into Daum, you may use your Daum account by logging in with it. It's a common misconception that if you're demoted (banned) on RuliWeb, you'll be prohibited from other Daum services as well. This is not the case.
Screenshot of Trending games on ruliweb
Screenshot of Trending games on ruliweb

Ruliweb Name

It is a video game-related website and community in South Korea. As of December 2021, it is the largest non-DC community site and the fourth largest Internet community site in Korea, and the 18th largest overall in the world.
When the operator was active in Hitel, the Hitel ID was supposed to be ONNURI, but there was a typo, and the ID was registered with the confusing phrase ONRULI. It is stated that it was given the name RULIWEB because of this ID, although netizens believe it is taken from Ruri Hoshino of the Mobile Battleship Nadeshiko.

Ruliweb Mobile

This free software is a mobile browser application that allows you to instantly access the RuliWeb. You may use all of the Ruri Web's menus in the same way. PS4/PS Vita/PSNow/XBOX ONE/Wii/3DS/PC/Smart device/A/V/PC are the supported devices of RuliWeb.
Following issues have been fixed in the recent update.
  • On Keitac OS, YouTube video playback is supported.
  • After seeing the full-size video, fix the issue.
  • Increasing network speed by optimizing packets.
For your convenience, this software simply provides mobile web browser capabilities. The content given by the app is wrapped in the same content as the mobile web page's content.

Ruliweb Alternative

Top rivals of include,,,, and others.
Here is the list of the top 10 alternatives to
  • (60.89M), (28.13M), and are the top three competitors of (with 6.00M). With 3.97M and 1.22M viewers, and are ranked fourth and fifth, respectively.,,,, and are the other five contenders. had 619.66K visitors, followed by with 49.91 million, with 3.31 million, and with 185.10 million.


When PC communication-based clubs disintegrated as a result of the advent of high-speed Internet, RuliWeb, which had previously been pushed and struck by other game-related sites, ascended to the position it now holds. RuliWeb has transformed its personality from a simple video game information site to a game-related complete community site at the moment, and it is progressively gaining visitors.
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