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Is Rupee4Click Fake Or Real?

Rupee4Click is the head of an Indian Cost Per Referral (CPR) advertising company that provides "pay for referral links" administration.

Author:Frazer Pugh
Reviewer:Iram Martins
Aug 18, 2022
According to Rupee4Click, there are several work-from-home opportunities available, including completing captchas, entering data, publishing on social media, and more.
A few of the described activities, such as downloading programs, give the impression that Rupee4Click might be a click farm.
Given that the platform only accepts Indian Rupee as payment, most visitors to this website are from that country.

Features To Make Money

By completing captchas, clicking ads, completing offers, and referring new users, you can get money.
When a user registers through a referral link, the person gets paid.
For instance, you would have 100 recommendations if you sent 100 people to their website.
Simply said, wants REAL traffic.
According to them, if you want to send bots (fake traffic) to their advertisements, it won't work.
To fulfill tasks, you must have actual users (installing apps, answering surveys).
The most popular method of generating genuine traffic is via advertising to groups, friends, or organizations on social networks.

How Much Money You Can Earn

It is stated that getting more people to sign up for the site is the major way to make money.
According to Rupee4Click, you will receive 10 for each click on your referral link and 100 if a new member registers.
A person with thumbs up and thumbs down exhibiting rupee4click as real or fake respectively
A person with thumbs up and thumbs down exhibiting rupee4click as real or fake respectively
The minimum withdrawal amount is 5,000.
This means that before a user is eligible for withdrawal, they must receive at least 450 clicks on their link (valued at $10 each), invite at least 45 individuals to sign up (for $100 each), or finish at least 18 jobs (worth $250 each).
You can see on their website that it states users will be paid every week.
The Terms & Conditions, which state that users would be paid monthly, contradict this.
This demonstrates that the website is not managed by actual experts.


A testimonial from someone going by the name of "Priya Mishra," who is supposedly the marketing manager for India and Indonesia, is included on the homepage.
Given that Priya Mishra is a fictional character, this testimonial appears to be fraudulent.
The image that is displayed was modified using images from two separate persons.
Other websites like Money4Click and VanidoClick, which may be scams, also utilize similar pictures.
The dashboard for the platform displays that you have an account manager named Madhu Sharan when you sign up for it.
Since the individual depicted in the image does not appear to be Indian, this person likewise appears to be a fake.
The provided email ID also proved to be a fraud.


Navigating websites like these is never safe and without risk.
Your PC could get infected with malware and the worst form of viruses.
People who browse frequently are normally aware of these threats but still get caught.
The main reason behind this is their smart and tactical marketing that lures you in.
The advertisements are catchy and appear while you are carefully working on your project.
The marketing gimmick lures in by catchy claims.
For instance, the advertisements will claim that you can earn thousands of dollars by doing this simple task.
The real trickery is that they make you believe the work is worth it and they need you.
Of course, the truth is far from it.

Unsafe Browsing

There are telltale signs of scams once you start exploring their websites.
You would find hundreds of major flaws in the websites of platforms like rupee4click even if you are not a frequent browser and have little know-how of web design.
To start with, the website designs are poor, to say the least.
An average surfer would find the website odd.
Similarly, the website would lack any information regarding the owner or founder of the platform.
These are common mistakes that you would find in scams like these.
In this regard, rupee4click fits and checks all the boxes.
The owner details are not provided although it says the website was created in 2020.
The design looks fraudulent and is poorly made.
Normally, people behind this have created multiple websites like these with the same purpose of scamming people.
Similarly, all the relevant registration details are missing from the website.

Contact Details

Since the websites like rupee4click are created to scam people their contact details are nothing more than fictitious email addresses.
The question is what happens once you try to send an email to the specified address?
Well, nothing happens, and the email only bounces back.
The email address is fake and they try to make it real by telling you that it’s the email address of their account manager.
Apart from email, you would not find any other contact information related to the platform.
Sometimes, a virtual address is given which is again fake.
If you are a frequent visitor of such websites or platforms, you would notice that the address given is sometimes the same on multiple websites.

Withdrawal Limit

While we are discussing ways to spot such scam platforms, a withdrawal limit is another way and common sign.
Real platforms where people can earn money normally do not restrict you from withdrawing whatever amount you want to withdraw.
But, this is not true with rupee4click.
It has a restriction of around 5000 which is a big amount in itself.
The user once signs up gets trapped by this withdrawal limit.
Once you start working, you kind of get committed and it is not easily possible mentally to get out of that situation.
There is this thought that if I do enough work, I will eventually be able to touch that magical amount where I can withdraw.
These websites play on this mentality of hard workers and that is how they are in the business in the first place.
Scattered Indian rupee notes
Scattered Indian rupee notes
Once you reach the withdrawal amount, even then you are not able to withdraw, and these platforms impose other conditions on withdrawal.
For instance, they will ask you for more information and security checks which is just the way of scammers.
Such conditions are meant to stall and make your work more.
We have already discussed what happens once you try to get in touch with them.

Payment Proof

There are thousands of ways one can earn online and there are real platforms that offer money per click.
One should look for signs of authenticity while considering these for earning money.
Payment proof is one such element that must never be ignored.
If the payment proof is available and authentic then that platform is real and you should work your best.
In short, you should proceed with the signup after you have thoroughly researched the platform and is satisfied with the payment proof.

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People Also Ask

Is Rupee4click Real Or Fake?

This website is a total fraud. Never do they pay. They don't have any intention of paying their employees; their only goal is to gain money.

Is Rupee 4 Click Real Quora?

It is a completely bogus and fraudulent website that gathers user information to be anonymously stored and sent. They began uploading to the website on November 30, 2020.

Is 2Captcha A Trusted Site?

The company 2Captcha is legitimate, and they are quite open about everything. Their website's policies and procedures are simple to read. Work on 2Captcha is also simple and doesn't require any specialized knowledge.


Websites like Rupee4click are risky and untrustworthy websites and one should proceed with caution.
They can offer a very high payout with mundane tasks but more often than that do not deliver on their promises.
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