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Sabrina Carpenter Movies And TV Shows - A Cinematic Journey Through Movies And TV Shows

In the realm of entertainment, Sabrina Carpenter has proven herself to be a rising star with a versatile range of skills.

Author:Elisa Mueller
Reviewer:Iram Martins
Mar 08, 2024
Sabrina Carpenter is a talented actress who has captivated audiences with her performances in big and small screens. Known for her versatility and charm, she has become a household name in the entertainment industry. From starring in beloved Disney Channel series to making a mark on the big screen, Carpenter's career has been marked by success and acclaim. Let's take a closer look at the mesmerizing journey of Sabrina Carpenter Movies and TV showsthat have won the hearts of audiences around the globe.

Early Life

Sabrina Carpenter was born on May 11, 1999, in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, USA. Raised in a supportive and artistic family, she showed an early interest in performing arts. Sabrina's passion for music and acting began to blossom at a young age, and she started taking dance lessons at just three years old. Her natural talent and enthusiasm for the arts set the stage for her future success in the entertainment industry.


Despite her burgeoning career in the spotlight, Sabrina Carpenter has also prioritized her education. She attended The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School to accommodate her demanding schedule as a performer. Balancing schoolwork with auditions and acting commitments, Carpenter demonstrated a strong work ethic and determination to excel in both academics and her artistic pursuits.
Even as her career took off, Sabrina continued her education through online courses, showcasing her commitment to learning and personal growth. Her ability to navigate the challenges of a dual life as a student and performer speaks volumes about her resilience and dedication to a well-rounded development.
Sabrina Carpenter at an event
Sabrina Carpenter at an event

Sabrina Carpenter Net Worth

Sabrina Carpenter has a net worth of $12 million.

Best Of Sabrina Carpenter Movies And TV Shows

  • Noobz (2012) -Sabrina has a small role in this comedy film about a group of friends who embark on a road trip to compete in a gaming championship.
  • The Uninvited (2009) -Sabrina appeared in this horror thriller film about a young woman returning home after spending time in a mental institution, only to face mysterious and disturbing events.
  • Horns (2013) -Sabrina starred in this fantasy horror film alongside Daniel Radcliffe. The story revolves around a young man who grows mysterious horns after the death of his girlfriend, and Sabrina's character plays a significant role in the unfolding events.
  • Adventures in Babysitting (2016) -In this Disney Channel Original Movie, Sabrina takes on the role of Jenny Parker, a babysitter whose night takes unexpected turns. The film is a modern and comedic twist on the classic babysitting adventure.
  • Girl Meets World (2014-2017) - Sabrina played Maya Hart, a fun and spirited character, in this Disney Channel series. The show follows the adventures of Maya and her friends as they navigate the challenges of growing up, friendship, and life lessons.
  • The Hate U Give (2018) -Sabrina had a supporting role in this impactful drama. The movie addresses social issues through the eyes of a young girl who witnesses the police shooting of her friend, and Sabrina's character is part of her inner circle.
  • Tall Girl (2019) -Sabrina stars in this Netflix original film as Harper, the fashionable and supportive best friend. The story revolves around a high school girl who learns to embrace her height and uniqueness amidst the challenges of adolescence.
  • Clouds (2020) - In this Disney+ film, Sabrina plays Sammy, the best friend of a young musician facing a life-changing journey. The movie tells the inspiring true story of hope, love, and the power of music.
  • The Short History of the Long Road (2019) -Sabrina takes on a more dramatic role in this indie film, portraying a character in a journey of self-discovery after a nomadic life with her father.
  • The Distance from Me to You (TBA) -An upcoming film adaptation of Marina Gessner's novel, where Sabrina is set to play the lead role of McKenna, a teenager hiking the Appalachian Trail.
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2011) -Sabrina's first acting role was in this long-running crime drama series where she had a guest role.
  • The Goodwin Games (2013) -In this Fox sitcom, Sabrina had a recurring role as a series regular, bringing humor to the story of three siblings competing to inherit their father's fortune.
  • Soy Luna (2017) -Sabrina made a guest appearance on this popular Disney Channel Latin America series, showcasing her multilingual abilities.
  • Sofia the First (2013-2018) -Sabrina voiced the character Princess Vivian and contributed her singing talents to the Disney animated series.
  • Wander Over Yonder (2013-2016) -Sabrina lent her voice to this animated series, providing the voice for Melodie in an episode titled "The Battle Royale.
  • The Dead Don't Die (2019) -A comedy horror film where Sabrina has a small role alongside a star-studded cast, facing a zombie apocalypse in a small town.
  • In the Heights (2021) -While not a TV show, Sabrina Carpenter had a cameo appearance in the film adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical, showcasing her singing and dancing skills.
  • Milo Murphy's Law (2016-2019):Sabrina lent her voice to this animated series, playing the character Melissa Chase in a show filled with comedic adventures.
  • Emergency (2022)- Three college students find themselves at a crossroads as they must weigh the pros and cons of calling the police when confronted with an unexpected situation. In the midst of what was supposed to be an epic celebration, the friends are forced to make a crucial decision that could alter the course of their night and impact their futures.
  • iHeartRadio Jingle Ball (2023) - Join in the festive spirit as we celebrate the season with electrifying performances by the year's best recording artists. Experience the magic as today's hottest musical stars take the stage, delivering unforgettable moments that capture the essence of the year's musical highlights.
Sabrina Carpenter wearing a beautiful nude lip stick
Sabrina Carpenter wearing a beautiful nude lip stick

List Of Sabrina Carpenter Movies And TV Shows

  • The Hate U Give (2018)
  • Tall Girl (2019)
  • The Short History of the Long Road (2019)
  • Clouds (2020)
  • Work It (2020)
  • The Distance from Me to You (TBA)
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2010)
  • Austin & Ally (2011–2016)
  • Sofia the First (2013–2018)
  • Girl Meets World (2014–2017)
  • Adventures in Babysitting (2016) - TV Movie
  • Milo Murphy's Law (2016–2019)
  • The Hate U Give (2018)
  • Tall Girl (2019)
  • Work It (2020)

Sabrina Carpenter Movies And TV Shows - FAQ

What Is Sabrina Carpenter Net Worth?

Sabrina Carpenter has a net worth of $12 million.

Did Sabrina Carpenter Contribute To Any Disney Channel Soundtracks?

Yes, Sabrina contributed to Disney Channel soundtracks, including singing lead vocals in the Disney Channel Circle of Stars cover of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman.

How Many Episodes Did "Girl Meets World" Consist Of?

"Girl Meets World" had a total of 72 episodes, and it concluded on January 20, 2017.


In the realm of entertainment, Sabrina Carpenter has proven herself to be a rising star with a versatile range of skills. From the silver screen to television, she has graced us with unforgettable performances that showcase her passion and dedication. As we wrap up our exploration of Sabrina Carpenter Movies and TV shows, it's clear that her talent knows no bounds. We eagerly await what the future holds for this exceptional artist, as she continues to shine in the world of entertainment.
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