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Saudi Arabia To Host Summit On Ukrainian President's Peace Plan

Saudi Arabia to host summit on Ukrainian president's peace plan amidst the ongoing Russian invasion. The summit, to be held in the city of Jeddah on August 5 and 6, is expected to draw officials from around 30 countries.

Author:Camilo Wood
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Jul 31, 2023
Saudi Arabia to host summit on Ukrainian president's peace planamidst the ongoing Russian invasion.
The summit, to be held in the city of Jeddah on August 5 and 6, is expected to draw officials from around 30 countries.

Ukrainian Peace Formula To Take Center Stage

Andriy Yermak, Zelenskyy's chief of staff, revealed that the discussions at the summit will revolve around the "Ukrainian Peace Formula."
This comprehensive plan contains ten fundamental points that aim not only to establish peace in Ukraine but also to create mechanisms to prevent future conflicts worldwide.
Key elements of the peace formula include the restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity, the withdrawal of Russian troops, the release of all prisoners, and the establishment of a tribunal to hold those responsible for the aggression accountable.

Global Leaders To Pave The Way For Peace Summit

Ukraine and Western nations are hopeful that the Saudi Arabian summit will lay the groundwork for a larger peace summit later this year.
At this anticipated gathering, global leaders are expected to endorse the shared principles derived from the peace talks to help bring an end to the ongoing war.
Saudi Arabia's role in hosting these talks signals its willingness to play a significant part in finding a resolution to the conflict.
While maintaining a close relationship with Russia as part of the OPEC+ group, the kingdom's efforts in promoting peace will elevate the profile of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
Notably, Zelenskyy previously visited an Arab League summit in Jeddah in May to garner support for Ukraine's cause.

Russia-Ukraine Peace Summit: Saudi Arabia to host two-day peace summit in August | Latest | WION

Prominent Participants And Russia's Absence

Over 30 countries have been invited to the summit, including the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Turkey, and India.
However, notably missing from the guest list is Russia, the aggressor in the ongoing conflict.
Despite Russia's absence, an unnamed official indicated that a high-level official from the US President Joe Biden's administration is expected to attend the event.
Concurrent with the peace talks, Ukraine is also taking measures to enhance its security. The country is set to begin discussions with the United States on a bilateral agreement pertaining to security guarantees.
These talks follow a declaration made by the Group of Seven (G7) nations earlier this month, providing a foundation for individual countries to negotiate agreements aimed at bolstering Ukraine's military capabilities.
Ukraine seeks concrete and long-term commitments to fortify its ability to defend itself and deter future Russian aggression.

Various Peace Plans In The Mix

While the Saudi Arabian summit takes center stage, other peace plans have also been floated amid the war.
Russian President Vladimir Putin recently met with African leaders in Saint Petersburg to discuss their proposed plan, while China and Pope Francis have been working independently on their own initiatives.
The details of these alternate plans have not been made public. As global attention turns to the Saudi-hosted summit, hopes remain high for progress in finding a peaceful resolution to the devastating conflict in Ukraine.
The gathering of key international players provides an opportunity to pave the way for lasting peace and stability in the region.

Final Words

The Saudi Arabian summit holds significant promise for advancing the cause of peace in Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian invasion.
With officials from around 30 countries gathering to discuss President Zelenskyy's "Ukrainian Peace Formula," hopes are high for laying the groundwork for a larger peace summit later this year.
The absence of Russia from the guest list underscores the urgency and complexity of the conflict, while efforts by Ukraine to strengthen its security posture through bilateral talks with the United States add another layer of significance to the discussions.
As the world watches these diplomatic efforts unfold, there is a collective hope that the summit will lead to concrete steps towards ending the war and establishing lasting peace in the region.
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