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Ultimate Guide To Opening The Silverdrift Lair Gate In Skyrim

Unlock the Silverdrift Lair Gate in Skyrim swiftly with a Step-by-step guide to accessing this hidden chamber.

Author:Frazer Pugh
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Oct 01, 2023
In the mystical realm of Tamriel, where adventure awaits at every turn, Skyrim beckons with its ancient tombs, untold treasures, and enigmatic mysteries. Among these hidden wonders lies the Silverdrift Lair Gate, an ancient Nordic tomb concealed in the remote wilderness of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Yet, the path to its heart is blocked by an enigmatic barrier – the Silverdrift Lair Gate.
For intrepid adventurers and seekers of Skyrim's hidden lore, the burning question is, "How to open the Silverdrift Lair Gate?" In this guide, we will embark on a journey through the lore-rich landscape of Skyrim, unraveling the secrets of Silverdrift Lair, and providing a step-by-step solution to breach the gate and reveal the treasures and mysteries that lie within. Whether you are a seasoned Dragonborn or a novice explorer, prepare to unlock the mystery of the Silverdrift Lair Gate and delve into the heart of this ancient Nordic tomb.

Silverdrift Lair - A Hidden Nordic Tomb In Skyrim

The hidden nordic tomb made of stone in skyrim
The hidden nordic tomb made of stone in skyrim
Silverdrift Lair, nestled amidst the rugged landscapes of Skyrim, is a hidden Nordic tomb that beckons to intrepid adventurers. This ancient burial site, shrouded in mystery and guarded by formidable foes, offers a captivating glimpse into the region's rich history.
As you venture deeper into its dimly lit chambers, you'll uncover intricately designed Nordic architecture, adorned with eerie, centuries-old decorations. The tomb's hidden treasures, from rare artifacts to valuable gems, await those who dare to unravel its secrets. Silverdrift Lair is a testament to the depth and intrigue that Skyrim's world offers, enticing explorers to uncover its hidden stories and embrace the challenges that come with them.

The Enigmatic Silverdrift Lair Gate

The Enigmatic Silverdrift Lair Gate is a puzzle gate located in the Silverdrift Lair dungeon in Skyrim. The gate is opened by pulling a handle on a whale pillar in the second level of the dungeon. The handle is hidden by a hanging lantern, and it is easy to miss.
The gate is named "Enigmatical" because it is not immediately clear how to open it. The handle is not visible from the main path through the dungeon, and it is easy to overlook the lantern that hides it. This has led to many players getting stuck at the gate, unable to figure out how to open it.
Once the gate is opened, the Dragonborn can continue through the dungeon and reach the Word Wall for the Frost Breath shout.
Here are some additional tips for opening the Enigmatic Silverdrift Lair Gate:
  • Be sure to look for the hanging lantern. It is the only way to see the handle that opens the gate.
  • If you are still having trouble finding the handle, you can use a ranged weapon to shoot the lantern down. This will reveal the handle and allow you to open the gate.
With a little patience and perseverance, the Dragonborn can open the Enigmatic Silverdrift Lair Gateand continue their journey through the dungeon.

Journey To Silverdrift Lair Gate In Skyrim

To reach Silverdrift Lair in Skyrim, the Dragonborn can start from Dawnstar and follow the road southeast. After a few miles, the road will turn west and the Dragonborn will need to follow a smaller path that leads into the mountains. The entrance to Silverdrift Lair is located in a small clearing in the woods.
Along the way, the Dragonborn will encounter a few bandits and some wolves. They should also be prepared to fight draugr, the undead warriors who inhabit the tomb. Silverdrift Lair is a challenging dungeon, but it is also a rewarding one. The Dragonborn can find valuable treasure and learn new shouts within its walls.
Here are some additional tips for the journey to Silverdrift Lair:
  • Be sure to bring a ranged weapon, as the draugr are often difficult to reach with melee attacks.
  • Stock up on healing potions, as you will likely need them to survive the journey.
  • Save your game frequently, as there are a few traps in the tomb that can easily kill the Dragonborn.
With a little preparation, the Dragonborn can safely reach Silverdrift Lair and explore its secrets.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - Cracking The Silverdrift Lair Gate Code

To crack the Silverdrift Lair gate code in Skyrim, you need to find the whale and snake bones located in the second room of the tomb. The whale bones are on the left side of the room, and the snake bones are on the right side of the room. The code is the number of whale bones plus the number of snake bones, with 1 subtracted from each value. So, if there are 3 whale bones and 2 snake bones, the code would be 21.
Once you know the code, you can enter it on the gate mechanism to open it. The gate will lead you to the third room of the tomb, where you can find the Word Wall for the Frost Breath shout.
Here are some additional tips for cracking the Silverdrift Lair gate code:
  • The whale and snake bones are easy to miss, so be sure to search the entire room carefully.
  • The code is case-sensitive, so be sure to enter it correctly.
  • If you enter the wrong code, the gate will not open.
With a little patience, you should be able to crack the Silverdrift Lair gate code and reach the Frost Breath shout. Also visit here https://gamefaqs.gamespot.comif you're stuck at a gatebehind two trap spike walls or behind a barred door.
Silverdrift lair gate opened
Silverdrift lair gate opened

Step-by-Step Guide - How To Open The Silverdrift Lair Gate

Unlocking the Silverdrift Lair gate in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a task that requires precision and a step-by-step approach. To access the hidden treasures within, follow these instructions closely.
  • Enter Silverdrift Lair and follow the path until you reach the large main chamber.
  • On the west wall, there is a small opening into a puzzle room.
  • In the puzzle room, there are two pillars, one with a whale symbol and one with a snake symbol.
  • The correct pillar to pull is the whale symbol.
  • Pulling the whale symbol will open a door to a secret area.
  • The secret area contains a chest and a Word Wall.
  • The Word Wall contains the Frost Breath shout.
Here are some additional tips:
  • The puzzle room is hidden by a hanging lantern.
  • If you pull the snake symbol, it will trigger a fire trap.
  • The secret area is also guarded by a few draugr.
With these tips, you should be able to open the Silverdrift Lair gate and explore the secret area within.

The Secrets Within Silverdrift Lair

Silverdrift Lair is a hidden Nordic tomb located southeast of Dawnstar in Skyrim. It is a medium-sized ruin inhabited by draugr, and it contains a few secrets.
One of the secrets within Silverdrift Lair is a Word Wall for the Frost Breath shout. To reach the Word Wall, the Dragonborn must solve a puzzle involving a whale and a snake pillar. The solution to the puzzle is hidden by a hanging lantern.
Another secret within Silverdrift Lair is a chest containing valuable treasure. The chest is located in a secret room that is guarded by a few draugr.
Finally, Silverdrift Lair also contains a hidden passage that leads to a small cave. The cave is home to a few more draugr and a skeleton.
The secrets within Silverdrift Lair are not easy to find, but they are worth the effort. The Dragonborn who can uncover these secrets will be rewarded with powerful weapons, armor, and shouts.

Discovering The Key To Unlocking Silverdrift Lair Gate

To discover the key to unlocking the Silverdrift Lair gate, you must first find the puzzle room. The puzzle room is located in the main chamber of the tomb, on the west wall. It is hidden by a hanging lantern.
Once you have found the puzzle room, you will see two pillars. One pillar has a whale symbol, and the other pillar has a snake symbol. The key to unlocking the gate is to pull the whale symbol.
If you pull the snake symbol, it will trigger a fire trap. So, be sure to pull the whale symbol to open the gate and continue your exploration of Silverdrift Lair.

Silverdrift Lair's Connection To Skyrim's Rich Lore

Silverdrift Lair is a Nordic tomb located in the Pale region of Skyrim. It is said to be the tomb of a powerful Nord hero named Felldir the Old, who fought in the Battle of Red Mountain during the First Era. The tomb is also home to a Word Wall for the Frost Breath shout, one of the five Words of Power that make up the Dragonborn's shout "Frost Breath".
The connection between Silverdrift Lair and Skyrim's lore is twofold. First, the tomb is said to be the resting place of Felldir the Old, a legendary Nord hero. Felldir was one of the Five Hundred Companions, a group of warriors who fought in the Battle of Red Mountain. The battle was a decisive victory for the Nords, and it helped to secure their rule over Skyrim.
Second, Silverdrift Lair is home to a Word Wall for the Frost Breath shout. The Frost Breath shout is one of the most powerful shouts in the game, and it allows the Dragonborn to breathe a blast of freezing air that can damage enemies and slow them down. The fact that the Frost Breath shout is located in Silverdrift Lair suggests that Felldir the Old was a powerful warrior who was skilled in the use of the Thu'um, the ancient Nordic language of power.
The connection between Silverdrift Lair and Skyrim's lore adds to the richness and depth of the game world. It gives players a glimpse into the history of Skyrim and the stories of the people who lived there. It also provides players with a powerful weapon that they can use to fight their enemies and explore the world.

Tips And Tricks - Conquering The Silverdrift Lair Gate Puzzle

Here are some tips and tricks for conquering the Silverdrift Lair gate puzzle:
  • Look for the hanging lantern -The puzzle room is hidden by a hanging lantern. You can either destroy the lantern or move it out of the way to reveal the entrance to the puzzle room.
  • Pull the whale symbol -The correct pillar to pull is the one with the whale symbol. Pulling the snake symbol will trigger a fire trap.
  • Be prepared for draugr -The secret area beyond the gate is also guarded by a few draugr. Be prepared to fight them before you can explore the area.
With these tips, you should be able to conquer the Silverdrift Lair gate puzzle and explore the secret area beyond.
Here are some additional tips:
  • Save your game before you attempt the puzzle. This way, if you make a mistake, you can reload your save and try again.
  • Use a ranged weapon to attack the draugr from a distance. This will help you avoid their attacks.
  • Bring healing potions to restore your health if you get injured.
With a little preparation, you should be able to conquer the Silverdrift Lair gate puzzle and claim the rewards within.

FAQs On Silverdrift Lair Gate

How Do You Get Past The Spike Gate In Silverdrift Lair?

Back up on the second level, continuing on east is another bridge where there is a trigger for a swinging gate trap at the end. Beyond that is another swinging gate trap and two more draugr. Beyond that are two stone posts—the one on the right (south) side has a handle that opens a spike gate straight ahead.

How Do I Get The Ancestral Sword In Silverdrift Lair?

Speak to a Riften beggar and break into the strongbox in Bolli's House. Obtain the deed from Erikur's House and find the barrel behind The Winking Skeever. Locate the key in Silverdrift Lair and retrieve the Ancestral Sword of Clan Ice-Blade.

How Do You Escape Silverdrift Lair?

The exit is in the southwestern corner. The passage descends several flights of stairs to an unlocked gate at the bottom. Through the gate is a caged walkway high above the main chamber.

Where Is The Corpse With The Key In Silverdrift Lair?

In Silverdrift Lair is a tomb that houses an ancient Nord clan. Near a large chest is a corpse with a lantern, its candle still burning. It holds a key.

How Can I Troubleshoot Errors And Similar Issues In Skyrim?

If you can't find skyrimse.exe, or having issues with troubleshooting errors in skyrim. visit this article about Troubleshooting errors and similar issues in skyrim


As we draw our exploration of Skyrim's Silverdrift Lair Gate to a close, we find ourselves standing at the threshold of an enigmatic and ancient Nordic tomb, having successfully unveiled the secrets to open the Silverdrift Lair Gate. This journey has not only led us to the treasures concealed within but has also deepened our understanding of the rich lore that underlies the world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
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