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Using Similar Web You Can Get A Complete View Of Your Industry, Competitors And Customers' Perspectives

The similar web is the ultimate competitive digital intelligence tool. It gives you a comprehensive 360-degree perspective of your industry, rivals, and consumers.

Author:Iram Martins
Reviewer:Frazer Pugh
Mar 23, 2022
The similar webis the ultimate competitive digital intelligence tool. It gives you a comprehensive 360-degree perspective of your industry, rivals, and consumers. Try it for free right now! Any website's traffic and important data, such as its engagement rate, traffic ranking, keyword ranking, and traffic source, can be looked at by anyone.
Similarweb's free ranking data and digital intelligence pale in comparison to Alexa's Traffic Rank extension. Use your browser's toolbar to access all of's features. You may receive detailed statistics for each website you visit with a simple click.

SimilarWeb Review

Similar Web was launched in 2007 in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is a web analytics application. Other businesses use the company's web analytics services to improve their ad campaigns and enhance their income.
It gets its enormous data cache from a panel of hundreds of millions of internet users. This is the world's biggest panel. Similar Web's market intelligence is made up of a lot of different types of data, like information from web crawlers, outside providers, contributory networks, and public data sources.
Market intelligence from SimilarWeb is used by companies to get insights into customer behavior, see competition data, do market research, and even track down sales and investment prospects.
Similar Web is a free service with limited capabilities that expires after seven days. It has a Pro Package that starts at $200 a month, but only after consulting with a consultant is this revealed.
Here's a quick rundown of everything the platform has to offer:
  • Among the nine data metrics: a website's overview, its target audience and its location, its search engine traffic, its display ads, its referring sites, social media, and its mobile applications.
  • Overview, engagement, store page analysis, category analysis, app keywords, and more are all parts of mobile app analysis, as is store page analysis.
  • The user interface is really visual.
  • Data that can be trusted
Screenshot of the Mobile vs. Desktop 12 Months Traffic Share Trend of similar web
Screenshot of the Mobile vs. Desktop 12 Months Traffic Share Trend of similar web

Intelligence In Digital Marketing

Marketing executives, SEO and content marketers, affiliate marketers, and media buyers will benefit from this solution. You may easily learn about your competitor's online strategy and improve your own with this one. You may get a detailed study of your competitors right here. Then, depending on search volume, click rates, paid and organic clicks, select top keywords that may create traffic and trending keywords and include them in your plan.
Similar web provides a tool that presents the overview of the website using this solution. Also included are SEO tools to assist you to optimise your traffic and improving your website's ranking. If this isn't enough, let me tell you something. For any given time period, Similarweb may also disclose your competitors' search ads, PLAs, display and video ads.

Research Intelligence

Perhaps the name hints at what you can accomplish using Similarweb. You may use this service to research your market, industry trends, and competitor performance. You may also use it to better understand your audience's behavior. It's particularly intriguing that you can have real-time access to all of the data from a single, user-friendly platform. As a result, this information will assist you in developing company plans. Engage your audience and expand your horizons by learning what converts them and using what you've learned.

Sales Intelligence

Now is your chance to connect with the appropriate firms at the right moment and increase your sales. The platform may help your sales force win more transactions by generating new clients from a pool of over 100 million potential consumers and providing relevant information. Yes, this technology may also be used to create leads.

Investor Intelligence

The absence of objective information about a corporation has hampered investors' decision-making abilities. A unique digital insight into the investment lifecycle, Similarweb can break down digital tactics, measure brand health, evaluate marketing strategies, and identify market growth and significant trends. This one covers VC, IB, and hedge funds. Investor Intelligence also provides a 360° view of a firm or market via the internet.

Similarweb Features

  • With its website traffic analysis tools, you can see how a certain website ranks internationally, in a specific country, and in its category.
  • From the number of visitors a website receives over time to its bounce rate, find out all you need to know. The plugin from Similarweb is an all-in-one website checker that also displays the number of pages visited per session, monthly website visits, and a user's average time.
  • Do you want to know where people are coming from when they visit a website or use an app? At a glance, the top nations driving website traffic, as well as the proportion of visits from each, are visible at a glance. A thorough breakdown of website traffic rankings is available for a more in-depth examination.
  • Get an overview of the many types of traffic sources that direct visitors to a certain website. For a better understanding of how visitors enter a website, the add-on delivers granular data such as direct, search, email, social, referrals, and display advertisements.

SimilarWeb Competitors

While many of these tools include SEO features like keyword research, link building, rank tracking, and more, Similarweb focuses more on traffic and audience data.
Here are the top seven alternatives to Similar Web.
  • Semrush
  • Alexa
  • Serpstat
  • Ahrefs
  • Mangools
  • SpyFu
  • Conductor Competitive Intelligence

How Reliable Is Similarweb?

The end result from Similar Web was shown to be the most accurate tool, with an average overestimation of organic traffic of 1%. It overstated total visit statistics by 17%, expecting 15.7 million visits for the 25 websites versus the real 13.4 million. The only technology that consistently overestimated traffic was SimilarWeb.

Which Is Better Similarweb Or Semrush?

Similar Web and SEMrush have equal levels of accuracy. For medium-sized websites, SEMrush produced superior results. Mistakes were infrequent, and the data would be more accurate if they were avoided. SEMrush outperformed SimilarWeb in the area with 1,000,000+ sessions.


Even though there isn't a mobile app, Similar Web makes up for the lack of a mobile platform with a feature-rich website and browser extensions that can be customized for your business. A great place to start learning about comparative metrics is Similarweb. It can help you learn about everything from how many people visit your site to who your audience is.
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