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How To Start The Party At Mirage Voyage

Apex Legends has had an amazing amount of success ever since its first release over two years ago. You can see that Respawn Entertainment is working hard to keep things exciting for the public by regularly adding new features to the game.

Author:James PierceJan 12, 2022
Have you ever played the Apex legend Mirage journey game? If you like games that seem to be real while being played and whose difficulties interest you, you've come to the perfect spot.
Mirage Voyage is a place in Apex's Legend's sixth season. The iconic Mirage Voyage ship party is being removed from the world's Edge map. As a result, the Apex Legends community has been preparing to give it a proper send-off since the game's inception. Apex Legends aided in the planning of the Mirage Voyage celebration. The Mirage Voyage Homage has a simple set of rules: no one is to be killed. You may only attack someone if they have already assaulted you in the same event. The closing circle must kill all of the ship's passengers. If you want to know how to start the party at the mirage voyage then read the article below.

What Is The Mirage Voyage

The Virage journey is a massive airship that floats across the skies. The ship is around 50-70 meters long and appears on the map as a brilliant yellow monster. It features a deck, a bow, and areas where you may wean in and out when you're ready to grasp a battle. Third-party hub and a prime place for a historic fight.

How To Start Party At Mirage Voyage

Starting a party at Mirage Voyage in Apex Legends is not a difficult task. All you have to do now is make your way over to the holiday-decorated floating car. Players must then go to the ship's upper deck, where a green control panel may be located. When you activate this control panel, the Mirage Voyarge Apex Legends party will begin, with a slew of holographic Mirages demonstrating their wild dancing routines.
After the festival has been successfully activated, players will get a free legendary Marching Orders skin for the G7 Scout to add to their cosmetic item collections.

Avoid An Ambush

The fireworks and music may be seen and heard for 500 meters once the celebration has started. If someone is in the vicinity, you may be guaranteed that a squad will fly over to you in a jump tower. You may anticipate the third party to arrive after others hear about the firefight.
It's better to start the party, enjoy the show, collect the treasure, and then flee for safety. DO NOT STAY ON THE SHIP FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME. Almost usually, you will be assaulted. Worse, once they hear the party, there's always someone with a Kraber or Sentinel on your tail, seeking the perfect headshot.
Two men standing on a wall with guns and there are mountains with colorful lights around them
Two men standing on a wall with guns and there are mountains with colorful lights around them

Which Map Is Mirage Voyage On

For a limited period, Respawn has reintroduced Kings Canyon to Apex Legends. Not only that, but Apex Legends' original map seems to be the new home for The Mirage Voyage, which has taken up residence in the empty crater where Skull Town formerly stood. If you want to see it for yourself, you'll have to hurry since Kings Canyon will only be available until January 21.
At the start of Season 7: Ascension, Kings Canyon was removed from the Apex Legends map rotation, and Olympus, the battle royale's third map, took its place. The Mirage Voyage was also deleted from World's Edge in Season 7, making it the first town takeover to seem to be eliminated from the game. We now know better: it wasn't eliminated; it was just relocated.
Many futuristic-looking buildings with blue lights
Many futuristic-looking buildings with blue lights

When Did Mirage Voyage Start

Respawn Entertainment has revealed that the Mirage Voyage, one of Apex Legends' most popular POIs, will not be returning to the battle royale any time soon.
The Mirage Voyage ship was initially introduced in Season 3 and has since become a fan favorite. However, Respawn has said that this POI will not be returning to the battle royale. There have been suggestions that another similar ship may be in the game at some point, but the Mirage Voyage POI will not be flying again anytime soon.
Now you know how to start the party at mirage voyage. In-game teases should start surfacing shortly, giving fans additional information about the impending features. They may relive the feeling of descending into Kings Canyon and The Mirage Voyage until January 21 in the meanwhile.
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