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Stay Ahead Of Car Theft With GPS Trackers

Keep vehicles safe with a GPS tracker. This device can help prevent roadside emergencies and provide real-time data that can be quickly reported to police. In addition, the device can help fleet managers streamline administrative processes like pre-trip inspections and job dispatch.

Author:Paolo Reyna
Reviewer:Iram Martins
Jun 06, 2024
A car theft can be a stressful event for any vehicle owner. Especially when it occurs in broad daylight.
Keep vehicles safe with a GPS tracker. This device can help prevent roadside emergencies and provide real-time data that can be quickly reported to police. In addition, the device can help fleet managers streamline administrative processes like pre-trip inspections and job dispatch.

Deterring Car Theft

Car theft is a costly issue for businesses of all sizes. Whether your vehicles are used for deliveries, service, or storage, they’re a valuable investment that you want to protect. Using GPS trackers to enhance security measures Manage vehicleand deter car thieves is an effective preventive measure.
A car GPS tracker can monitor your vehicle in real-time, alerting you if it moves outside of a set geofence. This enables you to quickly catch a thief and reduce the risk of theft in your fleet.
You can also use a GPS device with historical route playback functionality to analyze past routes to identify suspicious patterns. Some GPS trackers also feature a signal jamming countermeasure to ensure continued monitoring, even if criminals try to disrupt the device’s functionality. A discreet, small unit such as the Encore GPS tracker can be easily concealed inside a dark console, glove box, trunk, or even a magnetized clam-shell case. It is also easy to conceal a backup device as well, providing a double layer of protection.

Preventing Roadside Emergencies

The sinking feeling of walking out to your car only to find it stolen is something no one wants to experience. But, with GPS trackers installed in vehicles, you can provide law enforcement with your vehicle’s location and increase the likelihood of getting it back.
Besides preventing car theft, GPS trackers can also help prevent roadside emergencies. For instance, a driver who’s lost in a remote area can use a GPS tracker to notify emergency services of their location, enabling them to arrive promptly and save time.
In addition, GPS trackers can monitor a driver’s behavior and encourage responsible driving by sending alerts to parents or guardians about risky behaviors. They can also monitor driving habits to prevent distracted driving, such as sudden stops or speeding, which are common causes of accidents. In fact, some insurance companies offer discounts for drivers who use a GPS tracker to improve their driving skills. In addition, GPS tracking systems can be used by logistics companies to track cargo and ensure that their trucks are on schedule.

Recovering Stolen Vehicles

In the event that your vehicle does get stolen, GPS tracking can significantly boost your odds of recovery. Real-time monitoring alerts the police to the thief’s location, allow authorities to intercept your car or truck before it changes hands.
This can also deter criminals, as it would take a lot more work to disable a vehicle tracker than it does to damage or remove a standard smartphone. Moreover, some GPS trackers can be plugged into the OBD-II port or a USB port to continue monitoring and transmitting data, regardless of whether the vehicle is running.
In addition, real-time tracking allows you to check the route that your stolen vehicle has taken in the past. Navix’s historical route playback feature provides a detailed timeline of a vehicle’s movements, which is especially useful when investigating suspicious activity. This allows fleet managers to identify patterns that could indicate a vehicle theft attempt and take preventive action. Ultimately, this reduces insurance claims and saves drivers and business owners significant time and money.

Avoiding Accidents

Car theft is a serious problem that leads to financial losses, emotional stress and disruptions in people’s lives. It also impacts businesses that depend on vehicles to deliver services to customers and clients.
A GPS tracking device is a great tool to help prevent and mitigate the effects of car theft. It can monitor a vehicle’s location in real-time and send alerts to drivers when it leaves a pre-set geofence. This helps prevent stolen cars from being used by criminals and makes it easy for law enforcement to recover and return them to their owners.
Choose a tracker that has an easy-to-use interface and offers a risk-free trial period. It should also be small enough to hide in a glove box or under the dashboard and fast enough to update its position every few seconds, so you’ll always know where your vehicle is. Also, look for a tracker that has an emergency power source to prevent it from being disabled in case of a sudden power outage.
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