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Building Your Financial Nest Egg: Steps Towards A Stable Future

Ever feel like you just can’t get ahead? Like your bills keep adding another zero, but you don’t have any more to give? Financial stability is one of those things we all aim to achieve, but the journey to get there seems to be one with no end in sight.

Author:Karan Emery
Reviewer:Frazer Pugh
Aug 28, 2023
Ever feel like you just can’t get ahead? Like your bills keep adding another zero, but you don’t have any more to give? Financial stability is one of those things we all aim to achieve, but the journey to get there seems to be one with no end in sight. It’s one that takes time, effort, patience, and a pinch of knowledgeable information. No magic wands here, but there are certainly methods and tips that can pave the way to a brighter financial future. So if you’re a part of the gang and looking for ways to build up your financial golden egg, then cozy up and let’s take a look at some helpful ways to make this journey a little less stressful.

Take A Look Around You And Evaluate Your Circumstances:

You need to take a step back and start by taking a look at your finances. Truly see where your money is going. Maybe you’re doing better than you thought, or perhaps there’s more room for improvement than expected. Either way, getting a clear snapshot of your current position in the race will help guide you on this journey.
Action Step: It’s time to jot down all your incomes, expenses, assets, and liabilities. Try putting together a simple spreadsheet or even getting yourself a good old-fashioned notebook to keep tabs on what’s coming in, what’s going out, and what you already have.

Goals, We All Need Them To Know Where We’re Headed:

Take a moment to identify what financial stability looks like to you. Maybe it’s being debt-free, owning a home, or simply having a cushy savings account for your golden years (even if they’re a couple of decades away). It’s vital to define what you’re aiming for. Because, let’s face it, you can’t hit a target you haven’t set.
Action Step: Put together your list of short-term and long-term goals and make sure they’re SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound). Short-term goals are easier to achieve as they’re usually not as detailed or difficult to reach. But considering your long-term financial goals, have you ever looked into a self managed superannuationto have more control over your retirement nest egg? Various options will help you to reap various rewards, and finding the ones that best suits you is what this step is all about.

Budgeting Is Not Something To Take Lightly:

Yes, it sounds cliché, but it’s effective. A budget is your financial blueprint, your map to effectively reaching the targets you’ve set out for yourself. It outlines how much you’re spending, how much you’re saving, and ensures that you’re not stretching yourself too thin. Budgetingis one of the most effective ways to stay on track when managing your path to financial stability.
Action Step: Taking a look at the financial snapshot you took earlier, it’s time to allocate portions of your income for necessities, savings, and a little treat for yourself now and then. If you set a budget for yourself without allocating a portion for fun and activities, you’ll find yourself right where you started and not a step closer to reaching your goals set out above.

Crushing Your Debt Is Going To Have To Be A Priority:

Debt is like an unwanted ball and chain that never allows you to break free; it’s hard to move forward when you’re chained to the past. So make it a priority to reduce, or better yet, eliminate any outstanding debts you have weighing you down. The relief of being debt-free is one of the most liberating feelings ever, and once you feel what it’s like - you’ll never want to go back.
Action Step: The most effective way to get rid of debt is to start by paying off high-interest debts first. High interest bearing debtswill continue to add up, and even while you’re paying, it will likely take you months, if not years, to settle them if you don’t make wise decisions from the start. Also, even if it’s just a little over the minimum payment amount, making a slightly higher repayment can make a significant difference in the interest accrued each month.

Try Making An Effort To Invest In Yourself:

We’ve all heard it before: Investing is the best way forward, but investing isn’t just about stocks or real estate. It’s also about you. By upgrading your skills or learning new ones, you’re setting yourself up for potential higher earning opportunities in the future. Educating yourself to have more to offer, to be better in all areas of your life, will give you the chance to negotiate with your employer. It may even give you the insight to start a side hustle of your own that will generate the extra zeroes you need to reach the endpoint on your journey.
Action Step: Online courses, workshops, YouTube videos, and blog poststhat can enhance your professional or personal growth are great ways to get ahead. Knowledge is one thing that nobody can take away from you - with a pocket filled with skills and tools to help you be better; you’ll finally be in charge of how successful you are in achieving financial stability.
Financial stability is not just about numbers in a bank account; it’s about peace of mind, freedom, and creating a life you love.
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