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Sun Tarot Card Meaning - Representation Of Confidence In Your Natural Divinity

Sun Tarot Card meaning is all about happiness, success, confidence, and joy. The card depicts a rising sun over a joyful, happy child. The sun represents vitality, optimism, happiness, and joy in the present moment.

Author:Elisa Mueller
Reviewer:Emily Sanchez
Aug 30, 2022
Sun Tarot Card meaningis all about happiness, success, confidence, and joy. The card depicts a rising sun over a joyful, happy child.
The sun represents vitality, optimism, happiness, and joy in the present moment. In comparison to the moon, the sun's light is bright and fully illuminating.
The Sun reminds us that there is something good in every situation. Even when a relationship is difficult, there is something to appreciate and love about it.
Even if it is hidden behind a cloud, there is positivity everywhere. The Sun reminds us to be grateful and optimistic.

The Sun Tarot Card Meaning And Symbolism

The Sun Tarot Card on the left with sun neck lace with words The Sun Tarot Card Meaning And Symbolism
The Sun Tarot Card on the left with sun neck lace with words The Sun Tarot Card Meaning And Symbolism
The Sun tarot card can make you feel upbeat and happy just by looking at it.
Looking at The Sun will perfectly capture the feeling that arises on the first brilliant, sunny day after a long, dark winter if you've ever experienced one. It is brimming with symbols of joy and victory.
The image depicts a naked child astride a white horse. The sun shines brightly in the background, behind a field of sunflowers in full bloom. The sunflowers are held in place by a wall, and a red flag waves triumphantly.
The Sun represents letting go and realizing that you are not in charge of the universe. It's a very liberating energy once you absorb and accept that fact.
You can harness the power of the universe (represented by the Sun in the Tarot) and transform it into something new: a symphony, a freshly painted house, a happy family, or a perfect website.
You can make whatever you want or try to be whoever you want. Accept its freedom without becoming overwhelmed by it. Don't try to accomplish everything in a single day. Take things one step at a time.

The Meaning Of The Upright Sun Card

A person holding a sun tarot card with a candle on the right
A person holding a sun tarot card with a candle on the right
The Sun tarot card is associated with success, brilliance, and abundance. The sun's rays reassure you that your bright and radiant spirit will always be there to support and delight you.
Others take notice of you because you always see the bright side of things. This warm and positive energy will help you overcome life's difficulties and challenges. These will help you achieve your life goals.
At this point in your life, you are eager to share your best qualities and success. Shower your love on your loved ones and demonstrate who you are.
The Sun card indicates that your difficulties and problems will be resolved soon. Things will get better, just like the clear blue skies.
You've learned a lot about yourself and the purpose of your journey by overcoming obstacles along the way.
As a result, you have a renewed sense of purpose and optimism for the future, and the fruits of your labor are beginning to show.
You are certain that everything will go exactly as planned. The Sun tarot card allows you to communicate with your source of power.
This is not due to your ego or pride as it is rather your abundant radiating inner energy.
Your Solar Plexus chakra will feel this inner energy.
You will have an innate desire to express yourself authentically while remaining aware of everything around you.
You have what people want, and you're being asked to share your happiness and energy with everyone around you.
Connect with your inner strength and channel that energy for good using your spiritual willpower.
The Sun is an energizing card as well. It represents an increase in physical vigor, vitality, and general well-being.
Because of your newfound energy and fantastic health, you are overflowing with happiness and vitality.

The Sun Reversed Card Meaning And Guide

Allow your inner child to play, according to the Sun Reversed tarot card. We adults frequently forget how to enjoy ourselves and have fun as a result of the commotion of daily life.
Instead, spend some time observing how children play and have fun. You will realize how happy and joyful life can be if you let go of your stress and fears.
Consider The Sun Reversed a permission slip to temporarily suspend your work and obligations. Go out with your friends and have a good time. Sing as much as you want!
Dance like there is no tomorrow! Allow your spirits to soar, be mindful, and relish the present moment.
In your reading, the Sun Reversed card may indicate that you are having difficulty seeing the positive aspects of life.
Disappointments may have sapped your enthusiasm and optimism, making you doubt your ability to complete the task at hand.
It's possible that you're unhappy or isolated at work and don't enjoy it any longer.
The path ahead may appear hazy or distorted at first. The Sun is always a positive card with no negative connotations.
As a result, your current difficulties may be only temporary, and you will soon be back to your normal self.
There is no need to be concerned about perceived obstacles because they can all be overcome with a little effort. It will simply require a little more effort.
You could also be overconfident or overly enthusiastic.
Despite your self-assurance, you may have developed an arrogant attitude and a lack of appreciation for what you are capable of or have already accomplished.
Do you tell the truth to yourself and those around you? Or are you acting egotistically because you know you can't live up to the expectations?
If you are experiencing these feelings, seek advice from others and conduct a reality check.

The Sun Tarot Card Meaning In Love and Relationships

The Sun is a omen for both existing relationships and those looking for a new lover.
It demonstrates in a committed relationship that both you and your partner are ready, willing, and able to deal with some space between you.
In other words, you don't have to accompany your significant other everywhere. Make an effort to spend some time apart if possible. It will make your reunion a lot more enjoyable.
When you're looking for love and the Sun comes up, you'll do much better if you step outside of your comfort zone.
If you put in the effort, you will most likely be rewarded in your search for love. Of course, there's a lot more to it than just meeting someone, but it's a great start!
If possible, attend a public event where you don't know many people and just observe them and their body language.
When you meet someone, perhaps a few subtle changes will make all the difference.

Tarot Reading For The Sun In Money And Career

You've probably heard the expression "giving someone enough rope to hang themselves."
That is essentially the approach that is taking place in your work right now. Don't be the one who gets the rope.
This is not the time to slack off or think you've got it all figured out and have nothing to worry about because you've got everything worked out at work.
Be mature enough to recognize that this is not the case.
If you're looking for work or a new challenge, make a point of emphasizing times and ways in which you've made excellent use of freedom.
Whether it's a side project computer application or volunteer work you're passionate about, talking about it will likely set you apart in a positive way.
If you have already been interviewed and are concerned about your chances, the Sun is generally a good omen.

People Also Ask

What Does The Sun Card Mean In Love Reading?

The Sun in the position indicates that you love yourself as well as those around you. You may not be perfect, but your ability to reflect on yourself and make positive changes will draw interesting new people into your life.

What Does The Sun Card Mean In Future Reading?

The Sun in the future indicates that your current efforts will most likely be fruitful, so don't abandon them.

Is The Sun A Yes Or No Card?

The Sun card's positive nature answers all questions with a resounding "yes."


The Sun is a very positive card for relationships and reconciliation. The Sun shines its light on everything, whether upright or reversed.
Sun Tarot card meaning is that the truth will always come out, one way or another. Daylight always returns, and summer is always just around the corner.
Communication is the most effective way to move forward. Don't take your companion for granted. Show gratitude every day, and your optimism will shine through.
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