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Ted Washington: Career & Networth

Today, we will look at Big Ted Washington's net worth and career

Author:James PierceJan 28, 2021
Ted Washington is populary known in the football circles as Big Ted Washington. He is a legend in the field in his own right.
Before his retirement, Ted Washington played as a nose tackler for various teams included but not limited to; Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Oakland raiders as well as Chicago Bears.
Many in the media world referred to him as the "prototypical nose tackler of this era" as a result of how he played with prowess in all the teams that he had been drafted to play for.
Notably, Ted Washington continued playing as a nose tackle until the age of 39 years despite this position being physically demanding, he still was able to perform as per the demands! Only great legends as him are able to pull this off.

Ted Washington's Career

Ted began playing football at a very young age while still in High School. This could partially be owed to the fact that he was a son of a professional football player as well, Ted Washington Snr who played for Houston Oilers.
While in High School, Ted Washington was a very athletic teen who played in four physically demanding sports namely; wrestling, track, football and baseball. He thrived in all these sport and this is evidenced by the fact that as a senior, he became Florida State Wrestling Champion for the unlimited weight category.
Upon graduation from high school and him getting into college, his love for football grew tenfold and he ended up focusing on football as the choice of sport to pursue.
At University of Louisville , as a senior, Ted had seven sacks, 76 tackles and three blocked field goals. According to polls at the time, Washington was selected to be an All- South Independent choice during his playing days in college.
However, Big Ted was not only all about playing alone in the field, he also pursued his education diligently as well. At the University, he decided to major in Physical Education.

Big Ted's Professional Career

1. San Francisco 49ers

In 1991, Washington was first drafted in the first round of San Francisco 49ers. In the same year in September, he made his NFL debut and was able to finish the season with one sack and 21 tacklers. From this point, his prowess and skills kept on growing as in the next season he was able to finish the season with 35 tackles and 2 sacs.
The following year, in the 1993 season, Washington went ahead and improved his statistics as at the end of the season, Washington had over three sacks and 41 tackles. Through his skill and the team work from his team mates, his team was able to make it to the NFC championship that year.
In that year however, the San Francisco 49ers did not win the championship but sadly lost to Dallas Cowbows.

2. Denver Broncos

In the year that followed, 1994, Washington was traded to Denver Broncos where he only played with them for a year. As it had become his trend, Washington improved his field statistics here as well and was able to make 56 tackles and 2.5 sacks in the 15 games that he played with the team.
However, the most memorable moment for Ted Washington's career happened when playing for this team during a game with Cincinnati Bengals where he started his 119 consecutive game streak lasting for over 7 years.

3.Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills signed Ted Washington as a player in 1995 as an unrestricted player. Here he played as a nose tackle and was among the best 3-4 defense team that the team had. His coach at the time was heard saying that Ted Washington made it really touch for anyone to run up to the middle as he was close to 400 pounds.
For his fist season alone, Washington proved that he was worth the team by posting over 86 tackles. In the second season of his stay at Buffalo Bills, he recorded over 130 tackles alone.
In the year that followed, Washington was selected for Pro Bowl after he had finished the year with over 4.5 sacks and 101 tackles. However, he did not stop here, in the year 2000, Washington was selected to his third Pro Bowl.
Despite his track record being really great in 2001, Ted was let go by the Buffalo Bills partly because he refused to take a pay cut for the second year on straight. It is rumored that he had been scheduled to make about $7.6 million in that said year if he had stayed at Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo Bills[

"Even though they're a pretty simple defense out of the 3-4, you have to prepare for those little slants and linebacker blitzes. They create some problems. Bruce Smith is still very active. He's quick. You try to cut him off and he jumps over people. Phil Hansenis a good player. But Ted Washington makes it tough to run up the middle. He's got to be close to 400 pounds."
former New York Giants offensive line coach Jim McNally.[[8]](
He was signed by the Buffalo Billsas an unrestricted free agent on February 24, 1995. Playing nose tackle, Washington lined up next to defensive end Bruce Smithin Buffalo's 3-4 defense. In his first season, he posted 86 tackles in 16 regular season games and two post season ones. In his second season with the Bills he recorded career numbers with 130 tackles. In the 1997 season, he recorded 124 tackles and four sacks. He was also selected to his first Pro Bowl. The following season, he was again selected to the Pro Bowl after finishing the year with 101 tackles and 4.5 sacks, which was a career high. In 1998, he again started in all 16 games and finished the season with 87 tackles. Washington was selected to do his third Pro Bowl in the 2000 season after recording 86 tackles and 2.5 sacks.
Following the 2000 NFL season, the Bills struggled to meet the salary-cap deadline. On February 22, Washington, who was scheduled to make about $7.6 million—including bonus money— in 2001, was cut in part because he refused to take a pay cut for the second straight year.[[9]](

Chicago Bears[

Washington was signed by the Chicago Bearsas an unrestricted free agent on April 16, 2001. In his first season with the Bears he started in 15 games recording 50 tackles and 1.5 sacks and was selected to his fourth Pro Bowl. His second season with the Bears was ruined by injury as he only started in two games before being placed on injured reserve after suffering a fractured leg and torn ligament in his left foot.

New England Patriots[

He was traded to the New England Patriotson August 20, 2003. He was part of a defense that was ranked 4th overall and finished the season with 45 tackles. He started and was part of the Patriots team who won Super Bowl XXXVIII.

Oakland Raiders[

Washington was signed by the Oakland Raidersas an unrestricted free agent on March 3, 2004. He started all 16 games and finished the season with 41 tackles and three sacks. In 2005, his second season with the Raiders, he again started in all 16 games and recorded 44 tackles.

Cleveland Browns[

He was signed by the Cleveland Brownsas an unrestricted free agent on March 13, 2006. During the first play of training camp with the Browns in 2006, he was supposedly the one who injured the newly acquired all pro center LeCharles Bentleywhich was later denounced but when questioned about the incident he yelled at the reporters "It wasn't me who did it, I'll go see how he's doing later."[citation needed] In his first season with the Browns, just as he had done in eight other seasons he started in all 16 regular season games making 61 tackles. He finished the 2007 season with nine tackles. He decided to retire after he was released after the 2007-08 season. He weighed 375 pounds in his final NFL season,[citation needed] but he weighed up to 400 pounds at one point.[citation needed] In 2012, Washington was a nominee for the Pro Football Hall of Fameclass of 2013.[[10]](
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