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The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning - Major Arcana

The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning – In order to thrive, you must be able to connect with others on a deep level. Even so, there will be instances when we must go away from others instead of toward them.

Author:Elisa Mueller
Reviewer:Emily Sanchez
Aug 12, 2022
The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning– In order to thrive, you must be able to connect with others on a deep level. Even so, there will be instances when we must go away from others instead of toward them. The Hermit tarot card (IX) is a well-known Major Arcana card, yet only a small fraction of tarot readers are aware of its full significance.
For the most part, people believe that the Hermit card has a bad connotation and it evokes unpleasant emotions like loneliness in their minds. The Hermit is a symbol of reclaiming your inner authority and living genuinely, even if the opposite is also true.

The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning And Significance

There is no one but the Hermit up there on the mountaintop. The snow-covered mountain range symbolizes his spiritual enlightenment, growth, and success. As a result, he has reached a higher level of consciousness of this journey of self-discovery.
He carries a six-pointed star-shaped lantern in his right hand. This star is known as the Seal of Solomon. The lamp illuminates The Hermit’s path as he walks along with it, but it only reveals the next few feet and not the entire route.
Realizing that not everything can be unveiled at once, you must take the first step ahead to see where things go from here. As a symbol of his authority, The Hermit has a long staff in his left hand. It represents the subconscious mind, which he utilizes to guide as well as balance himself.

The Hermit Tarot Keywords

  • Upright– Truth Seeking, Introspection, Contemplation, Guidance, Soul Searching
  • Reversed– Isolation, Seclusion, Feeling Lost, Loneliness
  • Numerology– 9
  • Yes or No– No
  • Element– Earth
  • Planet– Mercury
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign– Virgo

The Hermit Upright Card Meaning And Guide

Symbolically, the Hermit signifies that you’ve taken a vacation from the rat race of daily life and are searching for answers obscured deep within your soul. The world’s distractions don’t matter since you’ve come to realize that your deepest awareness of truth and knowing comes from within.
You embark off on a quest of self-discovery, guided solely by your spiritual self and the guiding light, leaving behind each day as you progress further. Consider a weekend getaway or holy pilgrimage, where you can reflect on your personal beliefs and values as well as get closer to who you really are.
For the Hermit, solitude and contemplation are essential. A limited, intimate group of like-minded spiritual individuals is all you need to accomplish this journey on your own or in solitude.
Your inner compass will guide you to the answers you seek if only you enable yourself to open up to it. Create your own unique path by shining your light on your soul.
You’ll be able to see enough of what’s ahead of you to know where and when to put your feet next, but not quite enough to see for your entire life path. Taking a single step at a time is the best strategy.
When you’re at a crossroads in your existence and contemplating a new path, the Hermit typically shows up. It’s possible to shift your life’s direction through meditation, introspection, and self-examination.
As you get a more spiritual perspective on your life, some of your values, priorities, and objectives will shift.
The urge to withdraw from rampant consumerism or materialistic culture in order to focus on one’s inner world is likewise represented by the Hermit.
Into the Wild is a movie and book you may have heard of or read about. Christopher McCandless who is a brilliant university student and an athlete – gives away his $25,000 savings to charities. He then hitchhikes to Alaska to dwell alone in the wilderness after graduating.
This man’s trek into the wilderness was like that of The Hermit, who searches for answers within and believes they can only be found in solitude and silence.
In the end, The Hermit may show up in your tarot reading as a spiritual guide who may help you to increase your vibrations and broaden your perspective on life. Because he is a master in his field, this mentor will inspire you to look within yourself for the answers you need.
The Hermit is also the Number 9 trump card in the Major Arcana.

The Hermit Reversed Card Meaning And Guide

In the case of the Hermit Reversed, it’s possible to be either under or over-committed in your period of solitude. The Hermit Reversed advises you to create extra room for meditation and self-reflection if you find it difficult to reconnect with your spiritual side.
Take a deeper dive within yourself and realize the greater purpose you were put here to serve in the world. In the midst of the daily grind, you may have neglected your intuitions and emotions.
Searching into your own soul for answers and regaining your spiritual strength is the Hermit’s goal for you.
It’s possible that The Hermit Reversed indicates that you’ve already spent a lot of time contemplating your own thoughts and feelings. The Reversed Hermit indicates that you might be taking this idea of isolation and seclusion far too seriously.
Are you transforming into a hermit and severing ties with the outside world? Even if you’re on a spiritual path, it’s critical to maintain healthy relationships with others around you.
Remember to be considerate of the needs of others as well. You should not become so engrossed in your own problems that you lose touch with those you care about most.
The Hermit Reversed might denote an undesirable sense of seclusion in a romantic connection. There are many reasons why one person may desire to disengage from the relationship bonding, whereas the other wants to strengthen it.
Respect each other’s desire for privacy, but still, be there to lend a helping hand when necessary. A more realistic option is to avoid breaking up since the prospect of being alone is too frightening and unpleasant at the moment.
No matter how difficult things get in your relationship, you both want to stay with each other. While it’s almost too soon for you to be apart, you’re both still hoping to work everything out together in the end.
The Hermit Reversed card may indicate that you are open to rekindling your relationship if you have been separated from your companion.

The Hermit Yes Or No Tarot Reading

A ‘No,’ for the most part, answers the Hermit Yes or No reading. Unless you’re trying to figure out whether or not you should pursue spiritual direction, the Hermit is a good place to put a halt to your search.
In no way does this imply that you won’t be able to achieve your goals in the future. In order to get started, you’ll need to do some pre-work.

The Hermit Tarot In Love And Relationships

The Hermit isn’t a positive’ card when it pertains to romantic relationships. This may not necessarily imply the termination of a romantic relationship or a period of singleness. Do some soul-searching before embarking on a romantic endeavor.
Do you find it difficult to receive approval from others? Get to work on it. Spend some time working on your codependency and security concerns if you want to attract a companion or attain a higher vibration in life. If you don’t, you’ll attract someone who has the same issues as you.
It’s fantastic if you’re devoted and intend to remain so. But don’t worry, the Hermit’s message isn’t gone from your memory.
Don’t neglect your own needs in favor of those of your family or even your partner. Don’t lose yourself in your marriage to the point where you stop caring about your own needs.

The Hermit Tarot Health & Spirituality

The Hermit is the most spiritually inclined card in the deck. When it comes to spiritual awakening and reaching one’s higher self, the Hermit’s counsel is clear – seek inwards within yourself.
If the Hermit shows up in your tarot readings, then you should focus on spiritual activities like meditation, interacting with spirit guides, and working with crystals.
Isolation may be necessary because this is such a personal procedure. It’s not necessarily a terrible thing that something is happening.
Everything within your life will flourish once you boost your spiritual vibration. Your health, relationships, as well as finances, are all included in this.

The Hermit In Money & Career Tarot Reading

Working and earning money is essential for most people. If you aren’t born wealthy or have gotten some sort of financial windfall, you will almost certainly have to devote some of your time to finding work. However, you don’t have to let your work dictate your life.
An appearance of the Hermit indicates that you may be focusing too much on your career rather than your finances. Instead of focusing all of your energy on accumulating wealth, you should try to find a happy medium.
If you’re working in a career you’re not passionate about, money alone wouldn’t be enough to keep you happy. Take a moment to consider whether or not you are truly satisfied with your current situation or if you’re just simply following the herd.

Drawing The Hermit In Tarot Reading

The Hermit tarot card interpretation is complete! Did the analysis of the Hermit card make good sense to you if you drew it in your tarot spread?
Forget about feeling lonely or alone, and focus on taking back your self-control and living your life truthfully.

What Does The Hermit Card In Tarot Mean?

The Hermit signifies that you are in a state of introspection in which you are searching for solutions within. You need some time away from the pressures of your job to focus on your own innermost thoughts.

What Does The Hermit Card Mean In Love?

For some, the Hermit tarot love interpretation suggests that we might benefit from spending some time alone before deciding to get romantically involved with someone else. During this time, you may feel isolated, but it will help you find the love you’ve been searching for throughout your life.

What Element Is The Hermit Card?

The Hermit tarot is associated with the Earthelement.

What Planet Is The Hermit Tarot?

The Hermit tarot card is governed by the planet Mercury.
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