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The Most Stylish Celeb Children In 2022

Alongside their famous parents, many celebrity children appeared in 2022 donning the fanciest attire. Hollywood's celebrity kids were dressed in the sexiest looks, whether they were going on a fancy vacation or just to the shop. In this article, we will list down the most stylish celeb children!

Author:Elisa Mueller
Reviewer:Iram Martins
Aug 27, 2022
Alongside their famous parents, many celebrity children appeared in 2022 donning the fanciest attire.
Hollywood's celebrity kids were dressed in the sexiest looks, whether they were going on a fancy vacation or just to the shop.
In this article, we will list down the most stylish celeb children!
More celebrity kids are appearing in fashion columns than ever, from North West taking the fashion world by storm to Prince George inspiring us all with his pastel palettes, but who can be genuinely dubbed the most stylish person in the world?
In order to discover which celebrity children are seen as having the best style, Electric Ride On Carsconducted an analysis of fashion-related Google searches, the quantity of fashion-related publications about each celebrity child, and the engagement the articles received.

The Most Stylish Celebrity Kids

North West - 9.87 Style Rating

The most fashionable celebrity child on the list is Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's daughter.
At only nine years old, the renowned Kardashian family member wears a variety of vibrant clothing.
North's "very specific aesthetic," which draws inspiration from her parents' style decisions, is noted in the report.
North, who is only eight years old, already has a sizable collection of designer bags that includes items from Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Birkin.

Jaden Smith - 9.53 Style Rating

With a style score of 9.53, Jaden Smith ranks second on the list.
Jaden sports a wide range of vibrant clothing in a variety of various designs.
There is nothing surprising about why people are interested in what Jaden is wearing; the variety of his ensembles is what makes his sense of style stand out.
Even in 2016, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's son was spotted modeling for a Louis Vuitton womenswear launch.

Princess Charlotte - 9.40 Style Rating

With a style rating of 9.4, the second child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge rounds out top three.
Princess Charlotte wears mostly elegant dresses or a polo shirt and jumper ensemble, which is highly formal.
She frequently sports Ralph Lauren clothing as well, which appears to be a favorite among members of the royal family.
While her brothers Prince George and Prince Louis ranked just below her at fourth and fifth place respectively.
Romeo Beckham and his sister Harper both placed in the top 10, taking the seventh and eighth spots respectively.
Harper Beckham is renowned for following in her mother Victoria Beckham's fashion footprints, and Romeo recently served as the face of a Yves Saint Laurent ad.

Most Searched For Style On Google

Google is the best resource for finding celebrity kids' fashions. You can find some instant style inspiration by conducting a fast Google search.
In order to determine the most popular style, we looked at which celebrity kids receive the most searches.
Four distinct search terms—their names followed by the words “clothes,” “outfits,” “fashion,” and “style”—were examined.

Jaden Smith - 132,550 Fashion-related Google Searches

Jaden Smith is by far the most popular on the list with over 132,550 searches for his personal style and clothing.
Jaden has his own clothing brand called MSFTSrep which features a variety of graphic t-shirts and pants.

Stormi Webster - 99,480 Fashion-related Google Searches

Second place goes to Stormi Webster, who received approximately 100,000 fashion-related Google queries.
Out of all of the search phrases, "Stormi Webster outfits" received the most inquiries, at 82,800 during the previous two years.
Jaden Smith clothes received 41,680 searches, which was nearly two times as much as any other search term.

North West – 57,610 Fashion-related Google Searches

North West rounds out top three with 57,610 searches for "fashion."
Half of all searches were for "North West clothing," which had 23,860 searches over the previous two years.
Given that North's parents are both fashion icons and have their own clothing companies, it is not surprising that people are curious about what she is wearing.
Top 10 Most Stylish Celebrity Kids By Electric Ride On Cars
Top 10 Most Stylish Celebrity Kids By Electric Ride On Cars

The Most Talked About Style

Being a celebrity child will inevitably place you in the spotlight.
Electric Ride On Cars utilized BuzzSumo to calculate the number of articles written about the celebrity youngsters on the list in order to see which of their fashion sense had the media buzzing.
In order to determine whose fashion was drawing the most attention from readers, we also examined the engagement that these stories garnered.

North West – 510 Article Results

With 510 articles relating to her fashion, nearly five times as many as second place, North West once again claims the top rank by a wide margin.
It's not surprising that people are commenting about North's style given that Kanye West owns Yeezy, which frequently partners with Adidas to create a well-liked line of sneakers, and that her mother is Kim Kardashian.

Romeo Beckham – 108 Article Results

In second position on the list is Inter Miami CF football player Romeo Beckham, who plays for his father's team.
The fact that the son of David and Victoria Beckham is ranked highly on this list is not surprising.
The former Spice Girl has a clothing business of her own that sells a range of goods, such as dresses, shoes, and various accessories.
Romeo keeps up with the most recent fashion trends and is certainly no stranger to a designer brand or two when not wearing his team colors of pink and black.

Jaden Smith – 93 Article Results

With 93 stories on him, Jaden Smith rounds out top three.
Jaden's colorful fashion sense has caught not only the public's eye but also the interest of Vogue, where he has appeared on several occasions.

Celebrity Kids Whose Style We Want To Read About The Most

North West – 223,319 Article Engagement

It should come as no surprise that North West grabs the top rank once more given how many articles have been written about her.
Kim Kardashian, North's mother, also owns a clothing company called SKIMS that mostly offers undergarments and shapewear in addition to her father.
SKIMS also offers loungewear and dresses.

Princess Charlotte – 188,047 Article Engagement

Princess Charlotte comes in second with a ton of interest in the articles written on her style.
More articles have been written about Princess Charlotte than on her two brothers combined.
Her ensembles, which earned 107,852 total engagements from the 41 articles, accounted for the majority of the enormous amount of article interaction she obtained.

Prince Louis – 72,202 Article Engagement

Our top three is completed by Princess Charlotte's younger brother, who comes in at number three.
With 72,202 total interactions from the 74 pieces written about him, Prince Louis breaks into our top three for the first time.
Like his siblings, the four-year-old dresses smartly and casually. Prince Harry's attire from when he was about Prince Louis's age has also been seen on Prince Louis.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, And Prince Louis

Three adorable children from Cambridge!
The birth of Prince George in 2013 marked the beginning of the next generation of British royalty.
Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were welcomed into the family in 2015 and 2018, respectively, as Prince William and Duchess Kate continued to grow their family.
The birth of the second Royal Baby generated perhaps the biggest baby craze in recent memory.
Princess Charlotte is presently first in line for our affections even though she is fourth in line to the British throne behind her grandfather Charles, father William, and older brother George.
On May 2, 2015, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke of Cambridge are seen leaving St. Mary's Hospital with their newborn daughter.

Stormi Webster

Kylie Jenner kept a quiet profile during her pregnancy, never announcing it in the media.
Kylie and rapperTravis Scott welcomed Stormi Webster on February 1, 2018.

North, Saint, Chicago And Psalm West

Over the past ten years, Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West have grown their family.
North West, Kim's daughter, was born in 2013; Saint, her son, was born in 2015.
She made the decision to have son Psalm and daughter Chicago born via surrogate in 2018 and 2019, respectively, due to challenging pregnancies.
North West
North West's parents, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, regularly bring her along to high-profile events beyond her age, making her without a doubt one of the world's most fashionable celebrity children at the moment.
You're never too young to cause a stir, as North shows above while attending the Alexander Wang Fashion Show with her parents during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in February 2015.
Saint West
Everyone who loves pop culture is eager to see Saint, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's second kid.
Fans have only seen Saint's hand wrapped around her older sister North's finger in this Instagram photo, which was posted on January 3, 2016, nearly a month after Saint was born.
He's my best friend, she remarked, according to the caption.
However, everybody is aware that a Kardashian's true best friend is a selfie.
Fans are therefore understandably waiting for a face shot.

Max Zuckerberg

Max is Dr. Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg's first child together.
She was born in late November 2015, and her father formally presented her to the world on Facebook a week later in a long, adoring post.

Riley Curry

As Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors advanced into the NBA Finals in 2015, Riley, the MVP's lovely two-year-old daughter, was introduced to and adored by the nation.
Riley Curry was the biggest and most unexpected surprise of the 2015 basketball season, whether she was waving to fans following games, dancing on the sidelines, or taking center stage at press conferences.

Boomer Phelps

The son of renowned swimmer Michael Phelps, Boomer Phelps, made his Olympic debut in Rio in 2016.
He joined his mother and grandmother in the bleachers to support his father while dressed in tiny red, white, and blue baby clothing.
After winning his historic 20th gold medal in the men's 200m butterfly final on August 9, 2016, Michael Phelps then stepped up into the stands to kiss his son, giving the world an eagerly awaited closeup of tiny Boomer.

Celebrity Kids With The Most Expensive Fashion

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Having famous celebrity parents can put you under a lot of pressure.
However, it also has a lot of advantages, just like being fashionable at such a young age!
These kids surely have a great sense of fashion.
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