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Tom Cruise And His Connection To Scientology

There is one thing that everyone agrees on when it comes to the controversial Church of Scientology: actor Tom Cruise is the organization's indisputable celebrity face throughout the world, regardless of what you think about it.

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Tom Cruiseis many things to many people. He is one of our greatest living movie stars, in the classic and finest meaning of the term, and it is still a delight to see him on film, even decades after his breakout role in Risky Business made him a household name.
Cruise is also a member of the Scientology religion. Did we forget about that? That is, of course, something we remember. After all these years, it's likely that the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of Cruise is his long-standing status as a high-ranking member and proponent of the Church of Scientology, as well as his close connection with the church's leader, David Miscavige. But simply double-checking since, while Cruise performs a victory lap through the media on this adoring press tour, the organization appears to be getting no attention at all.
Aside from his filmography, Tom Cruise is well-known for his affiliation with the Church of Scientology, which is considered a controversial institution by many. In a shocking interview, a former Scientologist provided some insight into the claimed procedures and ideas of the church, including a notion that reportedly leads Cruise to feel his daughter, Suri Cruise, isn't really his. The theory is that Suri Cruise is not technically Cruise's daughter. A rare public statement from Tom Cruise regarding his belief in Scientology has been made, in which he describes it as "a magnificent religion."
When Lucrezia Millarini of ITV News approached Cruise at the London premiere of his latest film, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, she inquired about a new documentary about the cult, My Scientology Movie, directed by Louis Theroux.
Cruise responded in a broad manner. "It's something that has been really beneficial to me throughout my life," he remarked. "I've been a member of the Scientology religion for more than 30 years. Because, you know, it's something that is essential to my being where I am now... without it, I would not be here. As a result, it's a lovely religion. I'm overjoyed."

Tom Cruise Scientology Video - ( Original UNCUT )

How Tom Cruise Got Into Scientology

Scientology, which was founded in the early 1950s by author L. Ron Hubbard, is the concept that people are spiritual beings that "[live] through innumerable lives," according to The Guardian newspaper. According to Radar Online, Cruise initially became acquainted with the religion in the 1980s through his first wife, Mimi Rogers, whose father, Phil Spickler, used to be a prominent member of the organization.
The story goes on to describe Cruise's connection with the organization and his belief that the teachings of the church assisted him in overcoming his dyslexic condition. "I know some of the folks that kidnapped him into becoming a member," Nancy Many, a former Scientologist, told Radar Online in an interview. "Everything was well planned and oriented. Because Tom had difficulty reading, the course instructors decided not to have him complete the course on his own and instead matched him with a tutor."

His Marriage To Rogers Eventually Ended, But His Relationship With Scientology Continued

Cruise ended his relationship with Rogers in 1990 and married Nicole Kidman the following year. The Moulin Rouge! the performer would later confess to Vanity Fair that she had investigated Scientology throughout their marriage, which resulted in the adoption of two children. "However, I am not a Scientologist," she said.
While there were suspicions that members of the church had purportedly encouraged the couple's divorce in 2001, none of them publicly addressed the reasons for their separation, as reported by Newsweek. By April 2005, Cruise had broken up with Katie Holmes and was dating someone else. The stars tied the knot in November 2006, following a five-month engagement.
The couple had only one child, daughter Suri, who was born in April 2006, before divorcing in 2012. Like Kidman's divorce, it was stated that Scientology was the driving force behind the breakup. In an article published by the Daily Beast, Holmes said she filed for divorce after learning that Cruise wanted to enroll Suri in a Scientology recruitment school. A condition in their divorce settlement, according to reports, forbade Cruse from participating in their daughter in religious activities. This was claimed to have harmed Cruise's bond with Suri since the couple has not been publicly seen together in almost a decade.

Scientologists Consider Tom Cruise To Be A ‘Deity’

Tom Cruise and his daughter Isabella Cruise have continued to rise through the levels of Scientology, with both assuming increasingly important roles inside the secrecy of the church – where members of the lower tiers are reportedly required to watch the actor's films many times. As reported by the New York Times, Cruise is "considered a divinity within the Scientology religion."
Leah Remini, a former member of the church, has stated that "he is second only to David Miscavige – the savior of the free world." According to writer Tony Ortega's blog the Underground Bunker, Cruise was spotted March 9 at the front of a celebration of the holiest day on the Scientology calendar — L. Ron Hubbard's March 13 birthday — in the church's spiritual center in Clearwater, Fla.
The New York Times recently revealed that lower-ranking Scientologists are bused out to see Cruise movies, often more than once, by their leaders, who purchase thousands of tickets for his "Mission: Impossible" and "Jack Reacher" films in order to bolster the actor's box office earnings.
Former scientist Bree Mood, who left the religion a few months ago, stated in an interview that Tom Cruise was "a deity in the lower levels... every time a Tom Cruise movie came out, they'd purchase all of the tickets for everyone in the church." It might be as many as 500, 1,000, or even 2,500 individuals. "I'm not exaggerating."

Tom Cruise Reportedly Drifting Away From Church Of Scientology

It is none other than Tom Cruise. Scientology and its enigmatic leader David Miscavige are engaged in a "secret battle," and Miscavige is sending out subtle hints that he is attempting to leave the controversial religion behind him.
According to a tabloid, there is three pieces of evidence that Cruise is no longer as dedicated a believer of Scientology as he once was. "Tom's Showdowm with the Church of Scientology" "Scream!" screams the cover of the current issue of Life & Style magazine. "Tom Cruise has taken a surprising move that implies he may be breaking loose from his religious beliefs," according to both the site and its doubtful source.
According to a reliable source, Cruise had previously served as the church's most well-known and committed member. "For years, Tom has been the A-list celebrity who has brought the church a great deal of attention and respectability," says the pastor. "David viewed Tom to be his right-hand guy, and even a potential successor," the insider continues. However, this is no longer the case now.

What Went Wrong?

Cruise is a reputed insider who has made a variety of assertions in recent months, including that he is a member of the government. Cruise has "dramatically cut his payments to Scientology," and that's just one of the symptoms of his alleged "increasing dissatisfaction" with the church, which has been published in the press.
"Tom hasn't spoken anything about it publicly yet, but his commitment to Scientology appears to have diminished," the report said. When there is no proof, the source asserts what it claims before adding anything further.
"It's as though he's engaged in a covert fight with Miscavige and the church," says the author. Insiders claim Cruise's allegedly reduced time in Los Angeles, which they characterize as the religion's hub, is evidence of his claimed "180" turn towards Scientology and his subsequent conversion.
According to reports, Cruise is beginning to question his affiliation with the church after more than 30 years. The church's founder, L. Ron Hubbard, as opposed to chemotherapy and radiation, according to insiders, who express dissatisfaction with Scientology's views on contemporary medicine.

Scientology Plays A Part To Cruise And Holmes Divorce

Announcing their divorce from one other after six years of marriage, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes made the announcement back in 2012. In the words of Ranker, news of the A-list couple's separation sent shockwaves across Hollywood, igniting an avalanche of rumors and speculation about why the pair had decided to call it quits. So, what was the true reason behind Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' divorce?
Tom Cruise, the Hollywood celebrity, has revealed that his controversial religion, Scientology, had a role in his divorce from his wife, Katie Holmes. When asked about his daughter Suri during a court deposition, Cruise, who is suing a magazine for saying he abandoned her after their divorce, admitted as much. When the attorneys inquired as to whether Holmes had left him "in part to safeguard Suri from Scientology," the actor grew agitated. "Please understand that I find that inquiry disrespectful. Those comments offend me, and I take exception to them. There are many distinct levels to each partnership, just as there are in any other connection. You know, I, myself, find that really disgusting. There is no need for me to shield my kid from my religious beliefs." As reported by Radar Online, Cruise stated in the documents obtained by the publication.
"And Ms. Holmes has never said or implied that this was one of the reasons she decided to leave you? In order to keep Suri safe from Scientology?" 'Cruise' stated, "Was that something she said? That was one of the allegations, to be honest with you." In response to a question about whether Suri is "actively practicing Scientology," Cruise stated that he does not. Holmes and Cruise had a falling out because of the church of Scientology.


Scientology adherent Tom Cruise has hailed the religion as "beautiful," and he is one of the faith's most recognized supporters. Since 1986, when his first wife, Mimi Rogers, introduced him to Scientology, he has been a committed member of the organization.
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