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List Of Top 10 Cracked Software Download Sites In 2023

You may get the cracked software by visiting these top 10 cracked software download sites. You will be sent to that website after you click. That site allows you to download the software of your choosing.

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Oct 17, 202317.1K Shares291K Views
List of top 10 cracked software download sitesare discussed in this article. If you want to learn more about the specifics, read the whole article and take notes.
There are a plethora of sites available that enable you to download cracked software for free, but not all of them are secure. In addition to being unlawful, such websites are vulnerable to well-known malware and viruses.
Rather than leading you down a dark lane of pirated websites, we've picked the best-cracked software download sites that are legal. Doesn't it seem impossible? However, there are some of the greatest free full version cracked software download websites on the internet.

What Is Cracked Software?

Software cracking (also known as "breaking" in the 1980s) is the modification of software to remove or disable features that the person cracking the software deems undesirable, such as copy protection features (such as protection against software manipulation, serial numbers, hardware keys, date checks, and disc checks) or software security features.
Cracked software refers to commercial computer programs or applications that have had their copy protection or licensing mechanisms illegally tampered with or removed. This unauthorized modification allows users to use the software without purchasing a legitimate license, effectively making it available for free.
Cracked software is considered illegal and unethical as it violates copyright laws, depriving software developers of their rightful revenue. Using cracked software can lead to security risks, legal consequences, and the absence of technical support and updates, making it an undesirable and risky choice.

Top 10 Crack Software Websites

Get Into PC

You may get cracked versions of popular software for free from one of the most popular download sites, GetintoPC. You may find a link to download just about every piece of software imaginable here.
The site's search box makes it easy to narrow down available applications, and it's organized into more than a hundred distinct sections. Both current and ancient software releases may be found on the site.
Hundreds of new apps and games are introduced to the site every single day. Despite its user-friendliness and clean design, the site sometimes slows down due to adverts. The website receives regular usage from a large user base, and any software obtained there poses no security risks.
Main page of get into pc website showing a software
Main page of get into pc website showing a software


It's a community of techies who share excellent gifts and promotions on a regular basis on this website. This website has compiled a list of the most recent paid software freebies from various sources. The download URLs provided are secure and do not include any virus attachments.

Giveaway Radar

If you're seeking for free PC software in 2019, Giveaway Radar is the place to go. You can get software from a variety of sources, including secure download sites and diverse suppliers, all in one spot. They do not, however, cover anti-virus and VPN giveaways.


FileHippo is yet another site where you can get cracked copies of the latest shareware, freeware, and demo software for free and without risk.
This page offers free downloads of industry-standard software, including the latest versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, VLC Media Player 64-bit, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, and Avast Free Antivirus.
In addition, you can be certain that the software you get has been thoroughly screened for the presence of viruses, spyware, and adware.
Logo of a blue hippo over a blue text stating filehippo in capitals
Logo of a blue hippo over a blue text stating filehippo in capitals

Share Ware On Sale

Sharewareonsale, one of the largest free software distribution sites, provides a variety of paid products for free every day. Not only does the platform provide free full-version apps, but it also gives software discounts.


TechTipLib is one of the top cracked software download sites with a complete version of the product available for free. However, you must have a social media account to take advantage of the promotion. The website not only offers free software downloads, but also has over 6,700 titles including Windows, Mac, iPhone, MS Office, Freeware, SEO, WordPress, Theme, eBooks, and much more. As a result, it is included in our top ten cracked software download sites.


You may also get the software for free from Softonic's website. The software for Windows, Android, and Mac may be found here. There are other games for PC that you may download for free.
Softonic website on laptop and phone showing top downloads
Softonic website on laptop and phone showing top downloads

Pirate City

Piratecity is a website that allows users to obtain cracked software for both Windows and Mac computers. The site also has activators for Microsoft Windows 10 and a variety of other operating systems.


Ninite is a fantastic site for obtaining cracked software, but it shouldn't be used for that purpose. Instead, it's designed to let you quickly and easily acquire legal PC software and install it on your machine. You may download free versions of popular PC applications like Google Chrome, VLC Media Player, and iTunes from this site.
In addition, they include an installer that makes it easy to set up the software suite on your computer. Choosing a program to download and set up is the only real work involved in this procedure. The installer or updater may then be downloaded and launched.
A major factor in this website's inclusion on this blacklist is how difficult it is to find malicious software on it. Ninite guarantees that every software is virus-free and secure to use.


The Softpedia cracked software download site is up next on our list. Softpedia contains more than one million separate software titles. The site has downloads for OS X, Linux, and Windows. The website also provides access to mobile software and games.
A section of the site is dedicated to the distribution of paid software. It's like a dictionary, only it has all the programs you need. The search box facilitates the process of narrowing down the available applications.
The site has gained popularity due to the wealth of information it provides about various software programs and video games. It is one of the best cracked software download sites since you can legally download free PC games from the site and read reviews from previous downloaders, which will give you a decent sense of what you are going to download into your phone.

Are Cracked Software Sites Safe?

When you need new software for your computer, you have two alternatives: hunt for free solutions or pay for possibly expensive software. These charges may be avoided by downloading cracked or pirated software. This is software that has been pirated and unlawfully accessed via a stolen or produced unlock code.
Cracked and illicit software might pose a security risk in more ways than you would think. It has the potential to infect your computer with malware, which may steal data. You have to go to shady websites to get the cracked software. Finally, the software could not operate, and it might also result in legal issues. Additionally, you risk infecting other devices on your network.
Animated photo of a hand downloading cracked software and a danger sign above it with text below mentioning that one should not download and install cracked software
Animated photo of a hand downloading cracked software and a danger sign above it with text below mentioning that one should not download and install cracked software
If you want to download cracked software on your PC for free and to avoid buying costly software, you can visit the top 10 cracked software download sites mentioned in the article above.
Software copyright law is broken when pirated software is used or distributed. Each incident may result in fines of up to $150,000 for businesses and individuals. In addition, they have committed a felony that carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.
A person's company, employment, and livelihood are all at risk if they use pirated software, even if they do it inadvertently (most sites offering cracked software don't notify consumers they're breaching the law by using it).
If a visiting professor is accused of using pirated software, for instance, the university may decide that he or she has violated the conditions of the agreement that allowed them to teach there.

How Safe Are Cracked Software Websites?

Cracked applications come with a variety of issues and risks that users should be aware of:
  • Virus Infections -Some cracked applications intentionally contain viruses or malware designed to harm your computer. It's essential to remove these threats to prevent damage to your system.
  • Password Hassles -Cracked applications are often packaged in zip files with password protection. While they may provide instructions for obtaining the password, it's a common occurrence to either not receive the correct password or be directed to purchase it.
  • Wrong Files -Downloading a cracked file can be frustrating, especially when you've invested time waiting for it to complete. Some cracked files turn out to be incorrect or fraudulent, leading to disappointment.
Over the years, as someone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer, I've searched for cracked versions of various applications. Here are some insights into this experience:
  • Old Applications -If you're looking for older applications, such as the classic "Plants vs. Zombies," you might be in luck. There are numerous websites and torrents offering cracked versions. Torrents are often a reliable source and tend to be free from viruses.
  • Newly Released Applications -When seeking a cracked version of a recently released game like "NFS Rivals," it's a different story. The chances of finding it are slim, and the quest can be frustrating. I've spent months searching for such games, only to come across the issues mentioned earlier. In some cases, you might even find illegal physical copies being sold in places like Manila for a low price. However, beware that these versions may not meet your computer's requirements, leading to disappointment.
In the end, dealing with cracked applications often results in complications and can negatively impact your computer and social life. Therefore, it's essential to consider the risks and consequences before choosing this route.

Reasons To Avoid Cracked Software

While the temptation to download cracked software for free access to premium features may be strong, it's important to consider the numerous hazards and negative consequences associated with such actions. Here are five compelling reasons against using cracked software:

Security Risks

Cracked software often undergoes unauthorized modifications by unknown individuals or groups. These alterations can compromise your device's security and privacy by introducing harmful code, viruses, or malware into the software. Using cracked software can expose your system to cyberattacks and data breaches, as it is a common vector for spreading malware.
Downloading and using cracked software is illegal and constitutes a violation of intellectual property rights and copyright laws. Engaging in software piracy can result in severe legal repercussions, including fines and potential imprisonment. Supporting the software industry by investing in legitimate licenses is not only an ethical choice but also ensures the continued development and innovation of high-quality software.

Unreliable Performance

Cracked software often removes license restrictions or activation requirements. However, these alterations can lead to inconsistent performance, frequent crashes, and compatibility issues with other software or operating systems. Using software illegally or without a license compromises its reliability and performance.

Lack Of Support And Updates

Legitimate software benefits from regular updates by reputable developers, enhancing functionality, addressing bugs, and improving security. In contrast, cracked software lacks updates, leaving you with an outdated and potentially unstable version. Moreover, unlicensed software lacks formal support channels, making it impossible to seek technical assistance or customer support when encountering issues.

Ethical Concerns

Software piracy undermines the effort, innovation, and financial investment made by software creators. It devalues their intellectual property and affects their ability to earn a livelihood from their work. Downloading cracked software supports a culture of piracy that harms the software industry and those who rely on it for their livelihood.
Downloading cracked software may seem like an attractive option, but it comes with significant risks, both legally and in terms of your device's security and performance. Choosing legitimate software not only ensures a safer and more reliable experience but also supports the industry and the hardworking individuals behind it.

FAQs - List Of Top 10 Cracked Software Download Sites

What Are Free Software Download Sites With Crack?

Cracked software download sites are web platforms where unauthorized, often illegally modified versions of premium software are made available for free.

Is It Safe To Download Cracked Software From These Sites?

No, it's not safe. Cracked software often contains malware, viruses, and other security threats that can harm your device and compromise your data.
Yes, using cracked software is illegal and can result in severe legal repercussions, including fines and potential imprisonment.

Why Are Cracked Software Download Sites Considered Unethical?

Downloading cracked software undermines the hard work and innovation of software creators, diminishes the value of their intellectual property, and negatively affects the software industry's financial sustainability.

What's The Best Alternative To Best Cracked Software Sites 2023?

The best alternative is to purchase legitimate software licenses, ensuring security, reliability, and ethical use, while supporting software developers in their ongoing work.

Final Thoughts

While the internet offers a multitude of options when it comes to downloading cracked software, it's crucial to exercise caution and consider the potential consequences.
A list of the top 10 cracked software download sites may promise free access to premium applications, but they often lead to security risks, legal troubles, and unreliable software.
It's essential to prioritize safety, legality, and ethical considerations when seeking software solutions.
Opting for legitimate, licensed software ensures a more secure, reliable, and responsible computing experience while supporting the software industry and its continued development.
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