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Top 10 Football Brands

Football is among the most watched games worldwide and attracts huge crowds and dedicated supporters from all over the world.

Author:Alberto Thompson
Reviewer:Camilo Wood
Sep 05, 2022
Football is among the most watched games worldwide and attracts huge crowds and dedicated supporters from all over the world. It is so popular that people take help from English tutors, Spanish Tutors, and even French tutorsto learn these languages and come to these countries to play soccer or football. English Tutorsare especially important, since English is the most common language around the world. When it comes to football we all have a favorite brand associated with it. Here we have prepared a list of top 10 football brands from across the globe.
These 10 brands have become an integral part of the football community and provide equipment, gear and clothing to players of all ages.
  • Kappa
  • Lotto
  • Umbro
  • Diadora
  • Under Armour
  • Puma
  • Mizuno
  • Miter
  • Adidas
  • Nike
We would start from 10 then we would go all the way to one.


This Japanese company was established in 1906. Their first releases were within the baseball category, which included gloves, uniforms, and footwear. By the 1930s they were diversifying into numerous sports. The first football cleats they made were launched in the year 1980. Mizuno is a brand that has a variety of styles without a specific area of expertise. They have been gaining popularity in football because of their cleats


Mitre was founded in the eighteen century. The initial name was Crook and Sons Limited however, its name changed in 1949 to Mitre. Before 1959, Mitre made leather products, including footballs and cricket balls for teams across the world. In 1959, they started selling their products that included cricket soft leather, bags, eventually, footwear. Mitre's iconic football ball is among the most frequently played balls in the world.


Kappa is among the most well-known logos around the globe. The iconic Omini logo shows a man and woman facing each other. It signifies equality between females and males, along with their support for each other. At first, Kappa began as a underwear and sock company. Kappa started sponsoring AC Milan which at that time was the most important club in Europe. This helped them gain visibility and publicity.


Lotto was founded in Montebelluna in northern Italy in 1973. Since the first day, Lotto has been a shoe manufacturer for sports. While they started by making tennis footwear, Lotto was quick to release models for various sports, such as football. In the late 1980s, Lotto began to focus on the field of football. They began sponsoring teams and players and spreading their Lotto brand.


The brand was established in 1934. Umbro started its business in the city of Manchester, England. Umbro was the first "Manchester-based football brand," innovating sportswear and tailoring for sports. Nowadays, Umbro focuses on creating cutting-edge football apparel as well as footwear and equipment which blends fashion and performance. One of the top football brands, the iconic double rainbow logo is seen across the globe. The players who are sponsored by the brand comprise Pepe, Gary Cahill, John Terry, and Kyle Walker.


Diadora is an Italian football company founded in 1948. Diadora is also the sole Italian clothing and footwear company that manufactures their products within Italy. Diadora is a flexible brand that began by offering mountain hiking boots, then moving on to walking shoes, ski boots as well as tennis shoes. Then, around the mid-70s Diadora shifted into the world of football. They currently hold one of the largest market shares within the U.S. football market.

Under Armour

Under Armour is a relatively new entry into the world of football. It was originally an apparel company, Kevin Plank created the brand in order to create a shirt to encourage athletic performance. Through time they've progressed a lot in the process of creating clothes pieces, and then shifting to accessories, and finally shoes. They then moved into football cleats as well as soccer equipment. Under Armour currently has a couple of cleats on the market and apparel that is suitable that is designed for top-level football.


Two brothers started working together to create Adidas prior to a disagreement that led to them splitting. One brother would later go to market Adidas. The other brother, Rudolf Dassler, created Puma in 1948. Since the time, Puma has produced an assortment of footwear. Shoes and football cleats are their most popular product. The legend Pele was a fan of Puma cleats while leading Brazil to an historic World Cup Championship. Puma is currently sponsoring players like Antoine Griezmann, Romelu Lukaku, Luis Suarez, Sergio Aguero, and many others.


Like Nike, Adidas is an international brand that holds an extensive stake in several markets. They are a true strength in the field of football. Adidas is the sponsor of many among the top-performing footballers and teams around the world. The players sponsored by Adidas include Paul Pogba, Jozy Altidore as well as Paulo Dybala. Adidas's primary sponsor is, in no doubt, Lionel Messi. One of the best footballers, Adidas has produced Messi clothing, cleats and even apparel. The most well-known international teams supported by Adidas include Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Juventus, and Real Madrid. Adidas's story of success began in Germany in 1924.


Probably the largest sports organization, Nike owns a stake in the markets of nearly every sport. In the field of football, they're no different. Nike sells the most sought-after cleats, football balls, and training gear. Nike has a number of world's most famous players and teams. Some of their most notable athletes include Christiano Ronaldo, Neymar,Kylian Mbappe, Philippe Coutinho, Wayne Rooney and Kevin De Bruyne. The international stars all represent Nike by sporting their shoes, cleats and other accessories.
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