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Top Best Places to Buy Instagram Followers in 2021

A look at the best new and existing sites to buy Instagram followers in 2021

Author:James PierceMar 20, 2021
Where can I buy real and active Instagram followers?
Most individuals and business owners have asked the same question in their need to gather more followers for their pages on Instagram. This is understandable as nearly everywhere you turn, brands need a strong social media presence to get noticed these days.
Instagram is one of the best places to announce and maintain your brand in the digital age. However, while this is true, most people have felt that no matter what they do, something always feels to go wrong. The need to utilize Instagram can bring you both joy and frustration, especially if you don’t really know your way around it. It’s sometimes too hard getting and maintaining followers for your page. While this is going on, you can see the followers on other accounts growing rapidly and successfully.
Is there a secret?
While some take years to grow, there’s also a secret that you don’t know about, or you do but probably haven’t paid much attention to.
More and more people are running to various sites online to get more followers for their Instagram accounts. And that is what is making them different from you!

Helpful Hints Before You Start Buying

Desperation has led most brand owners to ruins. There are certain things you need to consider and important questions you need to ask yourself before clicking on any site to buy Instagram followers. This is to ensure that, at the end of the day, you spend your money in a way that brings you success.
  • Instagram is Unlike other Social Media Platforms: With millions of people on it posting several millions of contents daily, you have to be willing to do the work, work hard to keep up with your competitors. Your account is specific. Go for a company that can work for you and understands what you want before engaging them.
  • Consider Your Goals: One of the best ways to know which site to buy Instagram followers from is to find out if the plans you set for your brand can allow you to buy from a certain company. Are your data sensitive? Is the company secured enough to provide you with protection? Will they sell for your long-term real and active followers that will go with your goals? There are many things to find out and the more you consider them, the better prepared you are.
  • Go for Companies that Have Proven Themselves: Going for companies that have already validated themselves through their services will save you from a lot of problems in the future. There must definitely be a lot of past customers from whom you must have to seek recommendations before you form any solid business contact with any company. Choosing a reliable and proven company can also give you all the other benefits that companies selling Instagram followers have to offer. With a good customer support system and a money-back guarantee policy, you never have to feel you are all alone.
  • Make a Research First: If you are reading this, congratulations. You have already started doing your research before buying Instagram followers for your account. Articles like this one usually help a lot of people to make the right choices and to find out what specific company is good for them and the ones that are not. Here, you can find the most important insight into the company and what packages make them exclusive and worthy of your money.
  • Your Money Always Does the Talking. The bigger your budget is, the higher number of followers you are likely to get. It’s how the market works. The most amazing thing is that there’s a company out there for all kinds of budget. Before buying from any company, make sure the packages they offer to fit your budget. Don’t get yourself worked up if their budget is simply high for you. Just go right ahead and look for other companies with similar offers but at a cheaper rate.
  • Check for a Free Trial: A free trial is one of the best ways to find out about a service you’re about to use. While most companies offering digital services make use of this feature, others don’t. If you’re in doubt of the idea of buying Instagram followers, or which company to use, see if you can convince yourself with a free trial. You’re not doing anything wrong. No one wants to get involved in things they do not know about. We all want to know what we are spending our money on. A small taste of the cookie wouldn’t be a bad idea, would it? If while searching for a site that sells Instagram followers and you stumble upon one that offers a free trial, make use of it, and see for yourself first.

Best Sites Selling Instagram Followers In 2021

The industry involved in selling Instagram followers is a big one and, unless you’re very careful, you might fall into the wrong hands. You have to know which company to avoid, and the one to give your hard-earned money to. Also, and this is very important, you cannot afford to jeopardize the reputation of your brand online by involving with the wrong company.
Before discussing the best sites where you can buy Instagram followers, here’s one advice you would want to always remember:
Always go for companies with proven records and integrity!
Bad companies treat you badly and are bad for business.
In 2021, here are the best sites you can visit to buy followers for your Instagram account. Whatever your budget is, you don’t have to worry. There’s a site just for you as long as you’re willing to buy followers for your Instagram profile.


If you are looking for where to buy real followers, then Growthoidshould be your go-to site. The company gives your account organic growth by offering a manual growth service. This promises to give real followers to your account.
Getting organic and real followers for your account is quite hard today. This is why you need to grab this chance if you want real type engagement for your Instagram.
If there’s anything to be sure about, it is that Growthoid doesn’t sell fake followers. What you see is what you get. The reason is that there is a lot of competition out there, and the more their clients do well, the more they also do well in the market.
Growthoid finds people who will be interested in your kind of content by finding profiles that are parallel to yours. This way, the audience is easily targeted on your behalf and might easily be persuaded to check you out and follow you.
You can purchase followers on Growthoid using PayPal and Bitcoin. Easy, right?


Since its outbreak, Instagram has proven itself to be one of the hottest places for getting people to follow you and your platforms. But, in your desperation, you have to be careful that you don’t end up buying fake followers. This is why GrowthSilois important, to help you prevent making this mistake.
This Instagram growth tool grows your fanbase with only followers that are relevant to you by deploying traditional tactics. It is also possible to increase your following on auto-pilot by allowing GrowthSilo to do this for you as a fully managed service. All you have to do is to make sure that your content is rich and is capable of retaining your following, which is sure to keep growing.
If you would love to check them out, by all means, do. They have a range of techniques that also allows you to select the kind of followers you want for your business. Sometimes, you can use location, gender, and other markers to target your ideal followers. Cool, isn’t it?
With simple steps and in minutes, your account can start running, and if you’re not satisfied, then you can make use of their 14-day money-back guarantee.


The plans from some sites that sell Instagram followers can be customized for the clients. If you are looking for one of these customized plans, then StormLikesis where you should look. Having been around for quite some time, more than some of its biggest competitors, you can be sure that the company will know the right service to offer you, and can surely turn your inactive Instagram followers into active followers.
Working only with Instagram, StormLikes has features that are custom-made just for you to have that engagement, comments, and likes from your followers. Isn’t this what everyone wants? It sure is!
Another amazing thing? They don’t ask for the password to your Instagram handle!
Sometimes, you might like to have followers from a certain location from around the world. If this is your wish, the company can send you high-quality followers from there.
Their delivery is instant, has different features and their customer support is available all-around the clock.
You can only contact StormLikes only if you want Instagram followers, as the company works with only Instagram and nothing else.


To do well on Instagram, you need to pay more attention to certain aspects of it. Likeshelp you take care of these aspects without any skirmish. They can order followers for you in a few minutes and in a way that is simple for you to understand. Due to their flexibility and in their attempt to weigh in their significance in a competitive market, Likes works with their clients based on their budgets.
So, if what you are looking for is high-quality Instagram followers for your account, then reach out to Likes as they provide followers without the fear of tarnishing your repute and theirs.
With prices that are affordable and tailor-made just for you, for $3, you can bring in about 100 followers to your account. And if you’re having any issues, you can contact their round-the-clock customer support service for help.


If you’re looking to buy Instagram followers from a place that knows Instagram quite well and how it operates, then you should check up SidesMedia. This company has been around for years and has known what clients want and how to tailor each client’s specific needs. They understand how difficult it is to grow reliable Instagram followers and maintain visibility for you and your brand. SidesMedia comes in here to provide high-quality Instagram followers 72 hours after you engage them.
A lot of people are afraid of buying Instagram followers due to the fear of risks for their brands. This fear is justifiable. However, SidesMedia evades this risk by giving you real people who are paid for interacting with you. By doing this, everything becomes risk-free so that you can grow your account without worrying about being suspended or banned by Instagram.


At $3, you can begin to get real Instagram followers, likes, and engagement with PlentyGram. The company also offers services at cheap prices to bring in followers and more views to your TikTok account. This is one of the biggest advantages of PlentyGram, as it offers services for both Instagram and TikTok, which has now become one of the most visible and used social media platforms today.
You can use the two platforms to create more visibility or exposure for your brand. If you are both accounts and wish to grow with more real followers, PlentyGram is one of your best bets.

Goldstar Social

One of the companies that operate on a maximum 10 click order and fast turnaround time is Goldstar Social. If you’re looking for a place to get real followers and grow your brand, you should also consider this company. They’re one of the top providers of Instagram followers and help put your brand in a unique position to target the right audience for you.
What brands need are engagements that either maintain or add to their values. Goldstar Social helps in this aspect, as the increased visibility it brings to your account comes from a position that will make your brand succeed.
Because Goldstar Social provides both followers and likes, as soon as you engage them, you would have to select what package you want.
One interesting thing about the company is that they accept payments in PayPal and Bitcoin. Amazing, right? Yea!

Social Empire

Social Empires offers different services for you across all your social media handles, not just Instagram. It is one of the few companies that do it all. Again, some sites for buying Instagram followers offer few options for you to explore. With Social Empire, you can find many features to explore for your Instagram engagement options, not just followers. You can have more likes, downloads, views, and other forms of help you need.
Offering high-quality features and a targeted audience, Social Empire can integrate you on other networks and come up with an easier dashboard that can help you do well in branding.
However, this must be made clear: If you’re someone who needs to be assured of a refund policy before making any purchase, then Social Empire is not for you, as the company has a non-existent refund policy. What this means is that before you select any feature that you want, you have to be deliberate about it and make your choice carefully.
Their services are good. And if you mean business with your branding on Instagram and more active followers, then Social Empire is the place you would love to consider.


When buying Instagram followers, you need to go to a company that knows how Instagram really works and how it can be of benefit to you. InstaMamais one of them. There is a full assurance that the moment you engage them, they will attend to you and do for you exactly what you want them to.
One of InstaMama’s selling points is its promise to use its steadfast and reliable service and bring active and real engagement to take your brand to a level that will benefit your business.
By giving measured and gradual delivery of followers, InstaMama sells for their clients high-quality, and real followers, people who will interact with your post and yield results. This means you don’t need to worry about the reputation of your brand being damaged.
They offered round-the-clock customer support.
InstaMama seems to be more expensive than other companies selling followers. Although you have many options where to buy your followers for your Instagram handle, InstaMama is legit, and worth your money and they make sure that what you get is what you paid for.
You should try and check them out.

Media Mister

Media Mister
Media Mister
This is one of the companies that are the hardest to ignore when you’re considering options where to buy followers for your Instagram. Media Misterhas been around for a long time, quite before buying Instagram followers became a thing for brands. This means that their longevity in the game gives them an edge and an understanding of how everything works. They can grow your Instagram account with real and engaging followers.
Media Mister isn’t just limited to Instagram. The company cuts across social media platforms. Should you be considering not limiting yourself and your brand to Instagram alone, then you should probably think about them.
The company’s features are managed by an amazing team of experts that can tend to your goals and give you high-quality followers.
For a company that delivers much and has been there right from the beginning, you’d expect to be charged highly for their services. This is not the case here. Media Mister doesn’t charge much for their features and this promises to be cool for brands, especially if you’re a newbie operating on limited budgets.
Also, brands are protective of their privacy and safety on social media handles. You don’t have to worry about this when buying from Media Mister. They offer a money-back guarantee and a promise that ensures that your safety is safe.
However, unlike most companies that deliver your followers within minutes, Media Mister takes time to deliver. But this is understandable since, at the end of everything, your patience is worth it– you have real people following you on Instagram.
You can purchase followers using Bitcoin or PayPal.


Some sites offer you special packages that you can purchase and customize to your taste. Famoidis one of them. It is a site that gives you the kind of Instagram followers that you have been targeting. Their services are individual and tailored in such a way that they are going to direct active and real engagement to your account. But it doesn’t stop there. One important aspect of Famoid is that the company also provides other features such as comments and posts that are automated just for you. Isn’t this superb? I bet it is!
Finding the right tools to manage your Instagram account can be a challenge. This is something you don’t have to worry about with Famoid as the company has some of the finest tools for account management, which allows you to unite and have a smooth Instagram in one place. Should engagement on your account drop, Famoid gives you full rate protection, a feature that you don’t usually find out there.
A one-place-all-social-media-growth, Famoid is set in such a way that all your social media engagements, growth are in one spot!
One downside of buying followers is that, if you’re not careful, you might end up buying fake followers that can add nothing tangible to your account. No presence of any brand on social media survives on ghost followers. Famoid knows this, which is why the company ensures that the followers coming your way are real people, capable of real and active engagements.
However, their growth rate is quite slow sometimes. But this should not be a problem, especially if you’re looking to get the real thing– an active following!

Socials Growth

Social Growth
Social Growth
Socials Growthis a social media marketing agency that has been around for about four years now. As a marketing agency, this means they know all the tricks in the bank to put your brand in the most strategic way for visibility and engagement.
Like other websites, Socials Growth promises only real Instagram and active followers that will make the engagement on your account cool and interesting. The engagement from Socials Growth is sustaining, just as they also have free options.
Your safety is important. And Socials Growth knows this, which is why they promise to guarantee your safety. This is a huge bonus for you if you think about it.
But that’s not all. One of the most visible selling points of Socials Growth is that it gives a lifetime warranty that assures you of replacement of any engagement lost along the way, even if it’s been quite some time since you last made any use of their services.
Socials Growth receives payments through PayPal and Bitcoin and accommodates all buyers, no matter their budgets. If you have been looking for a budget-friendly company, then Socials Growth is one of the places you should consider.

Follower Packages

Follower Packages
Follower Packages
If you are running on a very low budget, Follower Packagesmight just be the right website for you to buy Instagram followers. This is a website for new and smaller brands hoping to achieve some positive visibility on Instagram.
With as low as $19, you can have 1000 Instagram followers, with a delivery time that is taking quite seriously. This is something worth considering since other sellers don’t offer such numbers of followers at this ridiculous amount.
Follower Packages has an ethical approach to their services and ensure that their 24/7 customer support is topnotch.
They also have a high level of customer satisfaction as well, which bodes well for any new clients like yourself. Follower Packages says that they top everything off with 24/7 customer support, which means that you can get in touch with them whenever you need to, about whatever issues you’re having. Their team works effectively on your behalf to come up with the best solutions for your Instagram follower account.


Some sites are pioneers in selling Instagram engagements and followers. Viralyftis one of them. Their services cover everything Instagram– from video views, views, likes, comments, and followers.
For a company that has been around for years, Viralyft’s packages are cheap and quite affordable, such that for $2.89, you are likely to get about 100 high-quality, interactive Instagram followers.
There are three things to get you excited enough to consider Viralyft if you want to buy followers for your account:
Viralyft doesn’t require your password or any such personal information about your account before selling followers to you. All they need is your account name.
Viralyft offers round-the-clock customer support should you have issues you want to sort out with the company or regarding their services.
Viralyft offers a money-back guarantee should you not be happy with their services to you.
If you want a site that helps you feel secure about your account and sells real and active followers, then Viralyft is one of them.


We cannot talk about some of the most trusted websites for buying real and active Instagram followers without mentioning Famups. This company prides itself as a place that offers you a great deal so that with just a little amount, you can get more followers for your brand and grow your Instagram profile.
Famups’ delivery doesn’t take much time and their customer support is friendly, available to make sure you do not have problems while with them. If you want the content to go viral on Instagram, you should consider this company.


It’s hard to find something not to like about Venium. If anything, it is arguably the cheapest site to buy Instagram followers. You can get 100 real and active followers for just $1.99 by paying through PayPal or Bitcoin. You don’t even have to wait for long before followers are on your account
Venium has around-the-clock customer support service which you can access at any time to sort out issues with them.

Get Real Boost

Get Real Boost
Get Real Boost
Get Real Boostis not only another site where you can buy high-quality Instagram followers, but they are well established in the industry as well, so you can feel confident that you’re onto a winner here.
They promise that they are a dependable option to buy followers from, and while their pricing might be on the more expensive side, from what we can see we think that it is worth it. They have a great way of getting you the right followers at the right time so that you can get everything going quickly.

Social Packages

Social Packages
Social Packages
Customers need to know if a product or service is worth their money or not. Social Packagesknows this, which is why they give you a whole month of drop protection to find out if they are real or not. They mean business right from the start and are ready to give you this great deal. If you lose any followers within a month, they will replace that with another one. You’re completely in the right spot.
For just $35, you can be able to get 2500 followers delivered to you. Social Packages has amazing customer support available to attend to all your needs and inquiries.
If you are looking for a company that will give you a month to consider if they are the best for you or not, then Social Packages is one of the places you should consider.


If you are looking for varieties of followers and from many countries, Krootezis one of the great options you should consider. This company has been selling Instagram followers and involved in Instagram growth for some years now. This means they know everything that there is about it and that you and your brand are in safe hands.
This company has a team of people with social media expertise to handle their features. This has enabled them with the capacity to bring visible changes to your profile growth.
If you align yourself with the company, their services go beyond providing you with Instagram followers. They are also involved in bringing Instagram comments and likes as well as your content.
Like the rest of the sellers, Krootez has round-the-clock customer support to attend to any issues you might have.
There is also a money-back guarantee should you encounter any problems with their service.


This is one of the most effective and friendly companies that sell Instagram followers. Their services go beyond just selling followers to helping you with comments, likes. You don’t have to worry about fake followers. FriendlyLikesprovides you with high-quality, real, and active people so that your account can be lively and have actual interactions.
If you need assistance with getting you and your brand to reach as many people as possible and to also generate the right interaction, you should think about reaching out to FriendlyLikes. They make the work of getting followers a bit more laid-back.


This company has always been around and is being ranked as one of the most familiar and fastest delivery sites to buy Instagram followers from. One of the most recognizable interfaces of CheapIGFollowersis that it is easier for you to choose your packages and have your followers delivered to you at once! Unlike most other sites, you don’t even need to create an account with them. All they need from you is your Instagram handle.
There is also round-the-clock customer support should you have one or two things you want to settle with the company. Also, you can contact them to let them know the kind of people you want to be following your Instagram account.
If you are in a rush to get followers for your Instagram, CheapIGFollowers should be one of your options as you can have your package delivered in less than an hour after ordering!

Buy IG Likes Fast

If you are looking for a place to buy high-quality, real, and active followers at a very moderate rape, Buy IG Likes Fast is one of such places.
Buy IG Likes Fast has been around for a while in the business. In fact, they are among the first companies to sell Instagram followers. This means that they know the market very well, and how to help you get the right followers for your account. These followers can be sent to your account at once or gradually until your account reaches the agreed number of followers.
If you also need general help with your Instagram likes and views, they should be one of the first companies you should consider.

Do You Really Need To Buy Instagram Followers?

This is one of the hardest questions you first need to answer. The thing is, whenever your account needs new and active Instagram followers, you will always know, and the moment you have this, the account never remains the same. Buying Instagram is one of the best, quickest, and most effective ways of improving digital visibility to you and your brand. If this is the case, perhaps, the question would rightly be:
Why are you not buying Instagram followers?
Not many steps taking in digital marketing than buying more Instagram followers. And all this is for the following advantages:
  • Your Brand Stands Out with More Credibility: Brands survive on credibility. It is as simple as that. If buying more followers will give you that, then, by all means, buy. The higher the rate of credibility your brand has on Instagram, the more existing and potential clients trust you to deliver. Remember, you’re never in the market alone. There are hundreds and even thousands of other brands that are your competitors. Buying Instagram followers will help you stand out from your biggest rivals and go for more credibility to survive the realities of the digital market.
  • It’s Always at a reasonable price: Not many brand owners, especially those with startups, have much money to spend on digital marketing. This is why buying Instagram helps. With just a little amount, you can target the right location and expose your brand to as many people as possible. This is both more effective and economical than most traditional marketing tricks.
  • More Time for Content Creation: This is perhaps one of the biggest perks of buying followers for your Instagram account. You let a good site take care of pulling the right followers to your account and all you have to do is to keep creating good content. Content is everything. The better your content, the greater value all your existing and potential followers place on your brand.

There Are Downsides You Should Be Careful Of Buying Instagram Followers?

In everything you set out to do, there are certain downsides you need to watch out for and be prepared for them. It is the same thing with buying followers on Instagram.
  • Instagram Might Crack Down: now and then, Instagram carries out an onslaught on users and companies that don’t seem to be doing things the conventional way. See, the thing is that Instagram is trying to get every one of its users to pay for its ads to promote their content – but this is expensive and often doesn’t even work. This is why they’re always on the lookout for other methods of Instagram growth, and if they suspect this, they might suspend or ban you. One way to avoid this is to find a company that will keep your account safe and protected from Instagram’s radar.
  • It Is Expensive Sometimes: If you wish for your Instagram account to have complete engagements, then you need to go beyond just buying followers for your Instagram account. You would have to also buy views, comments, and likes to maintain a good engagement rating. To avoid stress, you should be on the lookout for a company with amazing packages that come at affordable prices. Some of the sites discussed here not only sell followers but also include other packages that can save both money and stress.

Buying Is Safe; Sometimes, It’s Not.

Anything that has to do with the digital world has two sides: it is either safe, or it’s not. But that is it with life generally. But, with some efforts, you can be able to ensure that all buying followers online is safe for you. Some sites are safe, legit, and are concerned about your reputation as a brand. These are the sites you should look out for when you want to buy. This is why you need to do a lot of research on your own before involving yourself with the first site that catches your attention. If the disadvantages of a site outweigh the benefits you are likely to get it from it, leave the site and go for another.
The last thing you would want to do is to buy from a company that might end up destroying your work for many years. Each company selling followers to you has its terms and conditions. You should take time out and read carefully before doing anything. Also, you can take advantage of the customer reviews and go through the experiences of previous buyers. Are the reviews favorable or bad? If the reviews are great, it means the company is likely a good one. However, if the reviews are bad, then that’s a red flag, and that you might need to look another way.
You can also know if a company has your best interest in mind. Some do offer you free trials, great features, and multiple options for payment.
Companies that are high quality with great reputations will offer their clients various payment methods, including bitcoin and PayPal. This way, you can pay safely without having to worry about your information getting hacked.
Remember, as soon as you bring your brand online, you’re responsible for its safety. Be careful!

What’s Next?

Buying Instagram followers increases your visibility for your account to make sure your account does not go unseen in the face of stiff competition. Find any good site and use your money to buy followers to promote yourself and our brand. The digital market world is constantly changing, and at each stage, you have to be smart enough to do the work that matters; you have to fight for a chance for recognition in the market. Buying high-quality, active, and engaging Instagram followers to help you stand is one of the surest bets to guarantee your success.
Don’t wait until the time is late!
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