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Eight Top Captcha Sites In 2022

We have looked into a few Captcha sites and based on our findings, we have put together a list of the best Captcha input job sites.

Author:Iram Martins
Reviewer:Frazer Pugh
Mar 05, 2022
Working as a Captcha solver for organizations and Captcha input sites like Captcha Club, Captcha2, MegaTyper, Captcha Typer, Kolotibablo, and others is one of the simplest ways to make money.
We have looked into a few top Captcha sitesand based on our findings, we have put together a list of the best Captcha input job sites.

Is Captcha Entry Work Legal?

Top 3 Best Captcha Typing Jobs NEW Typing Jobs JOBS 2020 | Data Entry Jobs, mobile data entry job

Captcha is a human verification process to ensure that no automated bots or software are allowed to join their website.
Many businesses require large-scale signups on tens of thousands of websites on the internet. They can design automatic software to sign up for websites, however, there is no technology to automatically answer captchas.
And it is here that humans are required to solve the Captchas. When their program creates accounts on these websites, it encounters Captcha and sends the image of the Captcha to the Captcha solver. You have a limited amount of time to type the exact characters shown in the image, and you should be quite accurate to complete these puzzles.
That is where you can make extra money on the side with these internet occupations, and without having to invest anything. It is an easy freelance jobif you just want to make extra money, and not a career in films, health, technology, or in any industry.
While captcha tasks may appear to be legitimate, they can readily be abused. Captcha work isn't always done with good intentions, and some people use it to spam or hack - two things you don't want to be connected with. Regrettably, as a captcha solver, you may not be aware of the requester's intent.

Which Captcha Website Is Best?

Many people can work on these platforms as a way to supplement their income while working from home.
As a result, you can profit from these internet occupations without having to invest anything.
Captcha typing jobsIf you're interested, visit the sites listed below, sign up for each one, and begin solving the Captchas.

Top 5 Captcha Filling Websites || 5 Best Captcha Typing job Sites


MegaTypers is a great online employment site where you may earn anywhere from $0.45 to $1.5 per 1000 words typed. This website pays the majority of data entry workers up to $250 a month.
MegaTypers pays you using PayPal, WebMoney, Payza, and Western Union, among other methods.

Typers (ProTypers)

ProTypers is a collection of data entering experts. Another website where users can earn up to $200 per month by cracking captcha images is this one. ProTypers is open to people from all around the world.


For the past 5+ years, has been delivering internet employment from home, and many customers have received their payments on schedule. They pay up to $1 for each 1000 captcha images typed, or possibly more. offers a grading system to reward their most productive employees with better pay. The more accuracy you demonstrate, the more money you will earn. You will have to work a little harder at first to get money, but with time, you will be able to find a really lucrative position on this platform. is among the most famous and trusted captcha sites. It is possible to begin working on it using a computer or even a smartphone. You must first register on the 2captcha website, after which you will be taken through a brief training. In essence, the course will teach you how to solve various sorts of captchas in a short amount of time. After you've completed your training, you can begin working on any captcha that is available. The rate is $1 for every 1000 Captchas.


FastTypers is a website that values its employees and pays them up to $1.5 for 1000 captchas completed. During the night hours, especially between 12 and 5 a.m., the rate of completing captcha will just be higher.


QlinkGroup will pay you once a week. It is a two-word captcha service with case sensitivity. To obtain cash, you must complete at least 800 captchas per ID per week.


Another good site that offers Captcha Solve Jobs is CaptchaTypers. Joining CaptchaTypers is completely free. Many shady websites or individuals are asking for a registration fee for the CaptchaTypers administrative panel. Nothing should be paid to anyone.
Many people from all around the world work on CaptchaTypers and earn around $200 per month by solving captchas. You must type quickly to avoid being timed out, otherwise, your account will be suspended for 30 minutes. Their rate changes throughout time. Between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m., you'll get the best rates.


Another great place to look for online captcha solving jobs paying more for 1000 captchas solved. The site is no longer accepting new registrations. You must return to the site on a frequent basis to see if the registration has reopened.


You won't be able to make a lot of money doing captcha work. This is a physically demanding job that pays very little. I hope that this information will be useful to individuals who aren't looking for quick cash.
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