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Top Food Bloggers That Will Inspire You To Cook Great Food In 2024

Are you a gourmet who is always searching the globe for mouthwatering recipes and culinary inspiration? You're in luck if so! We'll introduce you to eight top food bloggers in this post.

Author:Emily Sanchez
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Mar 01, 2024
How in the world did we ever cook before the internet? It's likely that we were dependent on recipe books, culinary programs on television, and the wisdom of our grandparents. Naturally, the more adventurous would try new things in the kitchen, thankfully forgetting any culinary mishaps and recalling the triumphs.
These days, there is no shortage of food blogs that entice us to go immediately to the kitchen or the grocery store with their delectable recipes, tips, and vibrant pictures. Countlesstop food bloggersexist to entice your palate. Time to get to know them!

Love And Lemons

A plate of food
A plate of food
Jeanine Donofrio and her husband, Jack Mathews (dubbed the "#1 taste-tester"), are the creators of Love and Lemons. The name of the blog originates from Jeanine's fondness of eating in season cuisine, which is often completed with a squeeze of lemon. The website has a large number of vegetarian recipes.
Established in 2011, the site has received recognition from respected culinary publications such as culinary & Wine, Food52, Refinery29, SELF Magazine, and Oprah Magazine. It was awarded a Saveur Editor's Choice award in 2016 after being selected Readers' Choice Best Cooking Blog by Saveur Magazine in 2014. You may narrow down your recipe search by season, holiday, kind of meal, special diet, or ingredient.
A woman with various dishes
A woman with various dishes
The whole point of Cookie and Kateis to enjoy delicious meals. Kathryne Taylor is Kate. Her dog, Cookie, is what Kate refers to as a "mystery mutt," or as a DNA test revealed, a combination of Australian koolie and Schipperke. Kate is an Oklahoman photographer and chef.
She started the blog in 2010 and dedicates all of her time to it today. Cookie and Kate offers whole food and vegetarian recipes, much like a lot of the other well-known food blogs on our list. It's simple to look for recipes on our website. Recipes may be found by Ingredient, Season, Diet, Course, or Cuisine.

Minimalist Bake

A pot of soup on a table
A pot of soup on a table
One of those websites where the name pretty much says it all is Minimalist Baker. It offers plant-based dishes that may be made in one bowl with ten ingredients or fewer, or in thirty minutes or less. Every three days, a new recipe with a blend of savory and sweet foods is published.
The blogger and creator of the recipes is Dana Schultz. She is passionate in trying out new recipes and taking pictures of food. She has even gone so far as to develop a course called Essentials of Building a Great Food Blog. Even though the site's name includes the term "baker," it offers a wide range of cooking sweets, dinners, breakfast, snacks, sides, and beverages mostly vegan.

Smitten Kitchen

Various food preparations
Various food preparations
Delicious photos of foods that beg to be consumed may be found on Smitten Kitchen. It should thus come as no surprise that serious foodies have discovered Smitten Kitchen to be quite popular. The tagline for Smitten Kitchen is "Fearless cooking from a tiny kitchen in New York City." Deb Perelman, who was fascinated by the finer points of food and cookery, designed it.
She enjoys being free to wake up and make anything she feels like making that day, as she states on her About page. The main focus of this website is the recipes. A special focus is placed on elevated comfort food options. The website also offers a ton of lessons covering a wide range of subjects, including how to produce pie crust that doesn't shrink on you and how to poach an egg.

101 Cookbooks

Stuffed mushrooms
Stuffed mushrooms
The emphasis of Heidi Swanson's 101 Cookbooksis on offering wholesome, daily foods. At the moment, it has over 700 quick pot, whole food, vegetarian, and vegan recipes. When Heidi realized it was time to start cooking and quit collecting cookbooks, she decided to start the blog in 2003. She was tired of always making the same recipes. She thought the time had come to read more of the books she had.
Heidi's abilities and culinary expertise increased as she went through her cookbooks, and she created her own collection of tried-and-true recipes. These days, Heidi selects and writes about dishes that relate to her daily hobbies, trips, and life. These are often from her cookbook library, although sometimes they aren't.
Posts and recipes may be arranged seasonally, by ingredients, or by category (such as whole grain, vegan, pasta, chocolate, etc.).Deb makes it a point to use only items that are readily accessible.All of the site's recipes are categorized by type on the Recipes page, which also has separate sections for Fruit, Meat, Sweets, and Vegetables.

Budget Bytes

A woman cooking
A woman cooking
The goal of Budget Bytesis to provide delectable meals that are affordable. It acknowledges that not everyone has the means to create elaborate dishes that need hours to prepare and pricey supplies. It makes an effort to appeal to those who have "peanut butter budgets and Instagram tastes."
Beth Moncel is the creator of Budget Bytes. She wants to provide wise cooking, eating, and shopping advice. On her blog, she offers a plethora of recipes along with cost analysis, preparation time, substitute preparations, and step-by-step images. Beth has developed six principles to keep her grocery budget low and reduce waste:
  • Plan your meals
  • Use ingredients wisely
  • Portion control
  • Don't be afraid of leftovers
  • The freezer is your friend
  • Shop wisely

Closet Cooking

A woman preparing a meal
A woman preparing a meal
Kevin Lynch's attempts to cook and create dishes in his kitchen the size of a closet are documented in Closet Cooking. In his effort to never again have a dull dinner, Kevin discovered that cooking had become his obsession and love! Kevin finds it enjoyable to invent inventive strategies to provide delectable foods out of a little kitchen!
Since he launched the website, Kevin has created 2,600 recipes. His Top dishes segment, which features his 100 most well-liked dishes, is given center stage. Some of his recent posts include:
  • Shawarma Seasoning
  • Sicilian Pizza
  • Strawberry Lemonade Bars
  • Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella Balls
  • Pan Seared Balsamic Strawberry Chicken and Brie

Damn Delicious

A woman cooking with pleasure
A woman cooking with pleasure
The website for Chungah Rhee (as well as her wacky corgi buddy, Butters) is called Damn Delicious. Chungah was raised in a traditional Korean home, although she is now located in Los Angeles, having originally hailed from Queens. In 2011, she started posting her favorite recipes online on a Tumblr account, which eventually developed into her blog, Damn Delicious.
Since then, the website has drawn a group of people who collaborate to produce the greatest recipes. It provides users with videos, step-by-step instructions, and recipes that demonstrate how to prepare simple, fast meals on a daily basis.

Top Food Bloggers - FAQs

Are The Recipes On These Blogs Suitable For Beginners?

Yes, the approachability of these well-known food bloggers' recipes is what makes them so beautiful. They include simple recipes and detailed instructions that are accessible to a broad range of users, including novices.

Can I Suggest A Recipe To These Food Bloggers?

Of course! The majority of food bloggers like interacting with their followers and value comments and recipe recommendations. Please do not hesitate to contact them via their websites or social media accounts.

How Can I Stay Updated With Their Latest Posts?

You may sign up for the blogs' newsletters or follow these world-renowned food bloggers on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to remain up to speed on their most recent recipes and updates.

Final Words

A thriving community of food bloggers has emerged online, driven by a desire to spread their love of cooking and food to as many people as possible. These well-known food bloggers, who range from lovers of organic cuisine to those who honor the tastes of many cultures, each have something special to share. Put on your apron, light the stove, and join these well-known culinary bloggers as they take you on a delectable culinary adventure!
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