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Top Places To Visit On Your European Road Trip This Year!

Why choose a holiday touring Europe by car? Travel thousands of miles by car, crossing countries and cities with hours and hours of travelling. Yet, there is nothing more beautiful than visiting unknown places and coming into contact with totally different ways of life.

Author:Karan Emery
Reviewer:Iram Martins
Aug 03, 2023

The Breathtaking Beauties Of Europe

Why choose a holiday touring Europe by car? Travel thousands of miles by car, crossing countries and cities with hours and hours of travelling. Yet, there is nothing more beautiful than visiting unknown places and coming into contact with totally different ways of life.
Europe is the ideal place for your road trip this year thanks to its inter-connected motorways! It offers many cultures and heritage, with something new around every corner! Also, you can cover most of the following countries in about 2 weeks. Regardless of whether you are planning on a solo trip, one with a partner, friends, or family, you can plan it according to your needs and wants.

Porto — Portugal

Even if you just stroll through the historic center, you will feel the beauty of this city. A journey of discovery through Porto must start at the beating heart of the city, the Ribeira. This medieval district, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is built on a hillside sloping down into the waters of the Douro. It reflects in the colorful and picturesque houses with wrought-iron balconies.
The Ribeira is full of restaurants and bars. Also, it is the starting point of the boats that take you down the Douro River. Indeed, it is the perfect area to spend an afternoon outdoors, admire the colours of the sunset, and watch the city's lights come on in the dark waters of the river. Entering the northern part of Porto, you can't miss the Igreja de São Francisco, a monumental Gothic church on the outside and a true Baroque triumph of golden inlays inside the Sé do Porto. This majestic cathedral towers over the city from above.

Zell Am See—Austria

In this natural paradise of unparalleled beauty near the Hohe Tauern National Park, sports enthusiasts, tourists, families and guests seek a relaxing holiday. From the eternal snow of the Kitzsteinhorn glacier to the spectacular views and breathtaking panorama at Schmittenhöhe, you can find a varied world of experiences all year round.
The snow pistes of the Kitzsteinhorn offer guests fun 365 days a year, as does the Schmittenhöhe with its fascinating hiking trails in summer and pistes in winter. A boat trip on Lake Zell, the high mountain lakes of Kaprun, the Sigmund-Thun Gorge, or a round on the 36-hole Golf Course make an unforgettable summer holiday. In the evening, relax in the TAUERN SPA, one of the most advanced wellness oases in the Alps.


Hungary's capital city, Budapest, is full of history and culture. It is ideal for adventure-lovers photographers. Known as the world's Spa Capital, Budapest has a lot to offer. Stroll through its underground caves and enjoy the riverside of the Danube. Visit its famous Ruin Bars, the Parliament Building, or dive into the delicious local delicacies!
The Szimpla Kert, Jewish Quarter, Fisherman's Bastion, Szechenyi Spa Baths, and more await you! More so, browse through the local products in the restored neo-Gothic tunnel of the Great Market Hall. You can also go to Buda Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and admire Margaret Island's greenery.


Gdańsk is a port city, on the Baltic coast of Poland. You will enjoy this stop if you are an adventure-goer, a photographer, a videographer, a city-lover. In fact, Gdańsk boasts many historical attractions. For example, some prominent places are the historic cathedrals and the medieval ports. In addition, you can also explore the Dlugi Targ and the Promenade street of Polish Kings.
The Dlugi Targ offers you the Golden Gate, Main Town Hall, Neptune Fountain, Artus Court, and more. Here, you can walk through the old architecture of Mariacka Street, climb to St. Catherine's Church Tower, visit the Museum of the Second World War, and much more! Relax by the Motlawa River's waterfront. Take a stroll from the Green Gate, through the Green Bridge, and further for your morning or evening walk.


Your road trip must include Amsterdam. With its rich legacies, it is an exciting spot for all adventure lovers, photographers, city-lovers and videographers. The first thing you should do in Amsterdam is visit it on a boat. The most famous is the Hop-on Hop-off City Sightseeing boat, where you can get on and off as and when you like. Amsterdam is also famous for its coffee shops. As they're a typical part of the city, they are well worth a visit. Another must-see is the floating flower market Bloemenmarkt. Here, you can buy bulbs and souvenirs. Amsterdam is also famous for its beautiful bike paths, the Van Gogh Museum, and artworks by Vermeer and Rembrandt at the Rijksmuseum. Stroll around Ij-Hallen, Europe's biggest flea market.


Dublin is famous for the Dublin Castle and the St. Patrick's Cathedral. The city also boasts other attractions. Do sightseeing on the famous red hop-on hop-off bus. This bus will take you around the city to admire some breathtaking sites, including The Ha'penny Bridge and the Glasnevin Cemetery. Also, you can also relax on a cruise on the river Liffey.
In addition, you can step into one of Dublin's several local pubs for Ireland's renowned Jameson whiskey and Guinnessbeer! Enjoy some Gaelic games such as hurling, handball, and rounders for sports. And finally, for some online games, delve into an online casino siteat night. For example, play games like Fortune Spins, where you can admire the stunning scenery of Ireland, to have a perfect ending to your day!


Therefore, if you are planning to make your road trip flexible and budget-friendly, choose Europe this year. Drive easily from one enthralling destination to the next on a reasonable budget. Whether you go in company, or on your own, it will be an amazing experience. Indeed, it is a continent where you can enjoy a rich heritage and culture. More so, the different countries host different geographical attractions, as well. Indeed, you can explore mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, and more! Hence, pack your cases, make your plans, and get ready to have an experience of a lifetime!
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