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True Wealth Begins with Good Health

We all know it’s essential to take better care of our health but often lack the motivation because we’re too preoccupied with earning enough money to cover our monthly expenses.

Author:Karan Emery
Reviewer:Daniel James
Oct 26, 2021
We all know it’s essential to take better care of our health but often lack the motivation because we’re too preoccupied with earning enough money to cover our monthly expenses.
We live in a fast-paced world where we face plenty of pressure to perform. Problems, too, show up thick and fast, and we must resolve them quickly. But, paradoxically, if we slow down a little, look after ourselves, and revive our hope and optimism, then things will change for the better. We would do everything much more efficiently, and also feel great, earn more, get along with others, and live longer.
Here are two good ways to start to improve your physical and mental health.

Strengthen Your Spine To Improve Your Physical Health

When thinking about improving your physical health, it’s natural to focus on a few obvious things, like building muscle, burning fat, stretching ligaments, and improving stamina. While these goals are all excellent ways to stay fit and strong, also think about your spine. This complex structure supports your body’s intricate central nervous system. Its neural axis works like a telephone wire that connects your brain with your spinal cord.
Since the spine consists of millions of nerves, a misaligned spine causes health issues because it fails to relay essential messages from your brain to your body. It doesn’t matter how muscular, toned, sculpted, and flexible you are, you won’t enjoy good health if your spine is not in optimal condition.
If your spine is not working as it should, it's not uncommon to experience chronic headaches, frequent illnesses, and deep fatigue. Your hands and feet will sometimes feel numb. Aches and pains in your neck, lower back, hips, and knees will be common.
Recognizing the quintessential role the spine plays in well-being and vitality, Eastern spiritual traditions developed elaborate exercises that focused on spinal health. Qigongis especially valuable for improving spinal health. It puts little emphasis on muscular development and fat reduction. Instead, it focuses on a series of complex, flowing movements that stimulate spinal health. A strong and agile body arising from this ancient practice are merely side-effects of exercises designed to increase the life force flowing through the body.
If you’re suffering from any spinal health injuries, consult with your doctor. Sometimes, performing Qigong exercises might restore any structural imbalances. Still, in other instances, if your health issues stem from a herniated disk, then surgery may be necessary.
But it would be a mistake to resort to traditional surgery, which consists of spinal fusion. A better way to restore spinal stability is to opt for laser spinal surgery. This uses laser light to vaporize the herniated tissue without damaging the surrounding bone.

Join A Gym To Improve Your Mental Health

When people join a gym, they intend to improve their physical health, not mental health. But the mental health benefits of regular workoutsmay be as remarkable as building a terrific physique.
Exercise creates euphoria because the human mind and body are designed to move in harmony. Running on a treadmill will improve your cardiovascular health, and it will also release mood-lifting neurotransmitters. Doing a bench press will strengthen the muscles of the shoulders, arms, and chest, and it will also release serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, adrenaline, and endocannabinoids. A great workout decreases depression and anxiety and improves will, focus, and determination.

The Secret To The Good Life

As the ancient Greeks realized centuries ago, a sound mind in a healthy body is the secret to a good life. Later, the Roman philosopher Juvenal embodied this philosophy in his famous axiom, “Mens sana in corpore sano,” a Latin phrase meaning “a healthy mind in a healthy body.”
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Daniel James

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