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How To Join Tx811 And What It Means For Your Business

Tx811 is a non-profit organization committed to stakeholder education and communication in order to prevent damage to subsurface facilities, public safety, and environmental preservation.

Author:Elisa Mueller
Reviewer:Frazer Pugh
Jan 07, 2023
Tx811is a non-profit organization committed to stakeholder education and communication in order to prevent damage to subsurface facilities, public safety, and environmental preservation. In the state of Texas, we try to keep underground infrastructure from being damaged and dig in a safe way.
Its aim is to encourage stakeholder education and communication in order to avoid underground utility and pipeline damage, promote best practices, and contribute to public safety and environmental protection.
Contractors, utility operators, pipeline operators, municipalities, utility locators, excavators, engineers, and other industry-focused volunteers make up this group of industry leaders and stakeholders.

Tx811 Purpose

Below are the main purposes to create this organization.
Screenshot of the tx811 login interface with user and password fields
Screenshot of the tx811 login interface with user and password fields
  • On-site safety seminars and excavation safety festivals can be used to provide educational outreach.
  • On a local level, resolve concerns with the 811 procedure and underground facility location.
  • To form and maintain partnerships with other organizations with similar interests.
  • To support, promote, and participate in education and training programs aimed at preventing facility damage in order to improve public safety and environmental protection by incorporating the four steps to safe digging: Call Before You Dig, Wait the Required Amount of Time, Respect the Marks, and Dig With Care.
  • To encourage the use of safe digging techniques,
  • To make people more aware of the Railroad Commission of Texas's rules for preventing damage to underground pipelines (Title 16, Chapter 18).
  • As a goal, the Texas Utilities Code's Title 5, Chapter 251, the Underground Facility Damage Prevention and Safety Act, is meant to make people aware of the rules.
  • To make it easier for everyone in the industry to talk, work together, and coordinate to keep underground utilities from being damaged.

Tx811 Contact

There are two methods to contact Texas811 to obtain a line-marking notification. You can use any approach at no cost to you.
Online-via The Portal, our online ticket entry system, which may be found at, or by calling 811 - A recorded message will tell you what to do before you talk to a Damage Prevention Specialist, so pay attention.

Tx811 Portal

The web portal allows you to submit tickets over the internet. It is a very simple and handy feature to use.
  • When you first sign up on
  • You just have to put your email address. There are two options underneath asking if you are signing up as a utility member or an Excavator.
  • Check the appropriate box and click just once on the Subscribe button located right to the email box.
  • Here it is and now you can do whatever you want to take the advantage of this portal.

Tx811 Member Portal

Texas811 members can use the Internet Portal to do self-service tasks. Members can do advanced ticket searches, print tickets, and reply to find requests from excavators.
Here are the main features of the members portal.
Advanced Ticket Search:All locate tickets submitted to Portal Plus for Members are saved and stored in our digital database, providing you with a comprehensive and accurate record of all locate tickets filed. Its new criteria make it easy to find tickets and their history, which saves your company time by narrowing your search results. This is a common misunderstanding. You may search by date or date range, as well as by ticket number or code.
Reporting Options:Members have the ability to customize and request reports in a variety of formats.
Response Nature: Positive Response makes it simple to get rid of unneeded No Responses. Members have the power to react to the one-call center with only a single click. This functionality can communicate with a variety of ticket management systems.
Ticket Printing: You may quickly print tickets for your records or internal locators. All contact and worksite information, as well as information about other Texas811 utility members who have been alerted in the area, is on the printed tickets.

Tx811 Survey

When a client wants to know where the underground utilities are situated and there will be no excavation, a survey/design is completed so they may plan their work around where the subterranean services are buried. This ticket does not cover any excavations, and the customer still has to call in before the excavation starts.

Tx811 Summit

Texas811 organizes damage prevention educational activities like an annual summit, imitation line strikes, local rodeos, and training sessions to educate excavators, emergency responders, and the general public. Texas811 manages the country's largest Facebook page for a state one-call organization, which helps educate the public on subterranean safety.

Who Do You Call Before You Dig In Texas?

Even if you're excavating on your own property, Texas law requires you to call 811 two business days ahead of time (excluding weekends and holidays). If you hire a contractor to do the work for you, he or she must call 811 two business days before you start digging.

How Long Is A Texas 811 Ticket Good For?

Section 251.151 of the Texas One-Call statute says "a person who plans to excavate should inform a notification center not earlier than the 14th day before the excavation is to commence." The so-called "14-Day Rule" was once taken to suggest that a find notice or "ticket" expired after 14 days.


Texas811 connects your excavation plans to our member utility providers. Underground utilities are not marked by Texas811. Utility companies are told about the planned excavation, and locators are sent to find out where their lines are.
Tx811, a non-profit organization founded in 1984, is the country's biggest one-call contact notification center, with over 1,700 members.
Texas811 is the source of almost 80% of all requests to find subsurface utilities in the state of Texas. Utility businesses and municipalities that choose Texas811 to get notice of proposed excavations near their subterranean wires are Texas811 members.
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