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13 Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him

Guys are hard to shop for, no matter what your relationship is with him. He might be your significant other, a brother, or the father of your child. The one thing that they all have in common is that they are either difficult to buy for or expect you to know exactly what kind of gift they want.

Author:James PierceFeb 04, 2022
Guys are hard to shop for, no matter what your relationshipis with him. He might be your significant other, a brother, or the father of your child. The one thing that they all have in common is that they are either difficult to buy for or expect you to know exactly what kind of gift they want.

Here Are 13 Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him

Watch It

If there's one piece of advice everyone gives when it comes to buying gifts, it's this: if you're unsure of what to buy as a gift, get him something he can use daily that lasts. A watch is the perfect example of such a gift. You can't go wrong with a nice watch; whether he goes for sporty or dressy, there will always be one to suit his style and personality.

A Coffee Mug With Some Of His Favorite Tea Or Coffee In It!

Depending on your man's caffeine intake, this is either going to be the best or worst thing you could ever buy. The great thing about such a gift is that tea and even hot chocolate will do in place of coffee if they're not such a fan. So unless you know for sure that your guy drinks both, stick to coffee for this one!

A Great Pair Of Headphones

Every lady has that friend or significant other who can't stop talking about how amazing their headphones are. Guys tend to use their headphones for all sorts of things such as music, playing Warzone Hacks Remain Undetected by Anti-Cheat PC games, and some even just to cancel out noise.
The best thing is that these guys probably already know what kind they want, whether it's Beats by Dre, Bose, Skullcandy, etc. So you don't even have to guess! In addition, you can head on over to an online store and order them something decent but not too expensive because, face it, he'll be bragging about his new headphones either way!

A New Wallet

Since wallets are such a great gift idea in general, it's worth mentioning again. A brand new wallet is something most men would never buy themselves but love having nonetheless! You can't go wrong here, especially if you find some nice leather wallets.

A Hammock Or Tent

Every guy dreams about getting away from it all at some point or another, even if they never admit it! So this is something you can definitely surprise him with on Valentine's morning if he doesn't already own one. Just remember, don't buy him an indoor hammock because these are for sleeping outside only unless you want to spend the next three months listening to your significant other complain about bugs crawling all over him at night.

A Great Cologne

Much like headphones, there's nothing wrong with buying him something that lets him know how much you care without actually saying it. At some point, most ladies have been guilty of getting just any old cologne for their man, but why not take the time this year to smell out their favorite? This is another area where well-known brands are the safe bet, but it's definitely worth taking a look at their wish list.

A New Phone Charger

This might seem like the simplest idea on the list, but you'd be surprised how many guys don't have one of these yet. There are tons of great Power Banks this time of year that can hold multiple charges and come in cool colors as well.
Even if his phone still has juice, it's always good to keep one of these on hand for those times when they forget to plug in at night or run out unexpectedly during the day. This is another must-have for any man who loves traveling, so grab him something cute and useful this Valentine's day!

A New Hat For His Collection

Men love having some variety in their wardrobe just as much as girls do, and new hats are always a good way to go. Once hot off the press from your favorite sporting event or concert, these babies can be tough to find, but there's no better gift than one you know they'll really enjoy wearing outside before summer comes around again.

A Monogrammed Cigar Box

As far as long-term gifts go, this is one of the best that can be personalized to your liking for someone who loves cigars. This is another great gift idea that even comes in a premium cigar box so he will enjoy not only what's inside but how it looks on his man cave shelf!

A Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board

Cutting boards aren't just for cutting anymore! If he loves cooking, then maybe it's time you think outside the box when you're thinking of Valentine's gifts for him.

A Bluetooth Speaker

These are great to use as decoration or as actual speakers, and they'll make sure he can listen to his jams no matter where he is. Plus, these modern pieces of technology make cool presents for anyone who enjoys using their phone music apps.

A Personalized Apron

What better gift to give this Valentine than an apron with either his initials or favorite saying? Who doesn't love cooking up a storm even if they aren't good at it? If you're looking for a cute gift idea, then there are tons of aprons out there with great sayings. You can also find some pretty cool ones with his initials on them to make them personalized for him.

A One Year Subscription To Netflix

Not only does it give him something to look forward to each month, but chances are once he gets it, he won't want to cancel because, hey, you gave him an entire year of movies and TV shows. It might not be the sexiest gift ever, but your man will definitely appreciate this time saver come next season.
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