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Can You Host A Vision Board Workshop? Here’s a Checklist!

If you have attended a vision board workshop or two in the past, you’re probably wondering if you also have what it takes to host your own.

Author:Frazer Pugh
Reviewer:Emmanuella Shea
Jan 14, 2022
If you have attended a vision board workshop or two in the past, you’re probably wondering if you also have what it takes to host your own.
Before that, keep in mind that hosting doesn’t only equate to talking. It involves organizing the whole event and building total connections with the people you’re with. This is a big responsibility that you need to commit to. You also need to possess certain qualities to be considered “ready” and “eligible”.
Fortunately, the checklist below will help you know if you’re ready to take on the role of a vision board workshop host or you need to hone your abilities more.

Checklist For Leading A Vision Board Workshop

A yes and no checklist
A yes and no checklist
Here are the five main things that you should say yes to before going to host your own workshop:

You Know Your Goals

First, you should have established your objectives, painstakingly clipped out the words and images that represented your ideal life from magazines, and created a vision board. You trust that your plan will work and you will reach all your goals at the end of the process.
Not only that, but you're also proud of the goals you made to the point that you want to reach out to as many individuals as possible.
If you said yes to these, then you are surely ready to organize and lead other people in the wonders of vision boards.

You’re Willing To Take A Risk

Hosting a free vision board workshop rarely comes with risks since nothing will be wasted except for your effort if you fail.
Most hosts fail and turn their backs when we talk about paid workshops, though. Why? Because there are a lot of risks involved. If you don’t give you students the satisfaction that they need, they can give you bad remarks, a tainted reputation, countless refunds, and just a lot of hassle in general.
Now, as a host, you should be ready to face all these possibilities, both good and bad. If you can readily say that you can, then you’re ready to become a host!

You Know How To Communicate

No matter if you have well-crafted goals and plans, they’d be nothing if you don’t know how to communicate with people. Note that you will be exchanging ideas with a diverse community, so you have to know the proper way of delivering messages and lessons without being misunderstood.
If you’re not an expert in communicating yet, then you have a lot to prepare for before you can be eligible as a vision board workshop host. This applies no matter the language that you will be using in your classes.

You Know The Importance Of An Efficient Program

A vision board workshop is not an all-talk, all-teach day. It needs to have a program, of course, courtesy of the host, to ensure that all the needs of the people in the workshop are met. If you don’t understand how important this is, then you’re NOT ready to be a host.
To easily understand this, you should craft a schedule. There, you need to allot balanced time between learning, resting, eating, and applying what you learned in real-time. Doing this will help you let your participants improve both their mental and physical performance throughout the sessions.

You Have No Worries

“Am I good enough?”
“Will my workshop succeed or will I just be wasting people’s time and money?”
“Is it better if I just stay as a participant rather than looking into being a host?”
These are just some of the worries that a person gets when thinking of becoming a host. Although understandable, you need to get rid of these before you can really unlock your full potential as a workshop leader.
Once you’re not worrying about these and more, then that’s only when you should head on to be the host of your own vision board workshop.


Basically, once you’re not worrying about anything and you’re not questioning your own abilities, that’s when you can fully say that you’re ready to host your own vision board workshop.
Note that your goal should not revolve around your visitors and their finished vision board. Instead, your role as a host should allow them to leave with new friendships, a clear understanding of what they want to achieve, and a great attitude that will last them for days beyond the party.
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