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VR OnePlus Review - Taking A Look At The Sony ZEISS VR

This article provides an in-depth Zeiss VR OnePlus review, a virtual reality headset that promises an immersive and captivating experience for users. The virtual reality (VR) market has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with various companies competing to offer the most immersive and advanced VR headsets.

Author:Frazer Pugh
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
May 31, 2023
This article provides an in-depth Zeiss VR OnePlus review, a virtual reality headset that promises an immersive and captivating experience for users. The virtual reality (VR) market has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with various companies competing to offer the most immersive and advanced VR headsets.
One such contender is Zeiss, a renowned optics manufacturer that has ventured into the world of virtual reality with their Zeiss VR OnePlus headset. In this review, we will delve into the features, design, performance, and user experience of the Zeiss VR OnePlus.

Design And Comfort Of The VR OnePlus

The Zeiss VR OnePlus Headset is a high-quality passive virtual reality headset that can be used with both iPhone and Android devices. The headset is an improvement from Google VR cardboard and is compatible with phones ranging from 4.7 to 5.5 inches.
Virtual reality headset design and comfort are important for an enjoyable and immersive user experience. The Zeiss VR OnePlus offers a stylish design and comfortable fit for users.
The Zeiss VR OnePlus has a modern and minimalist design with clean lines. The headset is well-built and durable, with attention to detail. High-quality materials enhance its overall appeal.
Headset weight is an important factor for comfort. The Zeiss VR OnePlus is a lightweight VR headset designed to reduce strain on the user's head and neck during long VR sessions. Heavy headsets can cause discomfort and fatigue, which can detract from the VR experience.
The Zeiss VR OnePlus has adjustable head straps for a secure and customized fit. The straps can be adjusted to fit different head sizes and shapes for a comfortable fit. The feature is important to prevent the headset from slipping or feeling loose while in use.
The Zeiss VR OnePlus has soft foam padding for user comfort. Foam padding provides comfort and blocks external light sources to enhance immersion in virtual reality. It contributes to hygiene with a removable and washable surface.
The Zeiss VR OnePlus is ergonomically designed with easy-to-use controls and accessible ports. The smartphone tray can be accessed easily and the lenses can be adjusted for optimal focus. Buttons and controls are well-placed for easy navigation in VR experiences.
Zeiss VR OnePlus prioritizes user satisfaction through its design and comfort. The VR headset is comfortable and enjoyable to use due to its lightweight construction, adjustable head straps, soft foam padding, and ergonomic design. The headset prioritizes style and comfort for users engaging in gaming, watching videos, or exploring virtual worlds.

Zeiss VR One Plus Headset Unboxing and Testing

The Fit Of The VR OnePlus

An extra strap that may be fastened with Velcro can be attached to either side of the device. The wide strap ensures a secure yet comfortable fit. The device is held firmly in place on the head by an additional, non-stretchable, thinner strap that can be adjusted over the skull.
A cushion made of three layers of foam rests on your face, and it looks and feels very sturdy and supportive. It's Velcro-attached removal and flush mounting make it practical. The VR OnePlus is completely usable even while wearing glasses.

Specification Of The VR OnePlus

When empty, the VR OnePlus has dimensions of 5.6 x 3.9 x 7.3 inches and a weight of 1.4 pounds. The VR OnePlus comes with a universal tray, two straps, an instruction booklet, and a package of wet wipes for the display. There is no built-in button or controller, however an optional Magnetic Controller is for sale.
Devices with screens measuring between 4.7 and 5.5 inches can be accommodated by the universal tray. Only the rear-facing camera and other components towards that end of the phone will be visible. After you've inserted your phone's top into the plastic receptacle and slid the tray closed, a foam square will apply countervailing force. Then, position your device's center. Any items with a concave shape will not fit in the tray, so don't bother trying.
The LG V20/V10 and the Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S7 edge are too large to fit into the VR OnePlus, despite the fact that they were designed to handle the larger form factor devices. No problems with Galaxy S5/S6 or iPhone 6/6s/7/7s. If you own a 3D printer, Zeiss makes the CAD files for phone-specific trays available for free download. Available CADs include the Galaxy S6 edge, LG G3, HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z3, and Google Nexus 5.
If the volume rocker and power button are on the side, you cannot use them. The ports for the power supply and the headphones are easily accessible on the top and bottom.
The VR OnePlus has a high quality build and an elegant design. The device may be disassembled, the glass lenses cleaned, and then reassembled invisibly. Restores firmly.

Zeiss VR One Plus

User Experience And Content

The Zeiss VR OnePlus offers a user-friendly experience with its intuitive design and easy setup process. Users can quickly adjust the lenses to achieve the optimal focus, ensuring a clear and comfortable view. The device supports a wide range of VR applications, including games, videos, and educational content, providing users with a diverse selection of immersive experiences.
The lenses have a field of view of around 100 degrees. The graphics are sharp and clear, but the fishbowl effect can be disconcerting at first. Like when you initially put on glasses, we experienced little disorientation and headaches. In general, like with any virtual reality (VR) headset, use should be limited and breaks should be taken frequently.
The interpupillary distance (IPD) cannot be adjusted mechanically. The "eye-box" accommodates a range of IPDs (from 53mm to 77mm) and functions adequately while wearing eyeglasses.
One's passive virtual reality experience might range widely depending on what they choose to watch. Free virtual reality (VR) content is limited, with some experiences leaving you wondering, "That's it?" However, the quality of purchased content tends to be significantly higher.
Even though there isn't much you can do in passive VR (thus the name), using the magnetic controller can help you save time or avoid neck strain. You'll have to buy it separately if you want to use the VR OnePlus, although it's not too pricey if you do.
Virtual reality (VR) films and surroundings can provide a significant amount of content. The ability to zoom up, down, left, right, forward, and back is quite neat. It's entertaining to play games, but you could end up dizzy from all the head-banging. It may cause dizziness.

Maintenance Of The VR OnePlus

Maintaining this item will prove effortless for a number of reasons. To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your VR OnePlus headset, it is important to follow proper maintenance practices. Here are some essential maintenance tips to keep your device in excellent condition:

Cleanliness And Hygiene

  • Regularly clean the lenses of the headset using a microfiber cloth or lens cleaning solution specifically designed for VR devices. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the lenses.
  • Clean the exterior of the headset and controller with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove dust, fingerprints, or smudges.
  • If you share your VR headset with others, consider using disposable or washable face covers to maintain hygiene and prevent the spread of germs.

Storage And Protection

  • Store your VR OnePlus headset in a safe and dry location, preferably in its original box or a protective case specifically designed for VR devices.
  • Avoid exposing the headset to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight, as it may cause damage to the internal components or affect the performance.

Firmware Updates

  • Keep your VR OnePlus headset up to date by regularly checking for firmware updates. These updates often include bug fixes, performance enhancements, and new features that can improve your overall VR experience.
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions to install firmware updates correctly, ensuring a smooth and successful update process.

Cable Management

  • Take care when handling the cables connected to your VR OnePlus headset. Avoid pulling or twisting them forcefully, as this can damage the cables or the ports they are connected to.
  • Consider using cable management solutions, such as clips or cable sleeves, to keep the cables organized and prevent them from tangling during usage or storage.
By following these maintenance practices, you can prolong the lifespan of your VR OnePlus headset and enjoy a consistent and high-quality virtual reality experience. Remember to consult the manufacturer's guidelines and instructions specific to your device for any additional maintenance recommendations.

VR One Plus Review

Things To Consider Before Buying A VR Headset

There is a large selection of virtual reality headsets on the market today. There is a wide range of prices and features across the spectrum, from the Oculus Rift to Google Cardboard.
When searching for an appropriate virtual reality headset, you may have to pay anywhere from tens to hundreds of dollars. Let's take a look at the things you need to consider in order to locate the solution that works best for you.

Smartphone Compatibility

You need a virtual reality headset that is compatible with your smartphone if you want to use it outside of your home or office. Check to see if the headphone will be compatible with the model of your smartphone before purchasing it.


There is a wide price range for headsets, starting as low as $20 and going up into the thousands of dollars. Once you have determined how much money you are willing to spend, you will be able to select from a range of prices that corresponds to that amount.

VR Usage

The headset variety might change depending on the user's intended purpose. Choose a headset that requires tethering if you want a high-end gaming experience. Are you looking for mobile apps that are at least passable? If this is the case, you should consider purchasing a mobile headset.

People Also Ask

What Is A VR OnePlus?

VR One Plus Virtual Reality Glasses turn your smartphone into an immersive 3-D experience. Simply download one of hundreds of apps available for iOS or Android, including ZEISS and Google Cardboard. A slide-out tray holds your smartphone in the perfect position. It even works if you wear eyeglasses.

What Is VR In Smartphone?

What is a virtual reality smartphone headset? Smartphone VR headsets make use of smartphones to provide a virtual reality experience. Users slide their smartphones into the headset for a wearable HMD; the screen will be right in front of the user's eyes, with a set of lenses that create a sense of depth.

What Is Android VR?

The Google VR platform lets you use your smartphone as a quick entry point to Virtual Reality. The Android mode supports Google Cardboard and Daydream, and you should be able to write 3D sketches that run on the phone as Cardboard apps in stereo mode and respond to the head movement.


The Zeiss VR OnePlus offers an immersive and captivating virtual reality experience that has impressed users around the globe. This Zeiss VR OnePlus review highlights the key features and advantages of this cutting-edge device. With its high-quality optics and ergonomic design, the headset delivers stunning visuals and comfortable wear for extended periods.
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