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Walmart Pharmacy Reviews That Speak Volumes - Rx Realities

Discover valuable insights with Walmart pharmacy reviews. Uncover customer experiences, ratings, and comments to make informed decisions about your healthcare needs.

Author:Karan Emery
Reviewer:Daniel James
Jan 29, 2024
Let's delve into the world of Walmart pharmacy reviews, offering a comprehensive look at the experiences of individuals who have entrusted their health to this renowned establishment.
Navigating the realm of healthcare is a crucial aspect of our lives, and finding a reliable pharmacy is paramount. In the vast landscape of healthcare providers, Walmart Pharmacy stands out. From prescription services to customer interactions, these reviews serve as a valuable guide, empowering you to make informed decisions about your healthcare journey.

What Is Walmart Pharmacy?

Walmart is one of many American retailing firms. It now operates a supercenter, grocery store, and discount department store chain in the United States. The company's headquarters are located in Bentonville, Arkansas. Sam Walton established the company in 1962 and incorporated it under Delaware General Corporation Law on October 31, 1969. It also owns and runs Sam's Club retail warehouses.
Because of the prescription refill services that Walmart has begun to offer, people also refer to it as Walmart Pharmacy. Thus, Walmart and Walmart Pharmacy are identical, with the exception that the former sells groceries and other items and the latter sells drugs.
Walmart pharmacy app is renowned for its affordability, often providing cost-effective medication options and generic alternatives. The pharmacies are staffed by knowledgeable and friendly professionals who contribute to a positive customer experience.
Services extend beyond medication dispensing, encompassing immunizations, health screenings, and pharmacist consultations. The accessibility of Walmart Pharmacy locations nationwide enhances the accessibility of quality healthcare for communities.
With a focus on customer satisfaction, Walmart Pharmacy online strives to streamline the prescription fulfillment process and deliver a seamless healthcare experience. As an integral component of Walmart's commitment to community well-being, Walmart Pharmacy stands as a trusted healthcare partner for individuals and families across the country.

Walmart Pharmacy Hours

Other pharmacies are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, Walmart Pharmacy is only open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. As a result, it differs from other stores in this regard.
You may be wondering if Walmart Pharmacy offers the $4 generics service because its operating hours differ from those of its competitors. The good news is that $4 generics are available at Walmart's pharmacy.
In a nutshell, Walmart is one of a few national chains that assists individuals by providing a $4 generics option. People can obtain a thirty-day supply for four dollars or a ninety-day supply for ten dollars with this function.
However, it is best to check with your doctor about the availability of generic drugs before completing your prescriptions.
Under the 30-day supply strategy, Walmart pharmacy online provides drugs for the following ailments:
  • Nutrition and Vitamins
  • Thyroid
  • Mental well-being
  • Blood pressure & heart health
  • Family Organizing
  • Digestion
  • Diabetes and Cholesterol
Under the 90-day supply strategy, Walmart pharmacy online provides drugs for the following ailments:
  • Vitamins, Cholesterol, and Nutrition
  • Thyroid health, mental health, heart health, and blood pressure
  • Diabetes and Digestion
  • Family preparation

Walmart Pharmacy Text Alerts

Regardless of whether you have opted out of being contacted, Walmart can reach you at any time with urgent health and safety issues or for emergency circumstances, including by autodialed text or prerecorded message. Recalls, product cautions, and other messages affecting safety and well-being.

How Does Walmart Pharmacy Work?

If you are new to Walmart Pharmacy and wish to learn how it works, follow the steps below.
  • You can submit a prescription at any Walmart Pharmacy or transfer your current prescription to Walmart.
  • Pick up your medication at the same Walmart.
  • When you get your first Walmart prescription, you'll be able to open an online Walmart pharmacy account.
Pharmacist at Walmart
Pharmacist at Walmart

How Does One Confirm Online Access For A Single Walmart Pharmacy Account?

Walmart medications can be accessed via the wellness app and website to monitor order status, refill orders, examine order history, and obtain COVID-19 digital immunization records.
There are two methods for confirming online access to Walmart Pharmacy services.

Pharmacy Verification On The Walmart Wellness App

  • Users must launch the app on their device (Android or iOS).
  • Then, consumers must sign in using their registered Walmart Pharmacy email address and password.
  • Users should now select Medications from the bottom menu bar.
  • Now, select Link to Pharmacy.
  • At this point, users must fill out the blanks in order for the Pharmacy to validate their identity.
Once your accounts have been validated, you will be able to read Walmart prescriptions, check order status, order refills, examine order history, and perform a variety of other things. This is the initial way to confirm online access. The second way is described below:

Pharmacy Verification At

  • Customers must use a mobile browser or a desktop computer to access the Walmart Pharmacy sign-in page.
  • They must now click sign in.
  • At this point, users must enter their registered Walmart Pharmacy email addresses and passwords.
  • Now, select the Add Pharmacy Access option.
  • Fill out all of the needed fields to authenticate your identity with Walmart's Pharmacy.
  • Once your accounts have been validated, you will be able to read Walmart prescriptions, check order status, order refills, examine order history, and perform a variety of other things.
Walmart pharmacy app
Walmart pharmacy app

What Exactly Is Walmart+ Rx?

It is a new advantage added to the list of benefits available to Walmart+ members. This program provides additional discounts on the most often prescribed medications for the following medical conditions:
  • Mental Wellness
  • Allergies to Heart Disease
  • Antibiotics
  • Diabetes administration
Those who have paid for a Walmart+ membership can now get free drugs and discounts on thousands of other prescription meds. These reductions can go up to 85%.
Walmart+ members who present their pharmacy savings card with a valid prescription at any Walmart Pharmacy store of their choice can use the prescription discount program instead of their insurance benefits. Walmart+ members receive discounts on e-prescriptions from prescribers that are sent to Walmart Pharmacy.

The Priorities Of Walmart's Pharmacy Operations Are Pharmacist Empowerment And Patient Experience

Walmarthas a long history of operating pharmacies and running retail stores. The firm is currently growing its clinical offerings and making sure that its pharmacists are practicing at the highest level of their licenses to provide patients with high-quality healthcare.
Walmart's vice president of strategic planning and implementation for health and wellness, Karim Bennis, stated that the company is more aware than ever that consumers are seeking out high-quality, easily-acquired, and reasonably priced healthcare options in the increasingly competitive pharmacy market of today.
He stated:
We are dedicated to contributing to the solution for American families, not only in our pharmacies but also throughout our healthcare offerings.- Karim Bennis
The pharmacy of the future pilot, which was recently launched and includes cutting-edge automation, an enhanced customer experience, and an expanded suite of services to deliver the highest level of convenience, experience, and quality of service, is proof that the Bentonville, Arkansas-based retailer is also working hard to continuously improve its customer experience, according to Bennis.
The head of Walmart's pharmacy clinical services, JoLynn Coleman, stated that while pharmacy practice continues to change in every state, the store supports its pharmacists in practicing at the highest level of their licenses.
According to her, they provide a comprehensive spectrum of therapeutic treatments, including year-round vaccinations in 49 states and Puerto Rico. Where permitted by the state, their pharmacies offer CLIA-waived screenings as well as, in some cases, quick diagnostic tests. Their MTM/adherence program consists of medication synchronization, targeted and thorough medication reviews, messaging, adherence outreach, therapy gaps, and refill reminders.
Coleman also discussed Walmart's initiatives in prescriptive and specialty pharmacy services, as well as naloxone counseling and dispensing.
Their pharmacists participate in a thorough opioid stewardship program in addition to prescribing and offering advice on Naloxone. We provide prescriptive services, such as the prescription of hormonal contraceptives and minimal medical care, in some places. We provide a variety of specialist items in our retail stores in addition to our full-service specialty pharmacy.
Through Walmart Wellness Days, the pharmacy staff at Walmart has given over four million free screenings, including blood pressure, BMI, and total cholesterol, at more than 4,200 sites across the country.
Walmart is also addressing the growing trend of pharmacists working with other healthcare practitioners in the pharmacy business.
Coleman stated that we value our pharmacists as important members of the healthcare team and offer them the freedom to work with physicians, midlevel providers, and experts in a variety of professions.
Our pharmacists are in a good position to help patients obtain care from a variety of clinicians and specialists, ensuring that all of their medications and services are coordinated for the greatest possible results.
When permitted by the state, collaborative practice agreements are used for vaccines, fast diagnostic testing, public health screenings, oral contraceptives, naloxone administration, and counseling.
Walmart pharmacies are adapting to the growing population of customers with long-term medical issues who can require numerous prescription regimens.
Coleman stated that Walmart's pharmacists strive to ensure that patients are able to manage their pharmaceutical therapy and chronic illness through medication therapy management, medication synchronization, and thorough counseling. She said that we also use digital tools to assist the patient in managing drug adherence.


Here are some reviews of Walmart Pharmacy on Consumer Affairs.
Jessica says:
I can’t count how many times I’ve had issues with Walmart Pharmacy. I used to believe it was one particular story but now I realize, it’s probably some backwards protocol being employed. My life depends on certain types of medication and for the past year or so, every time I’ve gone to renew a prescription, I get the ring-around and it is never a smooth process.
Just recently, I tried to renew one of the medications and was first told it was too soon and to wait a week (Jan. 15th). That day comes around and I renew again and get a notification that my medicine was ready so I go to the pharmacy and get told that it once again was too early and to wait another week (Jan. 22nd).
I was annoyed because that was what I was told the week prior but figured it was an insurance issue (not the first time). So I wait til that date and then go to once again pick up my medicine after they sent yet another notification saying it was ready and was told it was out of stock.
At this point, I was very tired of this ordeal and figured this particular pharmacy was being extremely disingenuous. I requested to see if another store had my medicine in shock, which there was about 45minutes away.
That Walmart Pharmacy said they would fill my entire prescription (3 boxes worth of medication) and would hold it priority. I was satisfied so I waited for that ready notification, which came around 6pm. Then I drove the 45 minutes to pick up my medicine, getting there right before closing.
Then the pharmacy tech proceeded to only give me 1 of the 3 boxes. I was perturbed and said that I was told on the phone I’d get all 3 boxes. The pharmacy tech mumbled something about insurance rejecting my prescription but she did acknowledge I was supposed to receive 3.
I called the insurance company who said that there was no reason why Wal-Mart didn’t give me all my medicine unless they were actually out of stock. It is a never ending cycle of misinformation and being lied to by this company.
They will tell you every excuse in the book, regardless the location and genuinely have zero clue what they are talking about. I can’t say enough how disappointed I am with Wal-Mart pharmacy and will certainly be switching.
John says, "Truly for the most part the staff and pharmacists at Walmart are phenomenal caring people. Unfortunately there is 1 pharmacist, a ** female 40s blondish brown hair who is just worthless! Horrible customer service and a complete ignorance on drug interactions and history.
She would usually probably go unnoticed but unfortunately for her the rest of the staff at grant and alvernon are of such high regard her poor performance and knowledge shoves it pungent stank right in your face! I know this is a crooked pharmaceutical system but there is still room to be caring and helpful!!"
Robin says, "Every prescription sent in from the Dr, they never have my medication in stock. Always out of stock and delays, delays, delays. The last prescription they filled last week was a partial prescription and when I came back to get the rest, because I have Medicaid, I have to wait until I am almost out. Went back today, 3 days early they said, still cannot get it. Not until the 6th... The day after I am out."
Paul says, "Based on what I’ve seen from my local Walmart pharmacy, they never fill prescriptions on time. There is ALWAYS some kind of delay. They treat people who are prescribed pain meds like they are drug addicts.
The Pharmacist questions everything about your meds even though they are prescribed by a physician. They will give you the cheapest version of generic medication they can find just to save money. Meanwhile you are left to bear the pain! And Walmart wants to get into the medical field? God help us!"

Walmart Pharmacy Reviews - FAQs

What Are Customers Saying About Walmart Pharmacy Services?

Walmart Pharmacy reviews highlight positive experiences with efficient prescription services and knowledgeable staff.

Is Walmart Pharmacy Customer Service Reliable?

According to reviews, Walmart Pharmacy's customer service is generally praised for its responsiveness and helpfulness.

Are There Any Common Concerns Raised In Walmart Pharmacy Reviews?

Some customers express concerns about waiting times, but overall, Walmart Pharmacy reviews often highlight positive experiences.

How Is The Prescription Fulfillment Process At Walmart Pharmacy?

Walmart Pharmacy reviews frequently mention a smooth and efficient prescription fulfillment process, with minimal hassles.

Are There Positive Comments About The Professionalism Of Walmart Pharmacy Staff?

Yes, customers frequently praise the professionalism and knowledge of Walmart Pharmacy staff in reviews.

Final Thoughts

The wealth of insights gathered from Walmart Pharmacy reviews paints a vivid picture of the pharmacy's performance in the eyes of its patrons. Armed with the knowledge of others' experiences, you are better equipped to make choices aligned with your health needs.
Whether seeking information on prescription fulfillment, customer service, or overall satisfaction, these reviews serve as a compass, guiding you through the diverse landscape of healthcare options. Embrace the wisdom shared by those who have walked the path before you and embark on your healthcare journey with confidence, informed by the collective experiences revealed in Walmart Pharmacy reviews.
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