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Waptrick - The Download Portal With No Hidden Tricks

Looking for a reliable website where you can download some stuff for free? Whether it’s a movie or a game or even a wallpaper, Waptrick has a lot to offer for everyone.

Author:Frazer Pugh
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Jul 12, 2022
If anyone’s looking for “something old, something new” that doesn’t concern weddings but more on downloadable online stuff, then there’s Waptrick.
In one post by the tech blog 3rd Planet Techies, an article enumerated seven “old sites” popular for people who wanted to download mobile games.
Waptrick made it on the list. In fact, it was even mentioned first.
While four (Waptrick included) of those mentioned in the article still operate, three, however, ceased already.
WapDam, Wapday, and are no longer around.
It’s interesting to note, by the way, that Googling “WapDam” will result in a link to Waptrick.
In addition, according to the article, when the WapDam link was still available, clicking on it would take one to Waptrick.
Well, the author of the article wrote it’s a post “for old times’ sake.”
But then, in the case of Waptrick, this website has not yet faded into memory. - Funny Waptrick Videos | Free 3gp Films | Download Free Mp4 Movies

Dissecting Waptrick – Exploring What’s Inside

Waptrick has not exclusively limited itself to offering downloadable mobile games.
It’s a website where people can download films, songs, and wallpapers, among several others, for free.
Though, on its homepage, “Games” appears first on the main menu bar.
It’s followed by four other categories:
  • Videos
  • Themes
  • Photos
  • Wallpapers
With an uncluttered homepage, other interests that can be downloaded appear right down below the main menu bar and in the following order:
1. TV Series
Clicking on this category redirects to Videovak (, a site where one can watch TV series for free.
2. Updates
As the name suggests, it shows the latest additions to Waptrick’s lists of downloadable things.
3. Dropant Play Online
This one redirects to Dropant, a gaming website.
Homepage of gaming website Dropant
Homepage of gaming website Dropant
4. Videos
There’s a subcategory for “New Videos” and another one for “Most Downloaded Videos.”
Note that the above-mentioned subcategories are found in all the other categories. Also, like the main categories, all subcategories are numbered here in the order they are listed on the homepage of Waptrick.
The subcategory “TV Series,” again, redirects to redirect to Videovak.
Under “Videos,” the assortment of other videos found in Waptrick are arranged under these subcategories:
  • Sports
  • Cartoon
  • Funny
  • Movie Trailer
  • Nigeria Special
  • Games
  • Magicians Illusion Talent
  • TV Serials (doesn’t redirect to Videovak)
  • Animals
  • Beauty
  • Football World Cup 2014
  • Big Brother
  • Interesting Incidents
  • Science and Technology
  • World Travel
  • Celebrity
  • World Disaster
  • Recipe
  • Talented People
  • Model Fitness
  • Facebook (most probably video clips uploaded on Facebook; one’s a clip from The Ellen DeGeneres Show)
5. Photos and Pictures
The following subcategories are further divided into groups (the groups are not anymore listed here):
  • First five subcategories: Animals, Celebrities, Vehicles, Sport, Romantic
  • Second five: Religion, Nature, Cute, Film, Animals
  • Next five: Celebration, Artistic, Misc., Fantasy, Horoscope
  • Then: 3D, City, National Flags, Beauties of Instagram, Facebook, Logos
6. Themes
Its subcategories (no groups):
  • Animals, Celebrities, Landscapes, Social/Funny, Love
  • Money, Outer Space, Sports, Symbols, Zodiac Signs
  • Others
7. Live Wallpaper
Waptrick offers wallpapers in categories similar to some of those found under “Photos and Pictures” and “Themes.”
These are the subcategories:
  • Country Flags, Celebrities, Football Teams, Social/Funny, Animals
  • Landscapes, Symbols, Zodiac Signs, Money, Film, Others
8. Animations
The subcategories are:
  • Love, Nature, Other, Cute, Fantastic
  • Funny, Human, Vehicle, Celebration, Religion
  • Sports, Horoscope, Facebook
9. Sound Effects
For those looking for sound effects for their presentations or videos, check the following subcategories:
  • Animal*, Human*, Effect*, Ringing*, Computer Games*
  • Vehicles*, Musical*, International*, Siren, Cartoon Film
  • Nature, Other, 3D, Sports, Turkish Actors
(*with groups but not mentioned here)
For clarification, under “Turkish Actors,” the recorded voices of people (which could be from some celebrities from Turkey) are found at the bottom of the list. The first ones are random sound effects (e.g., someone getting choked, an electric razor being used, a gun being shot, etc.)
10. Games
With a long list of games, Waptrick lives up to its reputation as one of the best free sources of downloadable games.
Here are the subcategories:
  • Arcade, Kids, Action, Racing, Movie Games
  • Classic, Casino, Platform, Christmas, Sports
  • Strategy, Mind, Puzzle, Misc., Arabic Games
11. Applications
More on apps later.
12. Photo Gallery
As of this writing, the gallery is composed of 15 groups of pictures, which include the following:
  • actors who appeared in the Harry Pottermovie series
  • airport hotels with runway views
  • African cities
  • classic cars
  • shipwrecks
  • swimming pools
Underwater pictures of a Boston Terrier chasing a tennis ball and a baby girl by Seth Casteel
Underwater pictures of a Boston Terrier chasing a tennis ball and a baby girl by Seth Casteel
There’s also a set from American photographer Seth Casteel, who became popular for his works of dogs photographed underwater. Found are Casteel’s pictures of babies underwater.
Waptrick also uploaded pictures of Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova and of the embroidery work of Malaysian model Sheena Liam, Asia’s Next Top Model, Cycle 2grand winner.
13. Song Lyrics
Search for the lyrics by typing inside the keyword box the name of the artist or the title of the song (either in full or some parts of it).
The list of artists can also be seen by clicking the letters at the A–Z pad.
14. Horoscope
Daily and weekly forecasts are available.
Waptrick is available in 47 languages, including some of the most spoken languages in the world, such as Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Hindi, and Russian.
For whatever concerns, Waptrick can be reached via email (

Waptrick Music 2022

When searching for free music to download, Waptrick proves to be a good source of different genres.
Particularly commendable is its inclusion of Bollywood music and Afro popular music.
Among the repertoire of Afro-pop music available at Waptrick come from the following countries:
  • Ghana (Emelia Brobbey, Yaw Tog)
  • Kenya (Gwaash, Wing Bwoi)
  • Nigeria (DJ YK, EmmyBlaq, Gospel singer Ezra Jinang, Wizkid, Qdot)
  • Uganda (DJ Erycom, EEZZY, Eddy Kenzo, Eddie Wizzy, Fik Fameica, Quex, other West Nile artists)
  • Sierra Leone (Emmerson)
  • Zambia (Y Celeb)
The songs and albums of the Afropop singers and rappers mentioned above are also found on the site.
‘Xplode Afro Beat’ event poster by Nigerian singer Qdot
‘Xplode Afro Beat’ event poster by Nigerian singer Qdot
Based on Google Suggestions, people go to Waptrick to download the recitation of the Islamic religious text Quranby His Excellency Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais.
Sheikh Al-Sudais is a Chief Imam(an imamis a worship leader of a mosque). He is also the incumbent president of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques, a Saudi Arabian government agency.

Latest Games Waptrick

As of this writing, under the category “New Waptrick Games,” the first ten games (as they appear on the list) that can be downloaded are:
  • Lampy - Color Jump(arcade game)
  • Max Payne Mobile(shooter game)
  • Flight Sim: Transport Plane 3D(plane simulator game)
  • Angry Birds Blast(puzzle game)
  • ICEY(action-meta-game)
A meta-game is “a game beyond the game.”
That’s the general idea about meta-games, according to Forbes and
Per Forbes, gamers view meta-games as something they require the “use of real-life knowledge” to win as well as interaction with other players.
For Stanislav Costiuc, in his Game Developer article, the lead game designer at Romanian software company Firebyte Games wrote:
It [meta-game] can take [the] form of systems created by developers, or strategies used by players.
Moving on, here are the remaining five games on the top ten list:
  • Top Boat: Racing Simulator 3D(racing game)
  • Hot Springs Story(simulation video game)
  • Miami Crime Vice Town(third-person shooter game)
  • multiplayer io game)
  • Fanatical Basketball defines “io game” like this:
An io game is a free to play, browser-based, casual game which has a multiplayer component, very few mechanisms, and minimalist graphics.
Under “Most Downloaded Games,” the first five listed by Waptrick are:
  • World Cricket Championship 2
  • Subway Surfers(runner game)
  • Tom And Jerry Mouse Maze 2(runner game)
  • Legend of the Skyfish Zero(puzzle game)
  • Dungeon Survivor II: Dark Tide(survival game)
Goku in normal and Super Saiyan Blue forms for the anniversary announcement of ‘Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle’ available in Waptrick
Goku in normal and Super Saiyan Blue forms for the anniversary announcement of ‘Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle’ available in Waptrick

Opera Mini Waptrick Download

With Opera ads appearing frequently in Waptrick, offering a free Opera Mini download might as well return the “kindness.”
Aside from the said web browser from a Norwegian tech company, other apps that can be downloaded from “Applications” come from these subcategories:
  • Phone/SMS (BiP Messenger, Chomp SMS, GMX Mail, Yandex.Mail, etc.)
  • Antivirus/Security (AVG, Bitdefender, Dr. Web, Norton, etc.)
  • Social/Funny (Facebook Lite, imo, Snapchat, etc.)
  • Tools/Gadgets (ElectroDroid, Google Analytics, Greenify, SHAREit)
  • Music/Photo (Bass Booster & Music Player EQ, My Bass, Photo Studio, TuneIn Radio, etc.)
  • Religion (Bible for Kids, Classic Catholic Prayers, Muslim Pro, Ramadan Times, etc.)
  • Guides (Busuu, Q Multi Language Translator, Talking Spanish Translator, etc.)
  • Dictionaries (Collins, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Oxford Dictionary of English, etc.)
  • Misc. Apps (Ayurvedic Herbs Medicine Book, keyboard apps, UC Browser, video editors, etc.)

People Ask

How Do I Open Waptrick?

Go to (used to be a
Click on the categories where you want to download from.
File formats include MPEG-4 Part 14 (MP4) and Android Package Kit (APK).

Is There Any Website Like Waptrick?

Yes, there are several websites similar to Waptrick.
Below are some of them:
  • Getjar
  • Mp3skull
  • Muzmo
  • Nymeria TV (formerly WapFever)
  • The Pirate Bay

Who Owns Or Runs Waptrick?

Upon checking the Internet domain registrar GoDaddy, where Waptrick is registered, a Quora user discovered that a proxy limited liability company (LLC) company was used. So, it’s not clear who owns Waptrick.

What Is The Safest Way To Download Music For Free?

Downloading from legal sites is the safest way, according to media company MakeUseOf (MUO).
MUO recommends these sites:
  • Free Music Archive
  • Jamendo
  • Musopen
  • NoiseTrade
  • YouTube Audio Library


Waptrick needs to improve its site and update the videos in order to maintain its loyal users.
Case in point: online shoppingapp AliExpress and Ultimate Food Value Diary, a diet tracker app, both appear under “Social/Funny.”
Wattpad, a social networking site, is in “Guides.”
TextMe should be placed in the more specific “Phone/SMS” instead of “Tools/Gadgets.”
In accordance with the standards set by Google Safe Browsing, Waptrick is “a safe website,” according to
Moreover, per Webutation, a rating directory site, the site is also free from malware and viruses.
However, these ratings were given in 2014.
For 2022 and beyond, Waptrick must get rated again to know if it’s still safe to download from it. Does it still comply with the aforementioned Google standards?
Old and new users of Waptrick deserve to know.
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