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12 Fun Activities to do at Washington Square Mall

Are you looking for a fun time outdoors? If that is the case, consider visiting the Washington Square Mall to see why people like it so much. Here is a quick guide

Author:Iram Martins
Reviewer:Frazer Pugh
Aug 02, 2023
The Washington Square mall in Portland, OR, is a place to have fun, shop, dine, and so much more. If you are ever around the Washington Square Mall, take your time to check it out in detail. There is so much you can enjoy while in the mall.
To help you understand how good the mall is, we will discuss some of the fun activities to do at the Washington Square Mall.


Do you love to try out new types of foods and cuisines? The Washington Square Mall has several restaurants to check out. We will look at some of the notable options known for the finest meals.

Auntie Anne’s

Auntie Anne’s
Auntie Anne’s
Auntie Anne’s chain of restaurants has grown from its humble beginnings in 1988. Right now, the restaurants are in different cities around the country. The best part is that you can still get it at the Washington Square Mall.
The restaurant is known for its delicious pretzel products, drinks, and dips. You can never miss something unique on their menu.
If you want some catering done outside the restaurant, that is also possible to get. Inquire more about outside catering from one of the staff members for detailed information.
For those who have the time, visit level 1 of the mall to check out Auntie Anne’s menuand other offers.

Bombay Wala

![Bombay Wala](Bombay Wala.jpg "Bombay Wala")
If you decide to move up to level 2, you will see Bombay Wala. Just as the name suggests, it is a new restaurant that offers Indian cuisine.
So, what are some of the meals you can enjoy at this restaurant? The restaurant provides you with meals such as vegetable entrees, seafood curries, rice dishes, beef curries, chicken curries, and more.
After checking out its menu, you will notice that the restaurant can be a nice place for you to hang out with your family. There will always be something that each family member can enjoy at this place.
You never have to worry about the servings as they are enough portions to leave you feeling full. It is why the restaurant has many positive ratings.


The name easily gives it away on what to expect at this joint. For those who might still not be sure, this is a great place to get a cup of Espresso coffee.
That is not all as the café is also good at making other coffee types you might like. Such include Grand Cru coffee, curated coffee, cappuccino, and many more. Whichever type of coffee you might have ever heard of, you will get it here.
If you want to make coffee at home, this is still a nice place to shop for coffee machines. The company provides you with the latest coffee machines that will improve how you make coffee.
The additional accessories for coffee brewing from the same place make it easier to enjoy your coffee. Please do not take our word for it, but instead go in there and try it out.

Nordstrom Ebar

![Nordstrom Ebar](Nordstrom Ebar.jpg "Nordstrom Ebar")
You can never get enough of the coffee until you try out more flavors. That is what the Nordstrom Ebar is all about.
The café is good at making handcrafted coffee beverages for people who are looking for something different. Skilled baristas are responsible for making these beverages that keep more people coming back for more.
Many visitors also like the house-made pastries, smoothies, sandwiches, snacks, and salads from this restaurant. Go ahead and check it out on level 1 to experience something better.

Sarku Japan

![Sarku Japan](Sarku Japan.jpg "Sarku Japan")
The Washington Square Mall is also home to Sarku Japan. This is a chain of restaurants known for their freshly cooked Japanese Cuisine. Sarku Japan is how you do it for those who want to taste something different from coffee and burgers.
So, what should you expect from the Sarku Japan menu? Well, it will be a range of cuisines, some of which you have never tasted before. Nevertheless, you should be open to trying new things.
The meals are prepared using fresh beef, seafood, chicken, and garden vegetables. With the various preparation methods going into these foods, expect them to taste unique and better.
The list of dining and drinking places in the Washington Square Mall is long. Consider visiting the mall to get the full experience and check out other restaurants in the mall.


You will not be at the Washington Square Mall to eat all the time. You might also want to do some shopping. Like any other mall, there are several stores for you to visit and find something that you like.
If shopping interests you, let us check out some cool stores to start looking at right now.

Abercrombie & Fitch

![Abercrombie & Fitch](Abercrombie Fitch.jpg "Abercrombie & Fitch")
The store is synonymous with quality, style, and luxury.
Anyone who wants stylish clothes will always check out this store. Even if the store is expensive, everything lives up to the price and the hype.
It does not matter what type of clothing you are looking for as the store has a wide range of options to consider.
The best part about the store is that it has clothes for men, women, and kids. There is no need to switch from one store to another, looking for something for your kids.
The store also has essential grooming accessories you need as a man or woman. There are shoes too in the same outlet. Many people who get into the store come out with a different look.
If that sounds intriguing, it is time to check out the store’s inventory to pick what works for you.


For anyone who is in the market for lingerie or related underwear, then Aerie is the place to be.
Aerie is on Level 1 of the mall, so it should not be hard to get to it once you are in the mall.
Here you will like the bras, undies, apparel, swim fits, and so much more. The store has quite the inventory for different occasions. It should be why you always find the store being busy compared to some others next to it.
It does not have to be undies alone that you buy at the store since it is also filled with many other clothing types. Just take your time to go through the various categories to find something that works for you. For more underwear apparel options, click here.

Apple Store

![Apple Store](Apple Store.jpg "Apple Store")
Washington Square Mall is known for its variety and that is why the Apple Store had to be in there too.
This Apple Storeis the right place for you to try out the different Apple products and accessories. Those who want new iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, or related products should visit the store today.
There are Apple product specialists to help you in case you have any questions while at the store. Sometimes you can easily get a good deal on products you always thought are expensive.
Occasionally, the Apple Store has a free workshop. From the workshop you can learn more about their products and why you need to invest in them.


Athleta is responsible for designing performance gear and apparel for women.
As the name suggests, the store is home to any activewear that a woman would ever want. Such include the bottoms, tops, bras, jackets, masks, and more.
Athleta is still a nice store to get yourself dresses and rompers. It does not have to be activewear all the time as the store is good in terms of other types of clothes you might need.
We cannot forget about the accessories too. Such include socks, hats, bags, masks, water bottles, gloves, and more.
Get into the store to buy something nice for yourself, as that is what awaits you in the shop.

Bath & Body Works

![Bath & Body Works](Bath and body works.jpg "Bath & Body Works")
Body care is vital for your well-being. That is something that this store understands.
If you want to smell nice, have smooth skin, and take good care of your body, visit the Bath & Body Works store on level 1.
The store has various body care products that will improve your overall health. Other products include hand soaps, home fragrance, and gifts. Let us say you have a special occasion, and it seems the gift ideas are no longer showing up; this store has gifts for days to choose from right now.
Do not hesitate to take good care of yourself when you get such a chance at the Washington Square Mall.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

![Dick’s Sporting Goods](Dick’s Sporting Goods.jpg "Dick’s Sporting Goods")
Sporting activities need the right gear for the job. It is then crucial that you consider checking out the Dick’s Sporting Goods store. It is one of the best when it comes to a wide range of options.
The best part about the store is that it has different types of sporting goods for every game. Even if you want something for jogging, then you can always find it in the store.
The store features different types of gear and clothes for women, men, and kids. So, head there to see what you can get for yourself.
To make it even better, the store has clothes for different seasons. In case you want something to wear during winter, it will be the best place to start checking out.
That is not all for the shopping category. To learn more about the shopping experience, check out the official Washington Square Mall website. It will help you learn more about the different stores available to get the best shopping experience.


Are you a fan of events? If the answer is YES, then Washington Square Mall is a nice place to find plenty of them.
The mall management regularly updates the website with any events that might be running in the mall to know if something you want to participate in occasionally.
Every few days, take the time to check out the events sections to see any newly added events. There are times you might notice a store conducting sales. We all know that sales are an excellent way of ending up with the best gift or something interesting at a bargain.
The events are categorized differently. The categories include fashion, lifestyle, dining, family, and more.
Some events have raised funds for essential activities in the past. Such include funds for stocking community food banks, buying mobile hospital buses, and much more.
For someone who wants to be part of a great event to help people, then the Washing Square Mall should give you ideas of where to start.

Crucial Amenities At The Washington Square Mall

The Washington Square Mall is all about making your visit comfortable and unique. It is why you will find the mall having several amenities that make your visit quite the experience.
Some of the most common amenities include nursing areas, comfortable seating areas, play areas for children, stroller rentals, and more.
The mall still has a 24-hour professional security team. The team is essential for assisting the visitors in finding their way around the mall. There is no doubt you would want to be sure that your security while at the mall is top-notch.
The security team can also come in handy to provide wheelchairs and electric carts to aid the visitors with their shopping.
In case there is an emergency, the security team is trained in first aid, CPR, and other emergency health care before the ambulance arrives. So, each time you visit the mall, you are assured of security and safety.


From the guide above, it is easy to see that malls are still fun places to spend time in this era. There is no doubt that the Washington Square Mall will make your afternoon a good one if you decide to pop in to relax and have a good time.
Besides shopping around or checking out events, there are many restaurants where you can sit and enjoy a healthy meal with your family. It should be the reason more people are interested in checking out the mall. Do not be left behind. Check it out today to see what fun you get while at the mall. You might end up liking the experience and go back for more fun activities.
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