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WaveSound 3 Review - Unveiling The Paww Brand's Ultimate Wireless Headphones

The vast majority of the low-priced ANC headphones out there are terrible. In this Paww WaveSound 3 review, we'll go over all the characteristics that make these headphones one of the best choices for the money in the affordable ANC category.

Author:Frazer Pugh
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Jun 05, 2023
Finding a decent pair of Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) headphones within your price range is challenging, especially if you need them to block out ambient noise. The Paww WaveSound 3 are excellent noise-cancelling headphones if you're searching for a set that won't break the bank.
The vast majority of the low-priced ANC headphones out there are terrible. In this Paww WaveSound 3 review, we'll go over all the characteristics that make these headphones one of the best choices for the money in the affordable ANC category.

Paww Wavesound 3 Reviews

Welcome to a world where crystal-clear sound meets wireless freedom. In this concise collection of Paww WaveSound 3 reviews, we delve into the remarkable features and performance of this cutting-edge wireless headphone. With its sleek design, advanced noise-canceling technology, and immersive audio experience, the Paww WaveSound 3 offers a gateway to a new realm of audio excellence. Get ready to be immersed in pure sonic bliss.

Paww WaveSound 3

Design And Build Quality

The design of the Paww WaveSound 3 wireless headphones achieves a seamless integration of contemporary looks and long-lasting sturdiness. They have a sturdy build that assures they will last for a long time, which makes them a dependable option for usage in day-to-day life.
The headphones have a sophisticated and streamlined appearance, with simple, clean lines and an uncluttered design overall. The combination of high-quality plastics and metal accents, which offer an air of refinement, is a respectable choice of materials for the construction of the product. It is clear that careful consideration was given to every aspect of the design, from the rounded corners to the exact positioning of the controls and buttons.
The Paww Wavesound 3 appears to be of high-quality construction and should last for a long time. The weight of the headphones is pleasing, and there is an adequate amount of metal in both the frame and the earpieces, so they should be able to sustain regular use. The only other component of the build quality is the buttons for the controls, which have an unpleasant plasticky feel that stands in stark contrast to the otherwise exquisite design of the product.
The good news is that such buttons are indeed useable and can be easily used by simply touching them. The active noise canceling switch does require some force to turn on, and if you flick it while wearing the headphones, it generates a horrifyingly loud click. However, the active noise canceling feature is well worth the effort. Connectors for 3.5mm and USB charging are located on the earpieces that are opposite one another.
Not only are the Wavesound 3 over-ear headphones durable, but they are also surprisingly portable. They are convenient to pack and come with a robust hardshell cover that may protect them while you are traveling.
The USB, AUX, and airline adapters that come with the case are stored in a velcro bag that can be removed from the case. The headphones have a weight of 363 grams, which is much higher compared to the weight of some of the other on-ear headphones.


The Paww WaveSound 3 is loaded with extra capabilities that improve the functionality of the product as a whole for the user. It is of the utmost importance that you are aware of the fact that Paww took every effort to ensure that they are as durable and comfortable as is humanly feasible. The headband and earpads both have leatherette finishes and plush, substantial padding integrated into their construction.
The headphones include a 300mAh battery, and if the active noise cancellation feature is turned off, they have a playback time of 16 hours at a moderate volume. You should receive about 12 hours of battery life with the ANC turned on.
The Bluetooth 4.0 technology in the headphones has a range of 33 feet, according to the product description. The NFC rapid pairing feature is not supported. The headphones can be used in both wired and wireless configurations. When the headphones' battery dies, you can continue to use them by connecting them to your phone or another non-Bluetooth device using the AUX cable that included with the package. You can also connect them to a Bluetooth device.
One of the most appealing qualities of these headphones is its ANC, which is an additional component of the headphones. According to the makers, the Paww WaveSound 3 is capable of isolating up to 20 decibels of ambient noise. In wireless mode, the ANC performs as expected; but, in wired mode, it does not.
The built-in microphone is another useful function, but the quality of its recording wasn't up to our standards, so we weren't completely satisfied with it. Because the airline adaptor is also included in the package, you won't need to purchase any further accessories if you want to use the headphones when you are flying. This will save you money.

Paww Wavesound 3 Bluetooth Headphones Review


It's really easy to operate the playback and use the headphones. Although the controls are simple to learn, it will take some time for you to become used to the button layout. The multipurpose button in the center of the right earcup is the trickiest part.
Durability poses no problems. The headphones are solidly constructed and appear to be extremely durable. There are numerous metal reinforcements and components. Even the hinges that connect the earcups to the headband appear sturdy.
Additionally, the makers worked hard to make the headphones comfy, and in practically every way, they succeeded. The headband and earpads are both very plush and comfortable. Not too much clamping force is applied. The weight is the only problem, and it's difficult to predict whether or not this will be too much for you. It's more of an individualized emotion. After using them for a few hours, they may start to feel unpleasant.
No Bluetooth connection difficulties have come to our attention. Everything functions as promised. It only takes 4-5 seconds to pair, and it's quite easy. Although the range is a little less than what is stated, it is still more than adequate.
Actually, your phone's Bluetooth version also affects the range. With an iPhone X, we were able to reach over 40 feet. When using the headphones to watch videos on your phone, there will be some sound delay because the headphones do not support the aptX Bluetooth codec.
Although the ANC feature functions nicely, don't expect Bose quality for $100. They won't totally drown out all the sounds around you, but they will isolate more than 60% of ambient noise. They perform significantly better with continuous low-frequency noise, like all the budget models. Most high-pitched sounds will still be audible to you, especially if they are loud. Even when the ANC feature is disabled, the headphones are still able to isolate a significant amount of noise. It's so lovely to be passively isolated.
Although the built-in mic functions, the quality of the recording is not good. There won't be any issues if you are in a peaceful location, but if there is even a slight amount of background noise, the microphone will take up that noise and muddle your speech, making it very difficult for the person on the other end to properly hear you.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound performance, the Paww WaveSound 3 delivers an immersive audio experience. The 40mm neodymium drivers produce clear and well-balanced sound across a wide frequency range.
These headphones also incorporate ANC technology, which effectively reduces background noise, allowing users to enjoy their music without interruptions. The ANC feature can be activated or deactivated with a simple switch, giving users the flexibility to choose their preferred listening environment.
The audio quality is comparable to the cost. As opposed to other manufacturers, this one chose not to increase the bass. You won't be impressed if you're into bass. In fact, you might be a little let down because the bass is muted, most likely to prevent distortion.
The mids and highs have a highly organic and detailed tone. The voices are unmistakably audible. Even at maximum volume, the distortion from these headphones is hardly audible.

Paww WaveSound 3 Bluetooth & Noise Cancelling - Headphones Under $100!

AI Assistant Activation

You can conduct online searches, make phone calls, manage your smart devices, and carry out a variety of other tasks without ever having to remove your phone from its case when using the Paww Wavesound 3, which gives you simple access to the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or another AI assistant of your choice.


The Paww Wavesound 3 is an appealing purchase considering that its suggested retail price is only $99. The pricing is quite reasonable for headphones that have such a remarkable variety of features. The price is far lower than most pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

People Also Ask

Do Paww Headphones Have A Microphone?

Your Paww SilkSound Headphones come equipped with both a built-in microphone and complete Bluetooth wireless connectivity, allowing you to pair them with an unlimited number of devices at once. You can take a call while listening to music or watching a movie on your iPad or laptop, and then resume where you left off when the call is finished.

Does Paww WaveSound 3 Allow For Two Simultaneous Connections?

Unfortunately, the Paww WaveSound 3 headset does not support simultaneous connections to two different devices. It is possible to save all of the devices to which you have linked it, but you cannot connect it to more than one device at a time. Because it remembers information about all of the devices with which it has been paired in the past, it can instantly connect to the device with which it was most recently connected and which is located most conveniently.

Can You Listen To The TV With Paww WaveSound 3?

If Bluetooth connectivity is supported by your television, you can use your Paww WaveSound 3 headset to connect to the television and listen to the audio from it. If your television does not have Bluetooth compatibility, you can easily fix this problem by purchasing a low-cost Bluetooth transmitter and connecting it to the audio output on your television. You can now listen to your preferred music or podcasts by connecting your headset to the television.


The options available to you if you're seeking for a set of inexpensive ANC headphones under $100 are actually quite few. None of the affordable ANC headphones can completely block out sounds, and the majority of them have poor ambient noise isolation. Even so, the Paww WaveSound 3 are one of the best ANC headphones available for less than $100.
With this Paww WaveSound 3 review, you will find that they are more than capable of isolating more than 60% of the background noise, and their overall performance is excellent. The only serious problem might be their size. They are not the heaviest headphones on the market, but after wearing them for around 2-3 hours, they can get uncomfortable and tiresome.
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