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Ways To Recover Your Stolen Bitcoin

We have read stories of stolen cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. For example, one crypto-crime report published in 2019 revealed that people lost about $11.5 billion worth of cryptocurrency transactions worldwide.

Author:Gordon Dickerson
Reviewer:James Pierce
Sep 12, 2022
We have read stories of stolen cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. For example, one crypto-crime report published in 2019 revealed that people lost about $11.5 billion worth of cryptocurrency transactions worldwide. Losing cryptocurrency is a real risk to any cryptocurrency user or owner. If you are interested in Bitcoin trading, you can begin the journey through BitIQ. There, you will find help trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and get automatic market analysis.

How You Can Lose Your Bitcoin

If you own Bitcoin, you can lose it through theft. Hackers can steal your Bitcoin if they hack your Bitcoin wallet or through your Bitcoin exchange. Bitcoin uses blockchain technology that provides users with a high level of security and privacy. And this reduces the risk of having your Bitcoin stolen. But even with that level of protection, you can still fall victim to Bitcoin theft.

What Should You Do?

In the unfortunate event that somebody hacks your Bitcoin wallet or exchange, and you lose all or part of your Bitcoin, the first thing to do is to weigh your options. Please consider whether it will be worth the effort, time, and resources to recover the stolen Bitcoin. It can be very costly to trace and recover the stolen Bitcoin.
If you find it is not worth all the effort, time, and resources to recover the stolen Bitcoin, you can decide not to do it. Sometimes, it would be better not to spend more money recovering the Bitcoin. Moreover, you can learn your lesson and be more cautious in protecting your Bitcoin in the suture.
If you choose to recover the stolen Bitcoin, there are a few things to consider. Recovering your stolen Bitcoin will require you to trace it through the Bitcoin blockchain. If you have your Bitcoin node, then the better. You can use it to try and follow the trail of the stolen Bitcoin. But what if you don't have your node or the necessary skills to use blockchain?
You can find blockchain experts and hire them to do the work for you. There are several Bitcoin bounty websites where you can find these services. After agreeing on the terms, you will sit back and let the experts investigate and recover your stolen Bitcoin. However, you may be charged much money for such services, and you may never recover the stolen Bitcoin.
You should notify your cryptocurrency exchange immediately when you realize that somebody stole your Bitcoin. And this is particularly important if you keep your Bitcoin in a cryptocurrency exchange. Usually, these exchanges will have valuable information in investigations and recovery.
Finally, you should notify the police about the stolen Bitcoin. The police can help with investigations and arresting the thieves. However, please be aware that Bitcoin is still unregulated, which may make it difficult for the police to help you recover the stolen Bitcoin. There are hardly any specific laws dealing with recovering stolen Bitcoin.

Take Preventive Measures

You can avoid the burden of recovering your stolen Bitcoin by taking some simple preventive measures. First, use a cold wallet to store your Bitcoin. Unlike a hot wallet, a cold wallet is more secure because it is offline. Second, spread your Bitcoin across different exchanges so that you don't lose all your holdings should criminals hack one of the platforms. If hackers hack one of your accounts, you will still have your Bitcoin safe in the other exchanges.


Recovering stolen cryptocurrency is not easy. Despite spending so much time, effort, and resources, you may never recover the stolen Bitcoin. However, you can take some steps to try and recover the stolen Bitcoin. More importantly, take preventive measures to avoid falling victim to hackers.
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