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Top Website Ranking Factors In SEO 2022

The position of your website in the main search engines is determined by its website ranking (like Google). Marketers employ SEO and other tactics to rank websites in order to get a significant amount of traffic.

Author:Frazer Pugh
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Mar 23, 2022
The position of your website in the main search engines is determined by its website rankinglike Google. Marketers employ SEO and other tactics to rank websites in order to get a significant amount of traffic.
It's difficult to stay up with the current SEO criteria since they're always changing. However, if you want to see your Google rankings rise from the bottom to the top, you must be informed.
Over time, well-optimized sites get more visitors, which implies more leads and revenue. Searchers won't be able to reach your site if you don't use SEO, and all of your hard work will be for nothing.

Website Ranking Factors 2022

Let's take a closer look at the most important ranking variables and how to master Google search engine optimization. After all, SEO is primarily concerned with obtaining the top spot on Google.
Screenshot of Trending Apps and apps that are in the New in Top 100 List
Screenshot of Trending Apps and apps that are in the New in Top 100 List

An Accessible And Secure Website

The first of our SEO ranking factors, as you might expect, is having the right kind of web address. That is, it is a URL that Google's bots can readily access and crawl. To put it another way, Google must be able to go to the URL and read the page content to figure out what the website is about.

Page Speed

For years, page speed has been recognized as one of the most important SEO ranking elements. Google aims to enhance its users' online experiences, and fast-loading web pages will help them do so. In July 2018, Google revealed a search engine algorithm upgrade focusing on mobile page speed, which began to affect sites. Your site may be penalized if it does not load quickly on mobile devices.

Website Ranking Seo

It's difficult to master SEO optimization, particularly if you're just getting started. Fortunately, finding the most effective SEO tools is simple. SEO solutions relieve you of the time-consuming task of keyword research and data analysis. Using these tools, you can examine what's working and which elements of your approach may need some modification. The top SEO tools will also provide you with information on how you compare to your competition and where your biggest chances are. They also enable you to track your search success across nations, regions, and languages.


Ahrefs is one of the most used SEO tools on the internet. When it comes to the biggest website crawlers, it's only second to Google. Ahrefs' Site Audit function is the greatest SEO analysis tool available, and SEO specialists can't get enough of it. The tool will show you which portions of your website need to be improved in order for it to rank higher in search engines.

Google Search Console

As an SEO checking tool, Google Search Console may help you understand how Google and its users see your website and assist you in adjusting for better performance in Google search results. It's particularly important for new websites since it allows site owners to submit web pages for indexing by search engines.

Website Ranking Tools

There's nothing like a surprise Google algorithm change to leave you feeling both perplexed and worried. It seems that search engines like Google wait until you have all of your ducks in a row before releasing an update that renders your work outdated.
Furthermore, how Google analyses websites and selects which sites appear and how they appear on the search engine results page (SERPs) for various searches is a well-guarded secret. The good news is that there are various search engine optimization (SEO) tools available, some of which are free and others that are charged, that may assist you in viewing your website.
Some are-
  • Google trends.
  • Bing webmaster.

Website Ranking On Google

Many people are curious about how Google ranks websites. So, before we go into the specific search engine ranking elements, let's start with some of the most common queries concerning SEO. As you may know, SEO stands for "search engine optimization," which essentially means increasing the likelihood of web pages being listed in a search engine.
But, let's be honest, it basically means "Google" at this point. The position of your content on the search engine results pages is referred to as "ranking" in SEO (SERPs). A "1" ranking indicates that your website is the first result when users search for a certain phrase (apart from sponsored results, highlighted snippets, and answer boxes, which we'll discuss later in this article). Being in the first three results is ideal since your click-through rates rise as you move closer to number one.

How Can I Check My Website Ranking?

The most popular tool for evaluating website ranking is Google Analytics. When you combine Google Analytics with Google Search Console, you'll get better SEO results since you'll know not just which pages attract traffic, but also which keywords those pages rank for.

What Is A Good SEO Score?

An excellent SEO score ranges from 80 to 100. In the areas of technical SEO, content, user experience, and mobile usability, SEO ratings in this range suggest that your website meets the highest quality criteria for search engine optimization.


Make amazing content that your users would like. Then, with equal vigor, optimize that content to help Google understand why your audience loves it. But, no matter what, begin with your user in mind. That's all there is to the multibillion-dollar SEO business. Thus the website ranking revolves around SEO.
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