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What Is WeLoveTrump.Com? The Rampant Online Circulation Of Fake News

Fake news sites abound on the internet. This isn't a political remark; it's the finding of a recent study by DomainTools, a security research firm.

Author:Hajra Shannon
Reviewer:Paula M. Graham
Mar 03, 20221.5K Shares143.3K Views
Fake news sites abound on the internet. This isn't a political remark; it's the finding of a recent study by DomainTools, a security research firm. The new research looked at some of the most well-known media sources in the United States to see whether they were vulnerable to domain squatting and fake names.
The fraudulent URLs like welovetrump commight transmit misinformation or harmful malware. As the public's suspicion of conventional media grows, defending citizens from misinformation efforts has become critical to the democratic process, says DomainTools' Corin Imai, a senior security adviser.

WeLoveTrump.Com Reviews

According to the Scam Detector's methodology, has an authoritative rating of 58.6. It indicates that the company is in operation. Based on 50 parameters related to the specialty of, our system assigned a score of 58.6.
Many key factors have been evaluated, ranging from the quality of customer service in its communications business to public comments from customers and domain authorities. Other considerations include, but are not limited to, WHOIS information, IP address, Alexa rank, website technology, SSL certificate, and inclusion or exclusion from questionable website lists.
What does it mean to be "Active, Mediocre, Common."? It's a company that's been around for a long time., like many other websites, seems to have gotten both favorable and negative comments on occasion. That implies that if you decide to use it, you should proceed with care.
Screenshot of trending news on welovetrump com
Screenshot of trending news on welovetrump com

WeLoveTrump.Com Traffic Analytics

Welovetrump com has 128,633 unique daily visitors and 771,800 pageviews on a daily basis. is valued at $1,111,687 USD. The average number of page views per visitor is 6.42.

WeLoveTrump.Com Competitors (1.95 million visitors), (523.02K visitors), and are the top three competitors of (1.29 million visitors). With 6.55 million and 1.33 million visitors, and are ranked fourth and fifth, respectively. The other five competitors are,,,, and, with having 620.61K, 43.25M, 6.10M, 112.68K, and 37.63M.


Like welovetrump com, many fake news sites either claim to have the identity of a reporter or simply do not have an "About Us" page since the creators of these websites are not genuine reporters. There are practically never any references to these websites in other publications or information about them in tertiary sources like Wikipedia. When these sites are promoted by legitimate organizations, they gain respectability and additional visitors.
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