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Is WeLoveTrump A Reliable News Source?

The internet is awash with websites that spread bogus news like WeLoveTrump. That is not a political remark; rather, it is the conclusion of a recent study conducted by DomainTools, a security analysis firm.

Author:Hajra Shannon
Reviewer:Dexter Cooke
Feb 28, 2022
The internet is awash with websites that spread bogus news like WeLoveTrump. That is not a political remark; rather, it is the conclusion of a recent study conducted by DomainTools, a security analysis firm.
The new study examined many of the largest news organizations in the United States to identify their vulnerability to domain squatting and faked domains. According to DomainTools, the fraudulent URLs may be used to propagate misinformation or malicious malware.
"As public skepticism of conventional media grows, safeguarding the public from misinformation efforts has become critical to the democratic process," says Corin Imai, a DomainTools senior security adviser.
Which news outlets, then, have the highest fake-news scores? And more importantly, what does this signify for the typical news consumer? You're likely to be shocked by the responses.

Why Study Fake News Sites?

Authenticity and trust are critical components of a fantastic customer service experience. DomainTools' study demonstrates how malicious actors employ strategies such as typosquatting and domain spoofing to conduct harmful activities.
Typosquatting sometimes referred to as URL hijacking, takes advantage of typographical errors caused by Internet users when inputting a website address into a web browser. Spoofing occurs when a fraudster assumes the identity of a premium publisher. These illicit operations may gather personally identifiable information, install malware on a device, or mimic news sites in order to propagate disinformation.
"It's no secret that misinformation tactics have been increasing in recent years," Imai explained. "With the proliferation of false news websites in recent years, we were intrigued by the possibility of a link between typosquatting efforts and misinformation transmission. What we discovered is that popular news organizations' domain names have been spoofed and subjected to typosquatting procedures."
A questionable source exhibits one or more of the following: extreme bias, consistent promotion of propaganda/conspiracies, poor or no sourcing to credible information, a complete lack of transparency, and/or is fake news. Fake News is the deliberate attempt to publish hoaxes and/or disinformation for profit or influence. Sources listed in the Questionable Category may be very untrustworthy and should be fact-checked on a per-article basis. Please note sources on this list are not considered fake news unless specifically written in the reasoning section for that source.

How To Avoid Fake News Sites?

Disinformation websites frequently take advantage of how quickly individuals browse the internet and their favored news sources for breaking news. According to DomainTools, these efforts may steal and capture personally identifiable information, download malware to a device, or impersonate news sites in order to promote disinformation to the public.

What Is WeLoveTrump?

Welovetrump news website
Welovetrump news website
We Love Trump, or, was founded in 2016 by an anonymous conservative news and commentary website that commonly pushes pro-Trump misinformation and disproved conspiracy theories. The website is utterly opaque, since it lacks a about page, does not identify editors, and does not reveal ownership.
We Love Trump does not reveal its owners, and money is generated through advertising, contributions, and the online sale of pro-Trump/conservative products. The internet store is hosted by a dubious past supplier; I adore my Liberty. In 2019, I Love my Freedom shifted their content to another dubious far-right site called Trending Politics and rebranded as an online store. At the moment, both We Love Trump and Trending Politics direct their visitors to the I Love My Freedom online store. While we cannot confirm this, it looks as though the proprietors of I Love My Freedom are also the owners of Trending Politics and We Love Trump. According to its previous about page, A. Ferretti, R. Nosbish, Jack Murphy, and Clayton Keirns co-owned I Love my Freedom. This, once again, is unconfirmed.

Analysis On WeLoveTrump

In summary, promotes hyperpartisan conservative news and comments purportedly written by website members. These members do not provide their complete identities, and there appear to be no editorial rules, yet it is reasonable to assume there is no pro-liberal propaganda here. Articles and headlines frequently include emotive wording such as this. The Republican National Committee Ignored President Trump's Cease And Desist Letter; Is Trouble Brewing? Politico and the Washington Examiner contributed to this story.
We Love Trump has consistently favored the right, most notably former President Donald Trump, while demonizing Democrats. Additionally, they routinely disseminated false information on the Covid-19 and the 2020 Presidential Election in 2020. For instance, they routinely released inaccurate information on the use of masks to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, such as this: The Dangers of Masks... Is This a Mass Occult Ritual? This article refers to those who wear masks unfavorably as "Maskholes.
Additionally, they spread the idea that wearing a mask is bad since it obliterates oxygen. To demonstrate this, they connect to someone through a room carbon dioxide detector purchased at Lowes or Home Depot and placed inside a mask. As a result, they suggest that extremely high quantities of carbon dioxide are dangerous. At this point, I'd want to pose a simple question: if you wanted to quantify the effects of mask usage on the user, would you hurry down to your neighborhood Home Depot and get a room carbon dioxide detector? Or would you rely on medical instruments to determine the mask's physiological effects on the real wearer?

Is WeLoveTrump Bias?

The answer to this question is unambiguous and has been validated. To begin, the mask's purpose is to obstruct the passage of big droplets. It has no effect on the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. For instance, "Coronaviruses range in diameter from 60 to 140 nanometers. Oxygen has a wavelength of 0.120 nanometers, while carbon dioxide has a wavelength of 0.232 nanometers. Respiratory droplets range in diameter from 5000 to 10,000 nanometers. A cotton mask's filtering holes are generally between 10 and 6000 nanometers in diameter.
Simply put, "math and physics" demonstrate that while face masks cannot obstruct the passage of respiratory gases, they can obstruct the flow of respiratory droplets." "Additional proof that mask use does not impair gas exchange comes from surgeons who wear masks for up to 12 hours or more," adds Leann Poston, MD, of Invigor Medical. "Contemplate for a second if face masks had an effect on blood carbon dioxide and oxygen levels," she says. The brain chemistry of a surgeon would be altered. It would have an adverse effect on their fine motor abilities. "Had face masks been capable of causing this consequence in the slightest, an alternative would have been devised by now." The study is available here.
They often propagated conspiracy theories about election fraud during and after the 2020 presidential election, the majority of which have been discredited. Finally, We Love Trump appears to accept the QAnon conspiracy theory, claiming that former President Trump is waging a war against a deep state network of Satan-worshiping pedophiles: What The Q Anon Movement Is For.... What's Wrong With This Picture? We Love Trump is, on the whole, a strongly right-wing publication that regularly publishes inaccurate or misleading material.


We Love Trump is far-right biased and questionable in general, based on its promotion of conspiracy theories and propaganda, its reliance on questionable sources, its complete lack of transparency, and several incorrect or misleading statements. In general, we grade We Love Trump as extreme right-wing biased, and questionable due to its promotion of conspiracy theories and propaganda, its reliance on questionable sources, its complete lack of transparency, and several incorrect or misleading statements. We Love Trump reports on Conspiracy Theories, Propaganda, Inadequate Sourcing, Lack of Transparency, False Claims, and is extremely biased, and has very low factual reporting. And according to Media Bias Fact Check that it has a low credibility rate.
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