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What Are The Most Effective Hair Loss Medical Treatments?

Here are the best medical treatments for hair loss and baldness.

Author:Karan Emery
Reviewer:James Pierce
Oct 09, 20238.2K Shares273.5K Views
Have you lost some of your self-confidence because of hair loss? Do you feel down because your once beautiful head of hair has become a bald patch? There are many options to restore your hair and to get you the confidence you once had.
Usually, you lose your hair over a period of many years and months. It goes away little by little until you are left with a bald area that you just cannot stand. There are options for you to consider. Here are the Licensed Hair Loss Medical Treatment Options you can use.


This is one of the many licensed hair loss treatments that are out there for you. It is a very effective drug and it can help prevent hair loss while helping to regrow your hair.
This treatment is made for men and can really help. You may see results very quickly, within a few months, but the average man will see full results within about a year of using the product.
There are no known side effects and if you want to achieve your ultimate goal of getting all of your hair back, then give Propecia about a year and you will be there.
Propecia is one of the top choices for Licensed Hair Loss Medical Treatment Options. There is an unlicensed product that is a bit risky but works great called Dutasteride.
It is still in the testing phase and is available by a trail prescription only, but the people that have used it have said that it is about 10% better than the results that they had with Propecia.


Another top licensed hair loss treatment is called Minoxidil. This is a drug that helps to grow back lost hair. It was originally used for high blood pressure, but one of the side effects was hair growth so it quickly became a treatment for baldness.
This is not a very effective drug when used alone, but when it is used with Propecia it can be one of the most effective combinations for treating hair loss on the market. The last licensed hair loss treatment that has been receiving great reviews is called Rogaine. Most everybody has heard of rogaine or at least seen the commercials for it.
This is a necessary drug for you to try because it acts as an ointment that is applied to your scalp. You always need to make sure you follow what your licensed hair loss specialists plan out for you and only use any of these drugs when told to by a doctor.
Licensed hair loss medical treatment options are out there and you do not have to be bald forever. Just see your doctor and find out what you can do to regrow your hair.
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