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What Kind Of Perks Can You Expect As An Online Casino VIP?

Have you ever heard of VIP programs at online casinos?

Author:Elisa Mueller
Reviewer:James Pierce
Dec 21, 202267 Shares1.7K Views
Have you ever heard of VIP programs at online casinos? Traditional, brick-and-mortar establishments have long offered their highest rollers all kinds of perks, from complimentary hotel rooms to free shopping credit and entertainment experiences. Now, their online counterparts are doing the same.
Although each operator will differ in the particular bonuses and benefits they offer their biggest spenders, we’ve given you a flavor of what to expect by analyzing the perks provided by one particular Bitcoin casino for VIPs: Bitcasino. After graduating to the highest level of their loyalty program, users will receive a welcome email informing them of their status and can begin to enjoy the following advantages with immediate effect.

Your very own account manager

All Bitcasino high rollers are entitled to a dedicated VIP manager, who will make it their personal responsibility to ensure the smooth running of your account and tailor the online experience exactly to your needs. That means that any issues you encounter or requests you raise will be dealt with efficiently and effectively, ensuring that your user experience on the site is as rewarding and fulfilling as it possibly can be. Most rival casinos will offer an equivalent service to their highest rollers.

The sky’s the limit

Due to the fact that Bitcasino offers deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrency, it is not governed by the same industry regulationsthat control casinos which only deal in fiat currencies. As such, VIPs are able to take advantage of unlimited deposit and withdrawal thresholds, meaning the sky really is the limit. Of course, traditional casinos are unlikely to be able to match that feature (after all, Bitcasino do offer the highest betting limits in the entire sector), but they will certainly provide greater gambling freedoms than for ordinary customers.

Weekly and monthly bonuses

Due to the intense competition that’s present in the online gambling sector today, individual sites must offer ever-more lucrative promotions and perks to entice customers onto their domain. As you can imagine, the weekly and monthly bonuses which Bitcasino VIPs enjoy dwarf the majority of these benefits by no small margin. But regardless which site you sign up to, you can expect a laundry list of rewards, tailored to your preferences.

In-person events

As well as digital perks, many VIP programs also entail live events and experiences for their clientele. Bitcasino, for example, has offered its VIP members tickets to prestigious sporting events such as the UEFA Europa League Final in Baku, Azerbaijanand the Rugby World Cup Finals in Japan. All of these experiences are planned down to the minutest detail and those enjoying them do not have to spend a penny for the duration, taking all of the stress and expense out of the experience.

A social community

Gambling is not just about winning money, but also socializing with your fellow players and making new friends and contacts. With that in mind, Bitcasino’s VIP club is populated by some of the biggest and brightest names in the realms of art, culture and technology. As a chance to rub elbows with cryptocurrency royalty, the VIP program is worth its weight in gold.
The above perks should give you an idea of what awaits you in a VIP program at your online casino of choice – and, of course, an incentive to reach it.
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