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Who Is The 'Heart of Christmas' Actress, Kimberly Sustad?

If you are looking for Gorgeous Kimberly Sustad, you have clicked on the perfect website. She is a stunning actress from Hollywood television. She was born in Canada and came to the USA to pursue her acting career. She is fairly popular as an actress.

Author:Iram Martins
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Apr 10, 2023
If you are looking for Gorgeous Kimberly Sustad, you have clicked on the perfect website. She is a stunning actress from Hollywood television. She was born in Canada and came to the USA to pursue her acting career. She is fairly popular as an actress.
Please continue to read this article to know about her most recent career accomplishments and personal life. Stay tuned to know the interesting facts and hobbies of Kimberly Sustad.

Who Is Kimberly Sustad?

In 2018, Kimberly gained fame in movies and TV series like "Hearts of Christmas" (2016), "A Godwink Christmas," and "Travelers." She has a special deal with the Hallmark channel and is part of the podcast "Hallmarkies," which led to her popularity. She was born in Ottawa, Canada. Then her family shifted to Winnipeg, Manitoba. She graduated in acting from Trinity Western University.

Early Life And Education

Kimberly spent her entire childhood in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is a secret person and never reveals about her family in public. So, there is little information about her childhood and her parents. However, she has mentioned her father, Graham Stramer, in an interview. She is the only child of her father. Many reporters went to his father for interviews, but he did not want to face any of them.
She grew passionate about sports and enjoyed spending more time with boys than girls - she was involved in many sports such as snowboarding, boxing, horseback riding, rock climbing, dancing, and range shooting. She was very popular throughout high school because she was very active, but I had no idea she had been dating anyone during those four years she spent there.
After matriculation from high school, she earned many roles early in her acting career - as she wanted to continue her education, she graduated from Trinity Western Universityin Vancouver, British Columbia, in acting.
She attended acting training centres while attending auditions, workshops, camera scenes, and many other events.

Career As An Actress

Kimberly's first movie was in 2009 called Live Henry Live. Two years later, she starred as Nikki in the television comedy Thunderbolts. She appeared in several episodes of the TV series Spooksville between 2013 and 2014. She also appeared for short roles in popular television show Supernatural and Primeval.
Kimberly was a success and appearing in several television films, including "The Nine Lives of Christmas" in 2014 and "The Gourmet Detective" in 2015. She played Kelly Hadler's character in the TV series "The Romeo Section" for 2015-2016.
Gradually the name Kimberly began to gain more popularity among the people; she offered new roles. She proved herself with her acting skills and provided justice to every role she played.
For the past two years, she has focused on Christmas themed films, starring in projects such as "Hearts of Christmas" in 2016 and "Godwink Christmas" in 2018. She also featured in Television films like "All Things Valentine" in 2016 and "Walking the Dog" in 2017. She was also featured in a fantastic television movie named 'Site Unseen: An Emma Fielding Mystery.'
Kimberly began starring in the TV series "Travelers" as Joanne Yates and is currently working on the 'Unspeakable' TV Mini-Series, starring Caitlin Hartley, which has released at the end of 2019.
Kimberly Sustad
Kimberly Sustad

Personal Life And Marriage

Kimberly is not a person who shares all personal life details with the public, but she has revealed a little more about her husband and life. Although Kimberly never talked about meeting her husband Scot Sustad for the first time, she mentioned that the two have been high school or university lovers and have been together for five years.
Scot Sustad is the founder and CEO of the Digital Hot Source Website Development Agency and the Arrival Store CEO. He is a successful entrepreneur with a mindset to make this world a better place. He has established four companies.
They exchanged wedding vows in 2009 and gave birth to daughters Kimber, Vienna in 2015 and six in 2017. While Kimberly and Scott are very busy in their careers, they still find time to spend with each other and their daughters.
Because she was secretive, throughout the year, Kimberly made no mention of other men before meeting Scot‌ . There were no controversies or rumors about her marriage; from her statements, it can be anticipated that Scot is her first husband, and she loves him very much.

Kimberly Sustad Net Worth

Since starting her career, Kimberly has starred in more than 25 films and TV series, which have increased her wealth but have not positively impacted her career. So, have you ever wondered how great Kimberly Sustad would be in early 2020?
According to authentic evidence, Sustad's assets are estimated at $500,000, which is still essential considering her experience, and her career spans over a decade. If we assume that her future career will be the same as now, there is no doubt that her luck will increase in the coming years.

Kimberly's Hobbies And Other Interests

Kimberly now focuses more on her acting career and her two daughters but finds time for two more things she enjoys doing. Kimberly, who loves to act, has her favorite movies. She loves the "Harry Potter" franchise and is a big fan of the "Lord of the Rings" franchise. Kimberly's favorite hero and heroine are Russell Croweand Julia Roberts. She also enjoy Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.
Kimberly Sustad
Kimberly Sustad
She is still very sporty but does not have much time to participate in sports before giving birth to her daughters- winter is always her favorite season because she is still a snowboarder and skier. She enjoys living in nature and often takes the girls to a park near her home - she is a traveler and took a state-wide road trip with her husband two years ago.

Kimberly Sustad Instagram And Twitter

Kimberly Sustad
Kimberly Sustad
Kimberly seems to be pretty much active on the internet because maintaining a good image on many popular social media networks is important to her acting career. She launched her Twitter account in January 2018, and since she is only one and a half years old, she has only collected 430 followers and tweeted only four times.
She is popular on Instagram, currently has over 32.2K followers on her account, she uploads over 100 pictures. Kimberly runs a Facebook profile, but only with the family to stay in touch with friends. She has shared her latest career glimpses, including films and TV series in which she has worked, such as "Travelers" and "Indescribable."

Kimberly Sustad Body Measurement

Kimberly Sustad often considered a beautiful actress and has attracted many hearts since she appeared on screen, but do you know how tall she is and how much she weighs?
Kimberly Sustad
Kimberly Sustad
Kimberly is at 5 feet 10 inches, which is approx. 1.78 meters, and she weighs approximately 125 lb or 57 kg. Her important figures are 32-25-35, and she has brown eyes and dark brown hair. So, she has perfectly maintained her body, and she is one of the sexy looking actresses from Hollywood.


Kimberly Sustad is stunning and well versed in her acting. If you are not already a fan of this famous actress, it is a good chance for you to become one. You can go to her social media pages to see her upcoming posts and stories. Don't forget to subscribe to us to get more information about various famous celebs—comment below which celebrity you want to know about in the next article.
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