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Why The Boston Celtics Look Like The Team To Stop According To The NBA Odds

Following their disappointing seven game series loss to the Miami Heat in the 2023 Eastern Conference finals, the Boston Celtics now remain intent to end their 16-year championship drought following a decisive 2023/24 NBA regular season.

Author:Hajra Shannon
Reviewer:Paula M. Graham
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The current NBA season standings vary across both rivalling conferences from sheer competitiveness for the number one seed in the West, and a complete lob-sided showing from the East’s latest powerhouse franchise in the Boston Celtics.
While the Celtics have remained a viable title contender in the East for the past few seasons, which even included a Finals appearance in 2022, their current roster has sent the NBA landscape into bedlam and has many basketball fans clamoring for a future return to the Finals.
Boston remains tied with the LA Lakers for the most championships out any other franchise (17), with the Celtics raring to claim that long illusive championship banner that would reclaim their former bragging rights over their biggest rivals.
Heading into the 2023/24 season, many had already touted the Celtics as a surefire championship contender at the conclusion of the campaign, however the C’s have defied even the loftiest of expectations so far this season following a dominant run that has them situated atop the East with a clear advantage over their other frontrunners.
With a roster that is stacked with superstar caliber talent throughout, a tremendous combination of talented role players and a young yet impressive coaching staff, Boston are the top picks to win the title this season according to many analysts as well as the top sportsbooks.

What Are The Celtics Current Odds?

Given that Boston entered this season with championship aspirations, they were already one of the top favorited teams to mount a strong charge towards title contention, with their recent form only further increasing their current lines.
In the latest NBA odds, Boston has now risen to the clear cut favorite to win the Larry O’Brien trophy this season, which has placed them ahead of other championship rivals such as the Philadelphia 76ers and the defending champions Denver Nuggets.
In spite of the incredible level of competition and overriding amount of talent that the modern NBA provides on a nightly basis, Boston has been able to edge out its biggest competitorsthanks to a variety of smart front office decisions and sublime play on the hardwood, with their current roster ranking as arguably the very best in the league today.

Why Are The Celtics Considered As Major Title Favorites?

Whether you’re a fan of the C’s or not, it can be very hard to argue with all the latest NBA odds surrounding their current predictions as to stating that the 2023/24 Boston Celtics will likely enter the postseason as the quintessential title favorites.
Throughout the past number of years, Boston’s front office has quickly assembled a roster that is ranked as the league’s best in multiple different categories which has set them ahead of any rivalling competition.
Leading this impeccable Celtics roster is their superstar and All-NBA SF Jayson Tatum who has quickly ascended up the league rankings as one of the best players in the game today.
Alongside Tatum is co-star Jaylen Brown who has also risen into stardom as a three-time All-Star since being drafted back in 2016.
In the ongoing 2023/24 season, Tatum is currently averaging 27 pointswith nine rebounds and five assists on a respectable 46% shooting from the field and 36% from three-point range.
Brown is also enjoying a stellar regular season with 22 points to go along with six rebounds and four assists on an impressive 49% field shootingand 34% from three.
With both co-stars combining for over fifty points on any given night, Boston has the privilege of owning one of the league’s best partnerships which certainly contributes greatly towards their avid title aspirations.
Outside of their All-Star duo, the Celtics also posses an array of excellent talent from other role players and their bench which even includes two-way phenomenon Derrick White who was able to earn a few All-Star nods after a tremendous season in front of the Boston faithful.
Boston were also very active in the offseason as they acquired former All-Stars Kristaps Porzingis and Jrue Holiday without having to give away to many key assets in the process.
At 7’3, Porzingis is a valued threat on defense as one of the best rim protectors in the league, whilst also providing the Celtics with plenty of options when aiming to space the floor as he is one of the best shooting big men of all time.
Holiday has also provided the Celtics with an amazing defensive spark which has allowed Boston to score and protect the basket from anywhere on the floor.
With the additions of Holiday and Porzingis to link up with an already established partnership of Brown and Tatum, Boston are the NBA’s latest super team and remain the bookies favorite to claim their record 18th championship banner later this year.
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