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Yubo CEO Says App Is Revolutionizing 'Social Discovery' In The Digital Age

CEO Sacha Lazimi explores how Yubo revolutionizes social discovery in the digital age, enabling dynamic connections beyond traditional social media.

Author:Iram Martins
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
May 02, 2024
CEO Sacha Lazimi explores how Yubo revolutionizes social discovery in the digital age, enabling dynamic connections beyond traditional social media.
Have you ever felt like social media is just the same old scroll through familiar faces and tired updates? Yubo is here to throw a wrench in those well-worn works. According to Sacha Lazimi, CEO and co-founder, this app is all about diving into a new world of connections.
“Yubo is a social discovery platform that enables anyone to hang out and have fun with people they don't know and have meaningful interactions anywhere in the world at any time,” Lazimi shared in an exclusive interview on the “Big Technology Podcast” with host Alex Kantrowitz.
With Yubo, it's about shaking up the status quo and embracing a new style of social interaction that could redefine how we connect online. In a digital age where loneliness is increasingly concerning, Yubo is stepping up, offering a fresh and exciting way to meet and interact with new people. This isn't just social media; it's social discovery, redefined and revolutionized.
Think of social media and social discovery as distant cousins in the digital family — they're related but march to the beat of their own drums. Social media is the old reliable of the digital world, designed to keep you connected with the people you already know.
It's where you go to check up on friends, family, and colleagues, sharing snippets of your life through status updates, photos, videos, and those ever-popular DMs. Interaction often means liking, commenting, and sharing within your established circle on these platforms. Let’s be honest: It often just means endlessly scrolling through your feed, watching videos, or flipping through photos.
Switch gears to social discovery platforms, where the aim is to stretch your social muscles and meet new folks. Here, the game changes — it’s all about expanding your social landscape beyond the usual suspects. These platforms are the digital equivalent of walking into a buzzing party where you know no one but end up making a bunch of new friends.
These platforms suggest potential new pals who share your interests, hobbies, or undying love for quirky activities. They're packed with features like live chats, video calls, and forums allowing real-time, spontaneous chats. It’s about diving into conversations and interactive experiences that are as fresh as they are thrilling, paving the way for friendships and connections that leap off the screen into the real world.
“The goal on the platform is to make sure that you speak with as many people as you want, and you will be able to either select an interest because you play Fortnite, for example, or you watch Batman movies,” Lazimi said. “So you can click on this interest, find people who have this interest, and send friend requests to those people. You can enter a room with people who are debating or have the same interest as you.”
Yubo is more about the interaction than the outcome. Lazimi continued, “People are coming on our platform just to have a conversation. At some point, we don't care if you are making new friends or if you end up having a friendship. What we care about is that you have conversations with other people and that you are socializing with other people.”
Lazimi is excited about connecting folks from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. “The idea is that you connect with people that are not from your network, people you don't know, people that can be in another country or city. You just need to speak the same languages. And if you are at home and you just want to start a conversation with a group of people from the same age, with someone with the same interests, you can just do that in one minute by using YuBucks,” he said.

Yubo Is Not Like Other Social Media

Yubo stands out by fostering a dynamic way of mingling without the baggage of traditional social media norms. “It's really, really complicated to connect with people that are not from your network. And we focus on that part,” Lazimi noted. His vision for Yubo is clear: to turn the passive scrolling into an active, engaging, and enriching experience.
The revolutionary part? Yubo ditches the traditional metrics like likes and followers. This approach is all about authenticity and fostering a space where you can be yourself without the pressure to perform. The focus is solely on engaging and enjoying real-time connections through live video, chatting, or hopping into a group discussion. And forget about seeing ads or sponsored content, because Yubo keeps it commercial-free to maintain the purity of social interaction.
Yubo is doing exactly the opposite of what other social networks are doing. Lazimi said, “There is no performance. It’s all about individual behavior. There is no like, no view, no comments. It’s all about real-time interactions. And it's not about individual behavior like on social networks. It's about group behavior because this is how the society works today.”
He continued, “Everything is about group behavior when you are meeting new people, when you are going to work, when you are going to school, to college. Everything is done by group, and this is exactly how we are thinking about the product and how we are working on it. We want our users to be able to connect with new people within a minute and start talking with them as much as they can.”

The Live Social Discovery App’s Commitment to Safety

Keeping things safe is a big part of Yubo's innovative approach. They’ve partnered with cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology firms like Yoti to scan and ensure everything is on the up and up. “Everything that is visual, textual, and audio is scanned by an algorithm, which flags bad content for our safety specialist," Lazimi said.
He also highlights how Yubo helps users make new friends safely. “We are also working on assisting our users when they are making new friends. So for example, we are assisting them when they are sending private information to inform them and educate them on what is dangerous on the application,” he said.
“And maybe at some point, we will also help them start the conversation, giving topics of conversation, and helping them translate what they are [saying] because in real time there are 25% of users that are speaking with other users from different countries and sometimes they don't speak the same languages.”
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