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The Grosvenor Hotel – One Of London’s Finest Railway Hotels

One of the strong points of a hotel is its proximity to important places, such as the airport, the main city, and tourist attractions. The Grosvenor Hotel in London has that strong point – and more.

Author:James Pierce
Reviewer:Frazer Pugh
Feb 01, 2022
The Grosvenor Hotel, a railway hotel located near London’s Victoria Station, has been beautifully restored to its former glory.
The majority of tourists to London transit through several of the city's magnificent and historic railway stations, including Kings Cross and Paddington.
Numerous hotels are connected to several of these stations, which were constructed in the 19th century to provide lodging for passengers embarking on or terminating their train rides.
Sadly, many have suffered serious deterioration through the years. However, few buildings have been carefully restored in the past few years, reviving their old grandeur and Victorian elegance.
One of those fortunate railwayhotels meticulously restored is the 345-bedroom Grosvenor Hotel in central London.

What Is The Name Of The Hotel In Victoria Station?

'The Grosvenor Hotel Victoria' sign sits in front of a flower bed by the window
'The Grosvenor Hotel Victoria' sign sits in front of a flower bed by the window
That hotel in London’s Victoria Station is the Grosvenor Hotel, and its complete address is: 101 Buckingham Palace Road, London, U.K., SW1W 0SJ.
In 1862, the hotel opened and introduced itself to the public as “The Grosvenor.” The hotel has a private passageway exclusively for first-class train passengers, according to The Huffington Post. This passageway is connected to the London Victoria Station.
At one time, the hotel was renamed “Victoria Station Hotel.” Then it became known as the “Grosvenor Hotel Victoria.” It then again received another name: “AMBA Hotel Grosvenor.”
After one more rebranding, the historic railway hotel currently goes by the name “The Clermont Victoria.”
So as not to confuse readers, for this particular article, as stated in its title, the hotel is referred to in its original name.
Just 1.6 km. from the Grosvenor Hotel is Buckingham Palace. The hotel is also near the following:
(a) Trafalgar Square
(b) The National Gallery
(c) Victoria Palace Theater
(d) Apollo Theater

Who Owns Grosvenor?

Façade of AMBA Hotel Grosvenor in London, with three arched main doors
Façade of AMBA Hotel Grosvenor in London, with three arched main doors
The London-based GLH (Great London Hospitality) Hotels – or glh Hotels (UK) Ltd. – own the Grosvenor Hotel. GLH, by the way, was the former Guoman Hotel Management.
GLH also owns the following hotel brands:
(1) The Clermont
(2) Guoman Hotels (absorbed the AMBA Hotels brand)
(3) Hard Rock London
(4) Thistle
(5) Thistle Express
The Grosvenor Hotel must not be confused with the three-star hotel Grosvenor Hotel on Belgrave Road in the seaside town of Torquay in Devon, England. The Richardson Hotel Group owns it. This hotel was the location of the British TV series/reality show “The Hotel,” which aired on Channel 4 from 2011-2015.
Also, don’t confuse the Grosvenor Hotel with JW Marriott Grosvenor House London (formerly the Grosvenor House Hotel) in Mayfair, London. This hotel is owned by Katara Hospitality under the Marriott International brand.

What Kind Of Name Is Grosvenor?

Lobby of The Clermont Victoria, with a huge white crystal chandelier hanging in the middle
Lobby of The Clermont Victoria, with a huge white crystal chandelier hanging in the middle
Some people might mistake the Grosvenor Hotel to be named after a person possessing the name or surname Grosvenor – but it’s not.
“Grosvenor” is of French origin.
The surname “Grosvenor,” according to Wikipedia, came from a Norman French guy named Hugh Le Grand Veneur.
In French, “Le Grand Veneur” means “the Master Huntsman.”
According to, the name “Grosvenor“ came from Anglo-Norman French “gros” (“chief” or “great” in English) and “veneo(u)r” (“hunter” in English).


After all its glorious renovation, the Grosvenor Hotel (current name: The Clermont Victoria), is categorized as a “Grade II listed hotel” in England.
According to German travel company HRS, based on a survey from its guests, the hotel atmosphere got a 100% rating.
The Grosvenor Hotel is 18.20 km. from London City Airport and only 1.38 km from city (London) center.
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