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Rupee4Click.Com – Verifying Its Authenticity B4U Click

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, among the popular virtual work consistently offered out there include data entry jobs. Rupee4Click provides this kind of work. The all-time favorite question is: does it really work?

Author:Darren Mcpherson
Reviewer:Anderson Patterson
Aug 01, 2022
For those looking for some money-making opportunities online, Rupee4Click.commay have something in store for them.
Seeing its homepage, it’s even the one asking people if they do.
“You want make [sic] some money online?”
That line – written in bold uppercase letters – will most likely be the first thing you’ll notice once you visit its website.
Never mind if the grammar is wrong (now that could be the second thing you might probably notice).
The words that will tickle the interest of anyone seeking for some quick cash are already there: “money” and “online.”
And several people want to make money online now while at the comfort of their own home.
Before you further click, continue reading to know how far does live up to its claims.
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Is Rupee4Click.Com Legit?

No person wants to waste one’s precious time, money, and effort on something phony.
Getting duped hurts. Big time.
It’s only natural for people looking for means to earn some bucks to inquire whether is legitimate or not.
Checking out its website, it looks like a real company that pays for real.
It presents a bunch of information that, at first glance, establishes its credibility to what it offers: making money online.
For example, there are the addresses of its offices (yes, more than one and in different countries), a TIN, the modes of payment, etc. seemslegit.
Still, let’s look further.

Rupee4Click.Com Details

Like a lifeless frog lying on the dissecting table of one curious Zoology student, will get scrutinized.
The author will do so by discussing the details of its website.
Below are the different pieces of information about based on the contents found on its official site (
1. About Rupee4Click
It introduces itself like this:
Rupee4Click is a web and mobile CPR advertising network supplying offers to Android & iOS mobile apps, content lockers, websites, and media buyers.
The “CPR” referred to by Rupee4Click stands for “cost per referral.”
A glossary on the website of Rokt, a New York-based ecommerce technology company, defines “cost per referral” as:
The amount an advertiser pays for each customer that positively engages with an offer.
2. Homepage
Four key information stated on the homepage (all figures are at the time of this writing):
a. Amount of money already paid to members: 45.7 million rupees (approx. $578,803) or 45,729,758 rupees (approx. $579,180)
b. Number of advertising partners: 23
c. Number of members: 1,364,464 (does not say if this number pertains to both past and present/active members)
d. Years Rupee4Click has been in business: 5
3. Dashboard
a. Register
For anyone who desires to “start earning from home today,” offers a sign-up bonus of 500 rupees (approx. $6.33).
The result after clicking “Register” and “Get Started Now!” will be the same. You will be redirected to this page:
Sign-up page of Rupee4Click, with a 500-rupee sign-up bonus activated
Sign-up page of Rupee4Click, with a 500-rupee sign-up bonus activated
You will notice that a dialogue box will appear informing you that a certain member received a payout.
Based on the author’s experience, the author learned that:
  • “Ramlal Kumar Yadav was just paid 8,200 rupees via Paytm. (10 seconds ago)”
  • “Bitupan Biswas was just paid 5,020 rupees via Bank Transfer. (36 seconds ago)”
More on payment modes later.
b. Login
Login page for Rupee4Click, asking for member’s email and password
Login page for Rupee4Click, asking for member’s email and password
c. FAQ
This will be discussed in a separate section.
d. Contact Us
There’s an online form where one can contact
Anyone can also send an email:
Its office addresses are:
  • India: B008, Lower Ground Floor, Industrial Estate, Delhi, India, 110092
  • U.S.: 187 E. Warm Springs Road, Suite B336, Las Vegas, 89119 indicated that it holds an office in Indonesia and Europe but didn’t give any address.
Author’s notes regarding the given addresses:
d.1 Both ZIP codes are correct.
d.2 “Industrial Estate” is actually the Patparganj Industrial Area in Delhi.
d.3 It’s a legitimate U.S. address (but “Suite B;” not “Suite B336”).
According to Bizapedia, Cruz Real Estate LLC (a domestic limited-liability company) used this address. The company was dissolved on January 29, 2021 after operating for one year and six months.
The name “Brian Cruz” from Las Vegas, Nevada, is listed on the records as the contact person (specifically described as “Managing Member”) for the said company.
Primary photo, parcel map, and Google Maps for 187 E. Warm Springs Rd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
Primary photo, parcel map, and Google Maps for 187 E. Warm Springs Rd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
Cruz Real Estate’s registered agent is MyCompanyWorks, Inc. ( Based on its Twitter profile, it helps to “start or manage a company in any U.S. state online 24/7.”
MyCompanyWorks, Inc. (est. 2001) is currently using the U.S. address given by on its website.
Physical office map at Google Maps and contact info of MyCompanyWorks
Physical office map at Google Maps and contact info of MyCompanyWorks
4. Social media accounts
Its listed accounts: Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
However, it’s useless to click on any of them (will only redirect to the site itself).
5. U.S. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN): 954-7X-A35C
Strangely, when the author Googled “954-7X-A35C,” the first page results did not even include the website of
The results, though, included a link to:
a. MyCompanyWorks
b. an almost empty white page (except for these words in small fonts: “Sign up today to get paid for clicking!”)
The page is from DonaldCoin (, which describes itself as a “Bitcoin generator game.”
Homepage of Bitcoin generator game DonaldCoin showing Scrooge McDuck
Homepage of Bitcoin generator game DonaldCoin showing Scrooge McDuck
6. Payment methods sends payments to its members via:
  • bank transfer
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal
  • Paytm UPI
  • PhonePe
The company claims to make Bitcoin payments.
7. A brief statement regarding payments
The assurance of getting prompt payments comes from a certain Priya Mishra, the marketing manager for’s Indian and Indonesian offices.
According to her:
We know how grateful members are when they receive their payments and rewards on time. Therefore, at Rupee4Click we make it our priority to make all payments on time.
A picture of a smiling black-haired Priya Mishra in a black sleeveless top accompanies the statement.
Guess what?
Per Google’s image search, the same picture can be found at DonaldCoin.
Moreover, Fake Website Buster revealed that the photo was produced by combining the pictures of two different persons. It can also be seen at these sites:
  • Money4Click
  • VanidoClick
Marketing manager Priya Mishra’s statement on the timely payment at Rupee4Click
Marketing manager Priya Mishra’s statement on the timely payment at Rupee4Click
8. Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)
a. “How do I earn money?”
In four ways, namely, by:
  • “completing CAPTCHA
  • “clicking ads”
  • “completing offers”
  • “referring new members”
CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart.
b. “When will I get paid?”
Payment details at
  • weekly payments
  • new members need to have a minimum balance of 5,000 rupees before they can request for their initial payout
  • it will take one working day to process a withdrawal request
c. “What is a referral?”
A referral is the person (“visitor”) you’re able to convince to visit the site(s) referred to by
d. “How much can I earn?”
It’s a case-to-case basis but the average is “around 10 rupees (approximately 0.13 U.S. cents) per user referral.”
It can go as high as “100 rupees (approx. $1.27) per referral.”
The company also gives away prizes in the form of gadgets (e.g., iPad and smartphone).
e. “How picky are [sic] Rupee4Click about traffic?
The site stated that it wants “REAL traffic.” It discourages members from using bots.

Rupee4Click.Com Reviews

The website was registered on November 9, 2020, according to Fake Website Buster.
Remember, the site claims that it’s been doing business for five years already.
Based on several reviews, the company is a fraud.
a. From Cyber Planet:
Rupee4click is an unsafe website.
b. From
  • “100 percent scam”
  • “never pays”
  • “fake/false/fraud”
Someone commented:
The Account Manager's email, which is provided on the website, is fake. Mail bounces back.
c. From Fake Website Buster:
It seems extremely likely that Rupee4Click is a scam.
d. From Trustpilot:
  • 78 percent of reviewers voted “Bad”
  • “does not pay any money”
  • “200 percent fake website
From a comment posted on July 5, 2022:
They ask for task verification and tax filing and even after completing them, they give you nothing.
A neon light sign that says ‘click and collect’ in Carnaby Street in London
A neon light sign that says ‘click and collect’ in Carnaby Street in London
In his website (a site for “genuine online jobs”), Karthikeyan Sivaraj from Puducherry in India made a review of
According to him, a withdrawal request from one’s earnings involves two verification processes:
  • fraud verification
  • taxverification
Similar to the comment mentioned earlier from Trustpilot, both verification processes result in nothing.
The fraud verification comes first, where one needs to install an app. Unfortunately, installing it always ends up unsuccessful.
Unable to install the required app constitutes the grievances posted at the Indian forum Consumer Complaints.
Because the app intended for fraud verification can’t be installed, the member cannot proceed to the next verification process (tax verification).
Even if the app gets installed, some members complained that they cannot download the tax form.
Therefore, Karthikeyan Sivaraj warned:
“Don’t waste your time, it’s [] purely FAKE.”

Websites Like Rupee4Click.Com

From, below are some websites similar to

People Also Ask

Can I Get Paid To Type Online?

Yes, you can earn from doing online typing jobs from legitimate companies.
You can get paid between $7 and $50 per hour, according to money-making platform Kiiky Wealth.

What Is The Best Online Typing Job?

Per American job website Indeed, the following are some online typing jobs:
  • caption editor
  • data entry clerk
  • online customer support representative
  • social media coordinator
  • transcriptionist
  • virtual assistant
In terms of having the highest pay, the best one among those mentioned above is being a virtual assistant (an average of $15.79 per hour).

Is Data Entry A Typing Job?

Yes, it is. According to Indeed, one of the main tasks in data entry is to “enter information into online databases.”
One needs to type a lot of information.

Is CAPTCHA Typing Job Legit?

It appears to be so because there are some sites that offer such.
It’s legitimately in the sense that one can find a company or site that really pays its workers, but such kind of job could be used for illegal purposes.

Conclusion offers an online job that can immediately attract the interest of people, particularly Indians (they’re the company’s target members).
It promises to make you earn in different ways while staying at home and assures to pay on time.
Alas! doesn’t walk the talk, and based on several bad reviews and warnings, you should stay away from it.


This article is for informational purposes only. The author nor the website where this article appears does not recommend making money online through and/or from those other websites mentioned in the article.
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